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Navy Housing Service Center

Housing services are available at the Navy Housing Service Center (NHSC) to assist military and Department of Defense personnel and their families in finding a home in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia. The center is in Building 280 on Tomcat Boulevard. Hours are 7 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Thursday and 7:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Friday. Trained and professional housing counselors are ready to assist clients with referrals of affordable housing options in the community or Public Private Venture (PPV) homes.

Approximately 90 percent of military families in this area live in civilian housing. In 2005, Navy government housing was privatized. It is now owned and operated by Mid-Atlantic Military Family Communities LLC, a private entity managed by Lincoln Military Housing (LHM). Both Lincoln Military Housing and Navy Housing referral counselors are co-located at the Navy Housing Service Center. There are more than 4,000 PPV homes in the Hampton Roads area. NAS Oceana PPV communities are: Wadsworth Shores (600 enlisted homes, E-1 through E-9), Midway Manor (290 enlisted homes, E-1 through E-9), Village at Midway Manor (52 enlisted homes, E-1 through E-9), Fairway Crescent (25 officer homes on NAS Oceana) and Windmill Walk (14 officer homes on Dam Neck Annex). Some of the PPV housing communities have immediate availability, whereas in others there may be a wait.

The Rental Partnership Program (RPP) is a unique program that provides military personnel with affordable community housing that is 5 percent or more below market rates. Rent is paid by allotment and the member agrees to a 12-month lease. Navy Housing counselors qualify military personnel for RPP. Landlords may waive security deposits and credit checks. Single military personnel E-4 and below need command approval to live off base.

The Housing Service Center offers community rental and sales listings from our database. Housing accepts listings for vacant homes in the Hampton Roads area. This is a free home advertising; just call 757-433-3268/3368 or 757-445-2832 for more information. Another source for rental and sales listings is the Automated Housing Referral Network ( Navy housing counselors provide basic information on average home costs and how to determine if you qualify to buy a home or what you can comfortably afford to pay in rent.

Landlord/tenant counseling and mediation are available to resolve conflicts. The housing team is available to inspect your home, to review and interpret leases and to provide information on the Virginia Residential Landlord Tenant Act.

Several housing-related workshops are available at the Navy Housing Service Center in Norfolk. The workshops include homebuying, selling, property management and VHDA Home Ownership for first-time buyers. These informative workshops are scheduled routinely. Individual and command counseling are also available. These are no-cost workshops. Information is provided on qualifying for a loan, closing costs, the homebuying process, managing a budget, credit and mortgage pitfalls. Realty specialists can advise homeowners on how to deal with pending foreclosures and how to seek assistance, including financial assistance in the sale of a home when PCSing, and refinancing and loan modifications to lower monthly payments. For more information, contact a realty specialist at NHSC Norfolk, 757-444-2220 or 800-628-7510.

For additional housing information visit our website at or contact us at 757-433-3268/3368, fax 757-433-3310 for all your housing needs.

Navy Housing for Unaccompanied Personnel


800 E Ave., Building 536

Hours: 7 a.m. to 11:30 p.m.

After Hours: 757-438-3300 (Duty Manager)
Fax: 757-433-3918
Commercial: 757-433-3791/3978



1960 Terrier Ave.
Building 550, Herndon Hall

Hours: 7 a.m. to 11:30 p.m.

After Hours: Go to Building 550, Room 131 (Duty Manager)
Commercial: 757-492-6824

The Housing Service Center staff is ready to assist unaccompanied personnel reporting to Naval Air Station Oceana and Dam Neck Annex and will help determine housing eligibility and options. In most cases, units and schools will make room assignments in advance for full-time, single military personnel and students. Assignment of rooms will maintain unit integrity.

Unaccompanied personnel assigned to these dormitories should report directly to the Unaccompanied Housing Office upon arrival. Normally, there will be no need for temporary quarters. However, Dam Neck students on per diem orders are sent to Navy Gateway Inns & Suites in Building 566A, Stethem Hall.

