Shipping Your Vehicle

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Information on your vehicle shipping entitlement should be obtained from your local TMO well in advance of your departure date. They will direct you to the nearest port where you can ship your vehicle, or provide information on an alternate port if needed. Cars shipped from Seattle take two to three weeks to arrive in Fairbanks. Shipping a vehicle from the East Coast to Fairbanks can take two months. Living at Eielson without a vehicle can be difficult, so it is recommended that you ship your vehicle early. It’s important that you stress to your TMO staff and the staff at the vehicle processing center that you want your vehicle delivered all the way to inland Fairbanks. Not all TMO staffs are aware of this option. If you fail to specifically request this, your vehicle could easily be left at the port in Anchorage, 360 miles south of Fairbanks. Finally, if your vehicle is going to arrive in Alaska between October and March, make sure to have it winterized before shipping. See the Eielson listing for details at www.afcrossroads.com. People shipping a vehicle can track that vehicle by visiting www.whereismypov.com.


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