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U.S. Air Force Airman 1st Class Kyle Gee, with the 55th Comptroller Squadron, decorated Christmas trees with his two-year-old son, Brady, at the Christmas Tree Celebration held at the Patriot Club on Dec. 3, Offutt Air Force Base, Neb. Hundreds of families attend the annual event. (U.S. Air Force photo by Josh Plueger/Released)


Employment Options

There are many job opportunities on the economy surrounding Offutt AFB. Take a proactive approach to investigating and applying for available positions once you arrive. The Omaha Labor Area, which covers four counties in Nebraska and one county in Iowa, has excellent opportunities for employment, ranging from entry level to senior management jobs and from manual labor to high tech. The average unemployment rate is much lower than the national rate.

The Airman and Family Readiness Center (A&FRC) no longer keeps job books with listings. Please go to the, & LinkedIn: Offutt Airman & Family Readiness Center for job postings. Spouses are also welcome to come to the center for individual consultation to aid in their job search. The A&FRC also offers a monthly resume preparation class, federal job search and a quarterly interviewing fundamentals workshop and individual resume reviews.

There are civilian jobs on base. Those looking for vacancies at Offutt should use the USAJobs website. If interested in Non-Appropriated Funds (NAF) jobs, you can go to the NAF

Employment Documentation

For job hunting purposes, be sure to hand carry all employment records and documents, resumes, transcripts, certificates and licenses.

Unemployment Compensation

Unemployment compensation may be available for the spouse of a newly assigned military member or civilian employee. For more information contact the Nebraska Workforce Development.

Transition Assistance Program (TAP)

For those military stationed at Offutt AFB who are planning to separate or retire, you should sign up to attend the 5-day TAP seminar, offered 19 times a year. (In addition, Offutt also offers TAP seminars exclusively for retirees. Please call the center for the dates.) The seminar fills up about three months out, so it's important to plan ahead. The Pre-Separation Counseling appointment is mandatory and is a prerequisite to registering for the TAP seminar. You are asked to schedule yourself for the mandatory briefing (offered once a week) at least 2 years out for retirees and 1 year out for separatees prior to your actual separation or retirement date.

Tuition Assistance


For information on MyCAA and Military Spouse Education and Career Opportunities, visit Military OneSource.


Programs and Services

If a permanent change of station, or PCS, is in your future, you may have questions about moving. As part of the Military and Family Support Center, the Relocation Assistance Program provides services and resources to help make this transition as smooth as possible. Here’s what they offer:

  • Individual PCS planning — Most relocation programs offer one-on-one consultation. In particular, those making their first military move, those making their first overseas move or those with challenging or complex situations should contact the relocation assistance office.
  • MilitaryINSTALLATIONS and Plan My Move — For managing and planning your move, you may want to take advantage of these DoD-sponsored online relocation tools. You can estimate expenses, locate forms for housing and property shipments, and create a moving calendar.
  • Loan closet — Where available, loan closets offer basic household goods while your personal property is in transit. Typical items include pots and pans, dishes, silverware, irons, ironing boards and infant or toddler car seats. Generally, towels and bed linens are not available, so these should be packed in your express shipment.
  • Workshops and briefings — Workshops vary from installation to installation, but you may find classes on purchasing real estate and renting, budgeting and finance, moving with children or general moving preparation.
  • Pre-departure briefings — These briefings may be called Smooth Move or PCS Briefing, and they provide essential information to prevent you from making uninformed and costly decisions before your move.
  • Settling-in services — Welcome wagon services, local area tours (with child care sometimes provided), or basic household items to use until your goods arrive may be a part of your installation’s settling-in services. Overseas arrival services may include introductory language classes and cultural awareness training.
  • Foreign-born spouse support — Whether your question concerns immigration and naturalization, learning the English language or how to use local transportation, the relocation program provides assistance, classes and referrals.
  • Emergency assistance — From time to time, emergencies occur while moving. The Relocation Assistance Program office has the resources to provide emergency financial assistance and referrals.

Installation Specific Information

The Relocation Assistance Program (RAP) consists of a variety of agencies that assist personnel during relocation. They include Civilian and Military Personnel Flights, Traffic Management Office (TMO), Housing, Financial Services (Military/Travel Pay), Airman and Family Readiness Center, Lodging Office, Legal Claims Office, Chapel, Clinic, Child Development Center, and Youth Services. Our goal is to provide accurate information and assistance to help all military personnel and their families make a smooth transition from one location to another.

