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Less than five months later, on Aug. 20, 1993, the 354th Fighter Wing replaced the 343rd Wing as host unit at Eielson AFB. Air Force Chief of Staff Gen. Merrill McPeak ordered the change as part of a servicewide effort to preserve the lineage of the Air Force’s most honored wings. The wing continues its history of excellence today as the farthest-north fighter wing in the United States Air Force.

Since becoming the host wing at Eielson, the wing has expanded the capabilities of the Joint Pacific-Alaska Range Complex (JPARC). RED FLAGAlaska (RF-A), which began with Cope Thunder exercises in 1992, is recognized as the premier combat training exercise in the Pacific, if not the world. Units from the wing deploy for training to places as diverse as Singapore, Malaysia, Guam and Korea. Additionally, they were involved in deployments to Southwest Asia and Italy in support of ongoing contingency operations. In December 1998, the 354th Fighter Wing flew combat missions in Operation Desert Fox. This marked the first combat experience for an Alaska-based fighter unit since World War II.


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