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Altus AFB Housing

Balfour Beatty Communities is committed to providing high quality homes in welcoming, safe communities. We invite you to explore the neighborhoods found at Altus AFB and to learn more about the various home styles available in each area.

A complete list of community amenities is located on the Community Amenities page. For lawn care and trash information, visit the Community Schedule page.


Capehart is a neighborhood that offers 2-4 bedroom single family homes to service members ranked E1-E9. Features include: renovated kitchens, tiled and carpeted floors, ample closet space, laundry rooms, attached one car garages, large backyards with private patios and outside storage sheds. Surrounded by trees with access to numerous walking trails and conveniently located within 1-2 miles from the BX/Commissary, Club Altus, bowling lanes, golf course and library, as well as L. Mendel Rivers Elementary School, Capehart is a wonderful place to live.


Centennial offers 3-4 bedroom duplexes to service members ranked E1-E6. Homes are fully carpeted except the kitchen, bathrooms, and laundry room, have fenced in yards, and offer plenty of storage space with ample closets and spacious garages. The Centennial housing area is located within walking distance to the Community Center and to L Mendel Rivers Elementary School.

Great Plains

Great Plains is a neighborhood that offers 2-4 bedroom single family and duplex homes to service members ranked E1-E6. Features include: large back yards, attached one car garages, fully equipped kitchens, laundry rooms with additional storage, ceramic tile entryways and kitchens as well as pwall-to-wall carpeting in the living room and bedrooms. Great Plains is conveniently located within 1-2 miles from the BX/Commissary, Club Altus, bowling lanes, golf course and library.


Sequoia is a neighborhood that offers 3-4 bedroom, 2 story single family homes to service members ranked E7-E9. The neighborhood is also designated for Key and Essential Personnel. All homes are fully carpeted except for the kitchen, bathrooms, and laundry room, and offer plenty of storage with ample closet space and spacious garages as well as fenced-in yards. The Sequoia neighborhood is located within walking distance of the BX/Commissary, Club Altus, bowling lanes, golf course and library.

Resident Resources

At Balfour Beatty Communities, we believe communication is key. The following pages were created to inform our residents about housing information, community programs, and area resources. Click on the headings below to explore our Resident Resources pages.


Policies & Forms

  • Lease & addenda, special request, and insurance forms
  • Community policies

Service Request

  • Directions on how to submit a service request
  • Explanation of routine, emergency, & urgent work orders

Community Schedule

  • Trash, bulk trash, recycling, & lawn care information


  • Resources for home, community, & seasonal safety


  • Information pertaining to Installation utility policies

Support & Assistance

  • Community program information

Area Resources

Apply Today

We look forward to welcoming you to your new home at Altus AFB. Balfour Beatty Communities works closely with our Military Housing Partner to make your application process as seamless as possible.

If you are a Non-Active Duty applicant, please contact the Balfour Beatty Communities Management Office directly for assistance.


BBC Management Office

Military Housing Partner Office

700 Legacy Lane
Altus, OK 73521 
(580) 379-4002

97 CES/CEAC, 401 L Ave
Altus AFB, OK 73523 
(580) 481-7235
DSN 866-7235

Here's what you will need to know to begin the application process:

Required Documents | Application Process | Determine Your Eligibility Date


Required Documentation

  • Housing Application (available here)
  • Copy of Orders
  • AF Form 4422
  • LES Statement

Application Process

  1. Complete the Balfour Beatty Communities housing application, and submit it to the Air Force Housing Management Office (HMO) along with a copy of your orders. Please note that applications must be submitted within 30 days of arrival.
  2. Once an application is reviewed, you will be referred to the Balfour Beatty Communities Management Office for the actual assignment.
  3. A leasing representitive will review your housing eligibility based on your rank and family size, and then schedule a walk-through tour. You can also go to the Neighborhoods page to explore the area and learn about our home styles.
  4. Upon arrival at the base, you must take a copy of your current LES statement to the Balfour Beatty Communities Management Office.


Determining Your Eligibility Date

  • If a Service Member does not apply within the 30 day window, the eligibility date will be the date of application.

  • If a Service Member is PCSing to Altus AFB and is within the 30 day window, the eligibility date is the day they left their previous duty station, verified by clearing papers, is the eligibility date.

