Housing Options

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Most inbound unaccompanied service members who are senior airmen or below with less than three years of service are required to reside in unaccompanied housing. Others who are either higher ranking have the options of requesting on-base housing or living off-base. 

People interested in living off base may contact the Housing Referral Office for assistance by calling 720-847-5815 weekdays from 6 a.m. to 3 p.m. 

Additional resources include the Automated Housing Referall Network at www.ahrn.com

For information regarding on-base privatized housing and unaccompanied housing, as well as housing in the local community, visit http://www.housing.af.mil/buckley/

For specific information about on-base privatized housing, visit http://www.buckleyfamilyhousing.com/ or call 303-340-2066.

Junior Enlisted Housing is currently open to active duty, accompanied servicemembers. Depending on your rank, you may not even be charged all of your basic allowance for housing.


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