90th Maintenance Group

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FE Warren 90th Maintenance Group

The proud Airmen of the 90th Maintenance Group provide world-class maintenance across a 9,600-square-mile tri-state area for the 90th Missile Wing’s approximately 150 Minuteman III intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBM), approximately 150 launch facilities, 15 missile alert facilities and launch control centers and associated nuclear and conventional munitions in support of the United States Strategic Command (USSTRATCOM) requirements. It provides training and evaluation for more than 500 maintenance personnel, maintaining more than 200 specialized maintenance vehicles and thousands of mission-specific pieces of equipment, ensuring a safe, secure and effective ICBM force for the nation’s security and defense.

90th Missile Maintenance Squadron

The men and women of the 90th Missile Maintenance Squadron maintain the alert posture of approximately 150 Minuteman III ICBMs and 15 associated missile alert facilities. The squadron provides organizational and intermediate-level repair for missile guidance systems, downstages, mission-critical communications equipment and power/environmental control systems. Its members also maintain required special-purpose vehicles and support equipment.

790th Maintenance Squadron

The 790th Maintenance Squadron is responsible for controlling, planning and scheduling ICBM maintenance. Members train technicians, ready and recover vehicles and equipment, and perform on-and-off equipment maintenance.

90th Munitions Squadron

The 90th Munitions Squadron provides war-ready conventional and nuclear munitions to enable the 90 MW to meet USSTRACTCOM’s ICBM mission objectives for global deterrence. The professional members of the 90th MUNS perform limited life component exchanges and initial build operations for the Mk-12A and Mk-21 nuclear re-entry systems. Additionally, the 90th MUNS manages the wing’s $8.2 million conventional munitions account for ICBM security operations.



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