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US Air Force Academy Welcome

Welcome to your U.S. Air Force Academy, and congratulations on your new assignment. We’re pleased to have you here. Shortly, you’ll become part of the wonderful experience of preparing 4,000 cadets for careers in the United States Air Force. Everyone’s effort is needed to ensure success — officers, NCOs, Airmen, civilian employees, contractors and family members. You’ll help prepare our future leaders by serving as a role model, on and off duty, setting an example through your performance on the job, your appearance, your attitude and your conduct. Become involved with cadets, because your participation is important to their personal and professional development. Your involvement can take many forms: attending intramural, club and intercollegiate activities; coming to lectures presented by guest speakers; becoming a squadron participant; and, if eligible, by being a cadet sponsor. While you’re here, you’ll be able to take advantage of our extensive recreational facilities that are among the finest in the Air Force. We offer a wide range of seasonal programs to help make Colorado and its seasons enjoyable for our base community. Again, welcome to your Academy.

Our Mission


To educate, train and inspire men and women to become officers of character, motivated to lead the United States Air Force in service to our nation.


To be the Air Force’s premier institution for developing leaders of character.

The Officer Development System provides all members of the Academy community a framework and set of strategies to accomplish our mission. Within the ODS, the Academy executes a single integrated Course of Instruction. Within this COI cadets receive an accredited Bachelor of Science degree, an intensive program of physical education, and develop enduring leadership competencies through military development.

Since Academy graduates must be prepared to assume professional and leadership roles in the 21st-century Air Force, the intellectual aspect of officer development includes more than 500 academic courses encompassing basic sciences, engineering, the humanities and social sciences. Cadets complete a core curriculum of 97 semester hours in all four academic areas, including five hours of Physical Education and 45 hours of academic major courses.

The Academy’s athletic program helps develop leadership, teamwork, self-confidence and physical courage. All cadets are athletes and must take three physical education classes per year, in addition to intramural or intercollegiate athletic programs. The physical education curriculum offers 23 courses in combatives, aquatics, lifetime sports and developmental subject areas.

The Academy experience is set apart from other institutions of higher learning by the military development aspect. Four primary areas are stressed: professional military studies, theoretical and applied leadership experiences, aviation science, and airmanship programs and military training. The goal is to provide today’s cadets the knowledge, skills and values necessary to meet the leadership challenges of tomorrow’s Air Force.

The final aspect of officer development and a major area of cadet life is character development. Since the nature of the military profession requires officers to have high ethical and moral standards, cadets are challenged to reflect upon their beliefs and values from the moment they arrive. A central focus of all cadet activities is the Cadet Honor Code. Upon arrival, cadets take the honor oath, pledging: “We will not lie, steal or cheat, nor tolerate among us anyone who does.”

On or off duty, this range of activities is intended to prepare young men and women to go forward with distinction, honor and the highest character.


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