There are 16 dormitory buildings and 2,846 beds for permanent party personnel and students at NAS Oceana and Dam Neck Annex. Unaccompanied Housing rooms are clean, well-maintained and fully furnished. Our facilities include other amenities such as lounges with pool tables, pub tables and chairs, and large, flat-screen TVs. Every building is equipped with free Wi-Fi in every common area. Each facility includes laundry rooms for your convenience. There are outdoor gazebos with grills. Some buildings have either a volleyball court or basketball court. All facilities are within walking distance of all other base amenities.

Six buildings at NAS Oceana have private rooms with a 26-inch, flat-screen TV, sharing one bathroom and common kitchen area with one refrigerator/freezer and one microwave. The other buildings have rooms that are shared by two to include: two twin beds, one bathroom, one microwave and one refrigerator/freezer. Dam Neck Annex has one student building with rooms shared by three and includes one common bathroom, microwave and refrigerator/freezer. The other two buildings are shared by two. Residents pay for cable service.

Eligibility — Depending on your assignment status (shore duty, sea duty, student, etc.) and pay grade, your options may include Navy Unaccompanied Housing (UH) or housing in the local community.

Sea and shore duty personnel within pay grades E-1 through E-3 and E-4 (with less than four years’ service) can expect to reside in permanent party UH if stationed at NAS Oceana or, if orders are to Dam Neck Annex, personnel will reside in student quarters at Dam Neck.

Based on local conditions, 50 to 75 percent of E-4s with more than four years of service may be housed in UH.

Students will reside in one of our student housing facilities. More senior personnel are expected to reside in the local community.

UH is government-owned and managed housing. Eligibility is based on your pay grade and BAH entitlement.

Geographic Bachelors (GB) are personnel ordered to NAS Oceana or Dam Neck Annex who, by choice or circumstance, decided that their dependents will continue to live in another geographic area. GBs are receiving BAH at the with-dependents rate. They are not normally authorized to live in UH, however, they may be approved on a space-available basis. GBs must submit an application that will be reviewed by the Assignment Review Board. Applications for NAS Oceana and Dam Neck Annex are available at the Housing Service Center, Building 536. If approved, the GB will be placed on the waiting list and offered UH when it becomes available. GBs may also apply to be resident advisers. For more information about the GB program and to obtain an application, please contact the UH Administrative Office, Building 536.

Personal Property Shipping Office

The Norfolk Personal Property Shipping Office serves all military services in the Tidewater area. There is no personal property office at NAS Oceana or Dam Neck Annex. The personal property shipping office is off Hampton Boulevard near the Housing Service Center (7920 14th St., Building SDA 336). Hours are 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday; and 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Wednesday.

Requests for shipping and storing household goods are to be done online by visiting to complete an application and receive counseling. If you are going to a remote area where there is no routine shipping, you will need to call the office at 757-443-3700 or toll free at 877-619-8596 and select option four to speak to a customer representative.

Once your application is completed at and submitted in the system you will need to select FLC Norfolk as your counseling office and forward your orders, power of attorney, Page 1 and 2, signed DD 1299 and signed DD 1797 to fax 757-443-3736 or email these required documents to

Note: There are informational briefs given on Tuesday for customers moving household goods to overseas locations and on Thursday for domestic and PPM shipments. These briefs are informational and you may ask questions. However, all customers are required to do their application and counseling online. Please plan to do your move at least three weeks out. The Personal Property Shipping Office requires three weeks to process your application for movement or storage. If you are required to move earlier than three weeks you will need to call the office and talk to a customer service representative.

For all shipments coming inbound to this area, if you know who your transportation service provider is give them a call to arrange delivery when you are ready. Please allow them as much notice as possible. If you do not know who your transportation service provider is, call 757-443-3700 or 877-619-8596. Please keep in mind in most cases you are only authorized 90 days or less of storage upon arrival of your shipment into this area. It is imperative that you have your shipment released prior to the storage expiration or ask for an extension of your storage. Extensions on storage are not easy to get; there are requirements that must be met. If unsure if you qualify, contact your personal property office at the previously listed numbers prior to your storage expiring.


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