Offutt AFB conducts a comprehensive Right Start briefing normally once a month. Members are provided a complete introduction to the Offutt community and surrounding area. Spouse attendance is highly encouraged.

The Airman and Family Readiness Center provides information and services to relocating personnel and their families. In addition, Offutt offers a monthly Smooth Move class. Members are introduced to various agencies that provide them with specific information and resources to prepare them for their move. Regardless of how many times you have moved, there is always something to learn.

Loan Closet - Offutt does not have a loan closet. Recommend you pack cooking supplies and other household goods that you think you may need to set up your new home in your express baggage. Possibilities for finding needed equipment on base include the Airmen's Attic, 402-294-2399, hours of operation are Mon, Wed, 12:00 pm - 4:00pm: and the 1st Saturday of the month 10:00 am - 2:00 pm. Equipment Rental, 402-294-4049: or the Thrift Shoppe, 402-294-6879.

If your spouse will be looking for work once you get settled in, have him or her visit the Airman and Family Readiness Center for the services of the Career Focus Program.

Family Advocacy

General Program Description

The Family Advocacy Program is the congressionally designated program responsible for the prevention of and response to child abuse and neglect and domestic abuse /intimate partner violence in military families. The Family Advocacy Program works in cooperation with military and civilian medical providers, law enforcement, legal personnel, chaplains, and child and youth programs to provide a coordinated community response. The goal of the Family Advocacy Program is to promote the prevention, early identification, reporting and treatment of child and spouse abuse.

Program services vary by installation and generally include the following:

  • Public awareness campaigns, education and support for couples and parents
  • Parenting support at every age and stage, including New Parent Support Program home visits for expectant parents, new parents and families with young children
  • Safety planning, advocacy and support for domestic abuse victims
  • Clinical treatment for offenders and all affected family members as appropriate provided by MEDCOM

Prevention, Education and Outreach

Family Advocacy Program prevention, education and outreach services vary by installation and may be offered in coordination with military or civilian partners. Contact your installation Military and Family Support Center or Family Advocacy Program for local listings. Sample services include the following:

  • Education and skill-building training on topics including stress or anger management
  • Seminars on healthy relationships, couples communication or conflict resolution
  • Parenting support, including the New Parent Support Program, playgroups, educational workshops and opportunities for parents and families at every age and stage
  • Counseling or referrals to services tailored to meet specific family needs and schedules provided by MEDCOM

Child Abuse and Neglect and Domestic Abuse Information and Reporting

Child abuse and neglect: If you have concerns about a child's welfare or safety, whether at home or in the care of a Department of Defense child or youth program, find your local Family Advocacy Program under the Installation Contacts tab or contact any of the following:

  • Local child protective services, your state's reporting hotline or Childhelp National Child Abuse Hotline at 800-4-A CHILD (422-4453)
  • For concerns about child abuse or neglect in a DoD child or youth program or school, your installation Family Advocacy Program or the DoD Child Abuse and Safety Violation Hotline at 800-790-1197 in the United States or 571-372-5348 overseas (not a crisis line)

Call 911 or law enforcement if you witness abuse or neglect or a child is in imminent danger.

Domestic abuse: If you or someone you care about needs help, confidential support is available. Please contact the following for information, support and assistance:

  • Your installation Family Advocacy Program

Call 911 or law enforcement if you witness domestic abuse or someone is in immediate danger.

Domestic Abuse Reporting Options

Restricted report: In most instances, domestic abuse victims may request a restricted report, which allows for confidential medical care, counseling, victim advocacy and support services, such as safety planning and legal assistance, without command notification or a law enforcement investigation. A victim must contact a medical care provider or Family Advocacy Program professional to request the restricted reporting option.

Unrestricted report: If a domestic abuse victim requests an unrestricted report, the sponsor's commander is promptly notified, law enforcement is involved and administrative action against the offender may be taken. The victim remains eligible for all victim advocacy services, including safety planning, legal assistance and specialized support. Contact military law enforcement or the Family Advocacy Program to make an unrestricted report. In an emergency, call 911.

Eligibility Requirements

Family Advocacy Program services are available to service members and family members eligible for care in a military treatment facility. Intimate partners and others may qualify for limited support and referrals as appropriate. Contact your installation Family Advocacy Program for details.