  • If a Service Member is coming from an unaccompanied tour, i.e. Korea, their eligibility date is determined from, and back-dated to, the date they departed their previous duty station for the unaccompanied tour, with a maximum of a 14 month credit.

  • If this is the first duty station for a married Service Member, the eligibility date is the date of entry into the military. If the Service Member was married after the date of entry the eligibility date is the date of marriage.

Find a Home

Wait List

If a home is unavailable at the time of arrival, you will be placed on a wait list and contacted directly when a home becomes available.

Please note that a complete housing application accompanied by all required documents must be received in order for us to place you on the wait list. No one can be offered a home until all supporting documentation is received.


Housing Assignment

Once a home is available, a Resident Specialist will contact you with a home offer via the contact information provided on the application. If any contact information should change during this process, please contact the Balfour Beatty Communities Management Office with these updates.

If the resident, spouse, or unit does not respond within five business days of initial contact, you will be removed from the wait list due to non-contact.

After working with a Resident Specialist, you will have two business days to respond back. The offer will be considered declined if there is no response within the two day period. We will allow you to remain on the wait list until you decline two separate home offers.

For more information, please contact the Balfour Beatty Communities Management Office.

Plan Your Move

Whether arriving or departing, we understand that an organized move is ideal. Below are tips to help you plan a stress-free move.

The Essentials

  • Renter's Insurance: While Balfour Beatty Communities provides all residents with an insurance policy that covers up to $20,000 in personal property coverage with a $250 deductible, we recommend that you obtain additional renter's insurance for extra coverage. Damage to vehicles caused by acts of nature is not covered in the provided renter's insurance and should be filed with an individual's automobile insurance. For more information about the included renter's insurance, please contact the Community Management Office.
  • Driver's License: To obtain a new driver's license with your updated information, visit your new county's Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). You will likely be required to fill out some forms and potentially take a new eye test and photo. You will also have to register and pay for new state license plates at the DMV (the title is also transferred during this process).
  • Change of Address: Don't forget to share your new address with friends and family, post office, utility companies, insurance companies, banks and financial institutions, creditors, health providers, schools, subscriptions, travel/auto clubs, and other organizations.

Moving with Children

Moving With Children

  • Keep your children in the loop and talk openly about the move. Filling your children in on the big change sooner rather than later will give them extra time to process. Be available to talk and let them express their concerns openly. A writing journal may also give them the opportunity to write down favorite memories and jot down their thoughts and feelings.
  • Explore together. Spend time researching the area to see what fun things there are to do in your new town. You can also research sports and community activities in the area, such as events held by the Balfour Beatty Communities' LifeWorksprogram. For school-age children you can also review their school calendar to see if there are any upcoming interesting activities.
  • Get them involved with the packing process. Organize a special box with their favorite things and unpack this box first so that they feel at home.
  • Prepare for goodbyes. Collect email and street addresses as well as phone numbers from friends and neighbors. You can even prepare a message book for your child with well wishes from neighbors and friends to prepare them for their new journey.
  • For the move itself, make sure to have plenty of entertainment available such as car/plane-friendly games, CDs, books/magazines, healthy snacks and a portable DVD player.

Eco-Friendly Move

Eco Friendly Move

At Balfour Beatty Communities, we take sustainability seriously. Below are a few suggestions to help you relocate responsibly.

  • Condense and simplify your belongings. The less things you have, the less you have to move. To lessen the load, try hosting a yard sale to earn a few dollars for your upcoming adventure or donate your belongings to a local charity organization.
  • Think ahead by starting to save newspapers and coupon flyers early. They are perfect for wrapping your knickknacks and won't cost you extra money. You can also save bubble wrap, packing peanuts and padded envelopes from various purchases.
  • Invest in reusable bins or trunks. If you prefer using cardboard boxes, visit local stores to see if they have boxes that may have otherwise been discarded. Be sure to recycle your used boxes when you are finished with them.
  • Pass on the water bottles. Moving boxes and furniture can be a strenuous activity and it is important to stay hydrated. Consider purchasing a water filter or reusable water bottle. If you do use plastic water bottles, be sure to recycle!

