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49th Wing Staff Agencies

Clinic, Holloman Air Force Base


The 49th Wing staff agencies provide specific expertise to the senior leadership and base population. Staff agencies include the Inspector General, Staff Judge Advocate, Public Affairs, Command Post, Chapel, Wing Plans and Inspections, Safety, Military Equal Opportunity, Equal Opportunity, History and Comptrollers.

Inspector General (IG)

Holloman's Inspector General administers the Air Force Inspector General complaint resolution process for the Air Force community, to impartially and practically address grievances in order to enhance morale, promote efficiency and emphasize mission focus. The IG ensures there is an existence of responsive complaint investigations and that Fraud, Waste and Abuse (FWA) Programs are characterized by objectivity, integrity and impartiality. The IG is also the installation focal point for receiving, controlling and processing all high-level inquiries. 

Staff Judge Advocate

The Wing's Staff Judge Advocate office handles matters involving military justice, claims, contracts, environmental, operations and labor law. The office of the Staff Judge Advocate offers legal assistance to all military personnel—active duty, reservists on active duty, retired and their qualifying family members. Attorneys provide legal advice on questions or problems involving personal civil legal matters, including basic wills. Powers of attorney and free notary public services are also available. The legal office has information pamphlets concerning various legal topics, such as divorce, bankruptcy, debt, automobiles and buying a home. The claims section handles problems arising from the shipment of household goods, hold baggage or automobiles. For more information or hours of service, call (575) 572-7217. 

Public Affairs

The Office of Public Affairs' primary mission is to serve the information needs of nearly 21,000 members of the Holloman community, including active duty members, DoD civilians, Guardsmen, reservists, retirees and their families and to keep the American public informed of the vital missions performed by Holloman's highly trained professionals. Public Affairs also conducts all media relations and community relations programs at Holloman. The office serves as the focal point for all news and information about Holloman people and missions. 

Besides serving as official spokespersons for the base, the PA staff also conducts base tours, orientations and other community relations events and advertises programs and activities throughout the base using the base marquee, the bases official website and the base's official Facebook page. To contact Public Affairs, call (575) 572-5406. 

Command Post

The Command Post is the nerve center of the 49th Wing, gathering, analyzing and disseminating information directly affecting assigned forces, higher headquarters and the National Command Authority. Furthermore plans, policies and directives are initiated by the on duty controllers. The Command Post is the eyes and ears of the Wing Commander, relaying command and control information between all base agencies and the wing leadership. Additionally, the Command Post serves as the executive agent to the Wing Commander during non-duty hours, weekends and holidays. The Command Post controllers, Command and Control Operations, Training Function, Systems Function and Reports Function can be contacted at (575) 572-7575. 

Base Chapel

The chapel offers comprehensive religious programming, providing Air Force, DoD and associate personnel and their families' a full range of spiritual and worship opportunities. The chapel seeks to carry out the Core Competencies of the Air Force Chaplain Service: "Glorifying God, Honoring Airmen and Pursuing Excellence." Worship services and religious education programs are provided for all major faith groups. Religious education offers growth and personnel development programs for everyone from pre-school to adult. The chapel has various lay organizations that meet regularly. These include Catholic and Protestant women's groups, men's groups, singles groups, altar servers, acolytes, children's and adult choirs and Bible studies. Chaplains are also actively involved in the lives of base personnel through flight line visitation and counseling ministries. For more information on Chapel programs, call (575) 572-7211. 

Wing Plans & Inspections

The Wing Plans and Inspections Office maintains, updates and evaluates all higher headquarters and locally developed plans which task 49th Wing units. The staff conducts locally directed exercises to measure the wing's capabilities and acts as the wing focal point for Site Activation Task Forces and treaty compliance. The XP staff is the focal point for updating ACC Gatekeeper events and serves as the initial 49 WG point of contact for all site surveys and TDY deployments to Holloman AFB. 