Financial Assistance

Financial Preparedness

The Airman & Family Readiness Center (A&FRC) offers a half-day financial management class for First Term Airmen. There is also an excellent two-part class for all active duty, civilians, or retirees and their spouses entitled "Growing Your Money" offered monthly.

Omaha enjoys a fairly low cost of living relative to other locations in the United States. Here are the average costs of buying and renting houses in the local area (City to Buy, Average Cost Range, Size to Rent, Rent Range):

  • Bellevue East, $123,000-$250,000, Apartment 1 br, $460-$800
  • Bellevue West, $178,000-$300,000, Apartment 2 br, $450-$1,000
  • Papillion, $178,000-$350,000, Apartment 3 br, $675-$1,200
  • LaVista, $140,000-$286,000, Single Family 2 br, $700-1,500
  • Springfield, $155,000-$242,000, Single Family 3 br, $900-$1,800
  • Millard, $146,000-$260,000, Single Family 4 br, $1,200-$2,000
  • Gretna, $150,000-$250,000, Single Family 5 bf (rare), $1,700-$2,800

Average utility costs vary from $150 to $250.

The property tax bill for homeowners depends on a number of factors, including a home's assessed value, school district, utilities district and whether the property is within city limits. For information, contact the County Assessor's Office: Douglas County (Omaha): 402-444-7060; Sarpy County (Bellevue, Papillion, LaVista): 402-593-2122.

States sales tax is 7.0 percent in both Nebraska and Iowa. Several cities also impose local sales taxes, after legislative approval. The local tax rates vary from 1.0 to 2.0 percent in Omaha, Bellevue, LaVista and Papillion, as well as Council Bluffs, Iowa. Sales tax is not charged on consumable food items in either state.

Personal Property tax is high on automobiles, campers, and boats. You may license your owned vehicle as a non-resident and be exempt from the personal property tax. However, if you choose to lease a car rather than buy, it will be considered a NE resident vehicle and therefore subject to the tax. You must have liability insurance on your vehicles and must carry a proof-of-insurance card and your registration in the cars at all times. Coverage minimums are as follows: $25,000 liability, $25,000 property damage, and $25,000-$50,000 uninsured driver.

Non-resident military are exempt from state income tax.

If you need financial assistance while in transit, the nearest Red Cross office is your best contact, as the American Red Cross has an agreement with the various service charities.

Although drawing advance pay is possible to cover moving expenses, the pay-back obligation can be damaging to a household budget for a year. It’s a good idea to try to accomplish the move with savings until you are reimbursed for the allowed expenses and allowances with your travel voucher.

Legal Assistance

Legal Services

Offutt AFB has a base legal office to serve active duty members, retirees and family members. The Legal Office offers legal assistance to the following categories of beneficiaries: 1) Active duty military members 2) Retired military members 3) Reserve and Guard members on active duty 4) Family members of any of the above, including unremarried former spouses, with valid ID cards.

Types of Services

The legal office can provide assistance with:

  1. Power of Attorney
  2. Notary Service
  3. Basic Will
  4. Living Will
  5. Referrals for other legal matters
  6. Information on other legal matters (bankruptcy, Service Members' Civil Relief Act, etc.)


Hours of Operation/Type of Service

Legal assistance attorneys are available to advise members on their personal, civil legal matters. Effective January 2015: Legal assistance and Wills for active duty and their dependents are by appointment only. Notary and Power of Attorney Services are offered daily as a walk-in service from 0900-1500 Monday-Friday. Legal assistance and Wills for retirees will be held monthly on a designated retiree day starting January 2015. Please call the Legal office to schedule appointments at 294-3732.

Services Not Provided

Legal assistance attorneys are available to advise members on their personal, civil legal matters. Legal assistance and Wills for active duty and their dependents are by appointment only. Notary and Power of Attorney Services are offered daily as a walk-in service from 0900-1500 Monday-Friday. Legal assistance and Wills for retirees will be held monthly on a designated retiree day. Please go to to fill out Will worksheets prior to your appointment.Please call the Legal office to schedule appointments at 294-3733.

Household Goods Claims Services

Even though much of the claims process takes place on line now, it is still required that the member bring the Form 1840 (pink copy of their Bill of Lading given to them by the carrier) to the Claims Center at the Legal office within 70 days of the delivery date of your household goods to get the process started.


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