Dining Facilities

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Two Seasons, the base dining facility located in Building 2207 (447 North St.), is open Monday through Friday for breakfast, lunch, dinner and midnight meals. On weekends, Two Seasons is open for brunch, dinner and midnight meals. Payment is cash only for meals received by other than subsistence-in-kind entitlement members. Due to a limited change fund, bills larger than $20 cannot be accepted.

Everyone pays the applicable surcharge except family members of E-4s and below. Call 907-377-2563 for more information.

The Bonfire Grill & Restaurant in the Yukon Club is open to all ranks. Regular menu items and specials are available for lunch and dinner. Payment for meals may be made with cash, check or charge. For menus, monthly specials, private party reservations or hours of operation, call 907-377-2051/2635 or visit www.eielsonforcesupport.com.

Lane 21 Snack Bar at Arctic Nite Lanes Bowling Center is open to all ranks for breakfast, lunch and dinner. For menus, monthly specials and hours of operation, call 907-377-5154 or visit www.eielsonforcesupport.com.


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