Off-Base Housing

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Military members are required to contact the Housing Office prior to securing off-base housing. Off-base housing is available, but is limited. The following rent examples may or may not include utilities, depending upon the type of rental unit. A one-bedroom rental averages $950, two-bedroom, $1,250, and three-bedroom, $1,600. Four- and fivebedroom rental units are virtually nonexistent. Utilities average $100 to $400 per month. Utility deposit waivers may be obtained with appropriate documentation. The first month you can expect to pay in excess of $1,000, including utilities, to establish residency in a two-bedroom rental. Off-base residents must have a dependable automobile. Nearby communities include Moose Creek and North Pole; however, some members commute from Fairbanks, 26 miles north of the base. The highway is usually clear. For more information, call the family housing office at 907-377-1840.


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