Moving with Pets

Moving With Pets

  • Review the Balfour Beatty Communities Pet Addendum, found in Policies & Forms. It would also be helpful to research state/province leash laws, pet ordinances, and pet licensing requirements applicable to your new location.
  • Reach out to your current vet for a copy of your pet's medical records as well as any travel advice or vet recommendations in your new area. They may also offer some tricks to lessen the stress caused by traveling.
  • Prepare new ID tags for your pets with your new address. If your pet is micro-chipped, make sure the database is updated as well.
  • Pets like routine and will notice any unusual activities such as packing. Try packing over an extended period of time to lessen the anxiety for both you and your pet. Set up a familiar place in your home and maintain your usual feeding and bathroom break schedule.
  • Stress has been known to cause misbehavior in pets and sometimes even causes them to runaway. Make sure to have a recent photo on hand in case this unfortunate event occurs.
  • For small animals kept in cages, to prevent draft and keep them calm, be sure to cover the cage with a cloth.

Arriving Residents

We look forward to welcoming you to the community. Now, let's get you settled in!

Once a home has been assigned, you will be given an assignment letter that details your move-in date. An address will be provided once the unit is vacated. Move-in orientations can be scheduled in advance during normal business hours. During move-in orientation, a Resident Specialist will review important community policies and guidelines such as: an explanation of the Resident Responsibility Agreement, Resident Guide, Property Condition Report, and Lead Based Paint Handbook, as well as instructions on submitting a service request. Please call our office to reserve a move-in time that is most convenient for you.

Once you arrive on base, visit the Balfour Beatty Communities Management Office to sign all required leasing paperwork. If the service member is not present, a Special Power of Attorney must be present to authorize the person signing. Please also bring a copy of your current LES statement and allow 45-60 minutes to review and sign all necessary paperwork.

Please note that we will prorate the month you move in and that all monies for that month are due at move in. Accepted forms of payment include: certified fund or credit card (i.e. cashier's check, money order, or bank draft). The allotment option can only be started on the 1st of the month and will be withdrawn on the last business day of the month.

For more information about your BAH and the arriving process, please contact the Community Management Office. For helpful moving information, visit Plan Your Move.

Departing Residents

We hope that you enjoyed your stay with Balfour Beatty Communities and while we are sad to see you go, we hope that you are taking with you fond memories of your time here at Altus AFB. We understand that relocating can be a stressful time and we would like to make your departure process as convenient as possible.

Move Out Process

To get started with your move-out process, please notify the Community Management Office of your upcoming departure within a minimum of 30 days, unless otherwise detailed within your lease, by submitting a Notice to Vacate form. The Community Management Office will schedule your Pre-Move-Out and Final Inspections as well as inform you of other important information such as cleaning requirements. For more details regarding the Move-Out process, please review your Resident Guide found on the Policies & Forms page.

If you are moving to another BBC property, be sure to check out our Resident Rewards Program. To explore other BBC properties, visit the Balfour Beatty Communities website. 

Leasing Specials

Resident Rewards Program

Have you heard about the Balfour Beatty Communities Resident Rewards Program? If you, as a current resident, relocate to another Balfour Beatty Communities property at another military installation, you can save money on your next move! It's our way of saying thank you for choosing to live with us.

Leasing Specials _200x 240

How the Program Works:

Each time you relocate to a Balfour Beatty Communities property, you'll receive a cash reward when you sign your new lease! To make the move easier, we will assist you with making an appointment and all the necessary paperwork associated with the move to your new community.

Ask your Resident Specialist for details today!

Community Life

It is our goal, at Balfour Beatty Communities, to provide quality homes and enjoyable communities so that residents have a positive experience living with us. To strengthen our relations with residents, the following pages were created to fortify communication and increase engagement for residents of all ages.

Messages & Events

  • Stay up-to-date with all resident messages including: community updates, document or policy changes, & safety alerts.
  • Explore our events calendar for LifeWorks & Community Management-sponsored free event information.


  • Learn about the heart and soul of the LifeWorks program and why it's something you find in traditonal housing communities.
  • Browse photo galleries of past resident events and activities.

Kids Corner

  • Meet BAL-4, Defender of our Communities, and his sidekick B-T.
  • Play games & activities centered around: environmental awareness, personal safety, & healthy living.

Community Calendar

Self Defense Class

Friday April 25th - 15:00- 16:30

Balfour Beatty Community Center

Self Defense


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