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Information and Referral Program 

Information & Referral is a clearing house which provides telephone and in-person assessments to help determine your needs and the right resource. You may be referred to an Airman & Family Readiness Center program or to another organization on or off base. They maintain an extensive list of available services wand contact information.  

If you are unsure of where to turn, call (937) 257-3592 and a specialist will point you in the right direction. 

Family Services  

Family Services exists to assist military members and their families by assisting them in numerous ways. 

1. Family Services provides assistance to troops and their families experiencing financial difficulties after they have seen and Airman and Family Readiness technician and all military relief organizations have been exhausted. 

2. Family Services provides support with furniture needs through the Airman's Attic which is for E-4's and below. Normally it contains items such as: dishes, pots and pans, couches, chairs, and TVs, but will vary depending upon donations. 

3. The Loan Closet can loan, free of charge basic household items for short term use for anyone holding DoD ID. The closet's PRIMARY USE is for PCS moves. 

4. Another way Family Services assist our troops is throughGrocery Assistance and the Pantry. Grocery assistance is done on a case by case basis. Items available through the pantry are non food items for personal hygiene. 

5. Operation Stork provides layettes to all newborns at WPAPB, delivering them twice weekly to the base hospital. 

For more information call (937) 257-2910. 


Deployments, temporary duty travel and remote assignments are synonymous with life in the military and present unique financial, legal and relationship challenges for members and their families. Family Readiness prepares the entire family for separation through planning.  In addition to education, support groups are available to assist the family member during the separation.  Hearts Together morale calls connect deployed members with loved ones.  Car Care provides free preventative auto maintenance.   Services are also to those affected by the repatriation process. Pre-deployment briefings are held every Monday at 10 a.m. or on a walk-in basis.  Spouses are encouraged to attend.

Financial Services 

Personal Financial Management Services provides financial education, information, and one-on-one counseling. Goals are to help  maximize your purchasing power, improve your standard of living, reduce stress and anxiety during financial crisis, and increase personal productivity. The free services include a personal financial evaluation, budgeting information, credit management, debt liquidation, investment information, insurance information, and workshops/seminars. 

Employment Services 

The Career Focus Program is an employment resource program. It provides information, assistance, and job skills training to enhance the marketability and employability of military spouses, family members, and DoD civilians. 
Services include: 

- Job referrals to full and part-time employment 
- Resume build and job application assistance 
- Career counseling and planning 
- Information about educational opportunities 
- Workshops with emphasis on career and personal development. 
- Resource room with access to personal computers, laser printers, and information on careers, jobs, and the development of job search skills 
- Jobs board with listings of current job vacancies 
- Job fairs are an integral part of the employment program. Several are held each year in the local area. 

Volunteer Opportunities 

Looking for an interesting and rewarding experience? Become a volunteer! Volunteers provide invaluable support to the base community, donating thousands of hours each month at agencies across the installation.  Opportunities range from Wright-Patterson Medical Center to the National Museum of the Air Force.  Volunteers enjoy personal satisfaction that comes from helping others and contibuting to the mission. Plus they can grow professionally from their experiences.  Free childcare is often available for volunteers!

Air Force Aid Society (AFAS) 

The AFAS is the official charity of the United States Air Force, with the mission to "relieve the distress of Air Force members and their families." Indeed, we in the Air Force take care of our own -- and at Wright-Patterson are here to serve you and your family in time of need. Financial assistance is available either in the form of a loan or a grant for rent/mortgage, food, utilities, car repairs, funeral expenses, emergency travel, special medical and dental needs, etc.

Relocation Services 

Family Support Center has information about Wright-Patterson Air Force Base and neighboring communities available for newly arriving members, as well as Airmen and families preparing to depart the area. Our relocation services include individual counseling with a personalized needs assessment, information on local schools, Smooth Move Seminars, and seminars for buying & selling homes. We can assist with pre-move workshops to help Airmen and families to better understand the permanent change of station process and acquaint personnel with many agencies available to assist. Our loan locker contains many household items you might need while awaiting your household goods. Check out our Smooth Move Checklist.

Transition Assistance

The Transition Assistance Program (TAP) offers separating or retiring personnel an individual transition plan to ease reentry into civilian life. Consider beginning transition planning at least one year prior to retirement or separation. Airman and Family Readiness Center provides both TAP workshops and pre-separation counseling. TAP is designed to provide necessary tools to effectively transition from the military to the civilian community. The Pre-separation counseling checklist (DD Form 2648) is a mandatory briefing for all separating/retiring service members and must be accomplished at least 90 days prior to the individual's separation/retirement to facilitate out-processing.

Mandatory pre-separation counseling is held every Monday at 1 p.m. in the Airman and Family Readiness Center classroom. Call for a schedule of TAP classes. 

"E" Sponsorship Program 

Taking care of our newly assigned and soon to be assigned folks is so very important. Being a good sponsor is one of the most important yet underappreciated roles you can take as a military member. Sponsorship training is required for all sponsors. Being a great sponsor does so much to relieve the tension and anxiety of moving and settling in at a new or first duty station. E-Sponsorship Training is your first source for sponsorship needs. All of the resources for training and post training tools and information are available through this online resource. "E" Sponsorship Application & Training: 

Exceptional Family Member Program- Family Support (EFMP-FS)

This program is designed to give information to military families with members in need of special assistance. The EFMP Coordinator provides resources from local, state/county, and federal agencies, both educational and medical to accommodate the special needs member and their family. Please feel free to contact Tavonne Allen at 937-257-3592/ DSN 787-3592 , or stop by the Airman & Family Readiness Center, Building 2, for additional information. 

AFAS also sponsors several education assistance programs and offers a variety of base community enhancement programs that improve quality of life for Airmen and their families. If you are having a financial emergency or would like more information, call the Airman & Family Readiness Center or visit www.afas.org.


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