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Summers at Eielson are splendid. The long hours of sunlight and warm weather make outdoor activities an absolute joy for residents. Temperatures average in the low 70s, although it is typical for temperatures to reach as high as 90 degrees in July. Most residents spend as much time as possible enjoying outdoor activities, including biking, fishing, hiking, boating and gardening. Summers usually start in mid-May and end in mid-August. 

Eielson enjoys continuous civil twilight through the night from May 17 to July 26. This means it is bright enough to read outdoors through the entire night, and many local activities take advantage of the extra daylight. Eielson has an average of 11 days with thunderstorms during the summer. Usually these storms are weak compared to those occurring in the Lower 48. These storms typically produce only light rain with occasional gusty winds. These thunderstorms occasionally start forest fires, producing smoke and reducing visibility throughout the local valley. 


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