Safety Office

The Safety Office is responsible for the overall commander's mishap-prevention program. The office is grouped into three primary areas: flight safety, weapons safety and ground safety. Flight Safety monitors, tracks and analyzes data on aircraft incidents, conducts investigations on all flight-related mishaps and seeks an active role in preserving combat assets through aggressive mishap prevention measures. Weapons Safety is responsible for overseeing the safe transportation, inspection, storage, delivery, loading and disposal of all munitions assigned to Holloman units, tenants and ranges. Ground Safety manages the wing commander's mishap prevention program through safety awareness programs, mishap investigations, engineering studies and risk assessments. 

The Safety Office oversees many special programs such as confined space entry, ergonomics, recreational safety, DWI awareness and traffic safety education programs, all aimed at maintaining a safe and healthful environment both on and off duty. This wing staff agency protects base wide resources by minimizing loss to maximize combat readiness. For more information on Wing Safety programs call (575) 572-3793. 

Military Equal Opportunity

The 49th Wing Military Equal Opportunity staff manages the wing commander's Equal Opportunity and Treatment and Human Relations Education programs. Their goal is to ensure mission readiness by promoting an environment free from personal, social or institutional barriers that constitute unlawful discrimination. This is accomplished by providing unit climate assessments and assisting all commanders in conducting their EOT and HRE programs. 

Equal Opportunity Office

The 49th Wing Equal Opportunity (EO) Office staff manages the wing commander's combined Military Equal Opportunity and Equal Employment Opportunity programs. 

The program's objectives are to enhance mission readiness and promote fair treatment and opportunity as described by Air Force policies, and in support of Department of Defense and Equal Employment Opportunity Commission guidance. Program objectives are accomplished by promoting an environment free from personal, social or institutional barriers that constitute unlawful discrimination on the bases of race, color, religion, national origin, sex, and additionally in the case of civilian employment, age, disability or reprisal. 

The EO office staff provides Human Relations Education, unit climate assessments, promotion of special observances, general assistance, referrals, Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR), and complaints resolution. Air Force active duty, guard and reserve personnel, their dependants, retirees, DoD civilian employees, and applicants for employment are provided informal and formal complaints resolution options for addressing EO related concerns. For more information on Equal Opportunity programs or to make an appointment, call (575) 572-3032. 

The Sexual Assault Prevention and Response (SAPR) Office
Mission Statement
The SAPR Office is the center of gravity for the Holloman Air Force Base community for sexual assault prevention and response. The SAPR team is dedicated to providing the best possible service to the Holloman Air Force Base community. The Sexual Assault Response Coordinator (SARC) provides a single point of contact for integrating and coordinating sexual assault victim care, educational and prevention activities. The SARC can be contacted 24 hours a day, seven days a week at (575) 572-6789. 


Promoting a base-wide wingman culture to reduce sexual assault, introduce meaningful prevention activities, and facilitate and coordinate compassionate response to sexual assault survivors and their family members in the Holloman Air Force Base community. 

Wing History Office

The 49th Wing History Office authors the official record of all activities pertaining to wing operations. The wing historian is responsible for the management, collection, organization and analysis of primary documents for historical reports, special studies, heritage pamphlets and other publications. The office provides historical services and answers inquiries that meet the needs of commanders, wing staff, assigned personnel and outside agencies. The wing historian maintains currency in mobility training and actively participates in worldwide contingency operations. 


The 49th Wing Protocol Office is responsible for Distinguished Visitors to the 49th Wing and its tenant units. The Protocol Office provides protocol guidance and support to project officers to manage itineraries, lodging, transportation and other requirements for DV visits and all 49th Wing ceremonies and special events. 

49th Comptroller Squadron

The 49th Comptroller Squadron serves as financial advisors and management consultants to the wing commander, staff and assigned base units on all fiscal matters including foreign military sales programs. The commander is the liaison to the base bank and credit union and monitors reports of surveys, reports of audit, management control program and the government travel charge card program. 

The 49th CPTS manages the wing operating budget yearly and provide funds control and certification for annual disbursements in excess of $200 million for the wing and associate units, while also processing, disbursing and collecting TDY and military pay claims. Additionally, the squadron maintains pay records for about 5,000 military and civilian personnel.


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