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User Guide - Operators Manual

NS Newport User Guide Operations Manual


Military installations have their own sets of rules and regulations that must be followed in order to keep everyone safe, informed and secure.

This new section of our annual directory and guide is for personnel who come to the installation for the day or for the year. The following pages include information on making the most of your stay onboard the base – from rules of the road and access issues, to how to make reservations for a function on Bishop’s Rock picnic area. This is your guide.

Hold onto this directory and we will update it again next year, as we are sure that many things will continue to change here at Naval Station Newport, the Navy’s Center of Excellence for Officer and Senior Enlisted Education and Training.

Thank you,

NS Newport Public Affairs Office



P.S. If you have suggestions/corrections/additions or ideas on how to make this guide more useful and informative – email us and we’ll take your suggestions into consideration for next year’s publication!


Naval Station Newport website: www.cnic.navy.mil/newport

Naval Station Newport Facebook: Become a fan: www.facebook.com/NAVSTANewport

This site provides up-to-date information on foul weather impacts on the base, MWR opportunities, changes that may impact gate operations, promotions and much, much more. Base-wide messaging is passed along on this page first!**

The Newport Navalog: This weekly electronic newsletter contains information from all of the tenant commands (depending on what’s happening, of course). It is truly the installation newsletter that features such useful information as traffic announcements; base-wide recreational events; job information and much, much more. The Navalog is posted each Friday by noon and can be accessed either directly from the installation website or via the NAVSTA Facebook page.

Twitter: To follow NAVSTA Newport on twitter, please visit us: @NAVSTANEWPORTRI.

Naval Station Newport Instructions – all instructions mentioned in this book are available in their entirety either at: www.cnic.navy.mil/Newport — click under the MISC instructions tab or by simply searching online using the full instruction number referenced.

**Naval Station Newport is also a member of the R.I. Broadcasters Association. In the event of foul weather or other incidents that impact routine operations on the base – messages will be posted online at www.RIBA.com and via all local TV and radio stations.


(all area codes are “401” unless otherwise noted)

Base Condition Line 841-2211
Commissary 841-2111
Fire Department (non-urgent) 841-2225
Fire Department (emergency) 841-3333 or 911
Fleet & Family Support Center 841-2283
Galley (Ney Hall) 841-1083
GOTICKETS 841-2094
Navy College Office (Groton) 860-694-3335
NEX Main Store 841-1399
Navy Federal Credit Union 888-842-6328
Navy Gateway Inns & Suites
Front Desk 841-7900
Navy Lodge Newport 849-4500, ext. 300
NMCRS Thrift Store 841-2917
Newport Chalet 841-0800
Officer’s Club 841-1442
Pass Office (base access) 841-3126
Personal Property Office 800-235-7776
Personnel Support Activity
Administration 841-2202
Staff Personnel 841-2276
Student Personnel 841-4372
ID Cards 841-3021 (see separate article)
Religious Opportunities
Chapel of Hope 841-2234
Retired Activities Office 841-3030
Security Dispatch 841-3241/3242
Taxis: Orange Cab 841-0030
Airport Taxi 737-2868

Useful website links:

Military Spouses of Newport* – www.milspousenewport.org
Navy 311 – www.Navy311.navy.mil
Navy News Service – www.navy.mil
Navy Family Accountability and Assessment System (NFAAS) – https://navyfamily.navy.mil
Navy League of Newport County* – www.newportnavyleague.us
Newport Navy Choristers* – www.newportnavychoristers.org
Personnel Support Detachment ID Card appointments – https://rapids-appointments.dmdc.osd.mil
Ready Navy – www.ready.navy.mil
SAPR, Sexual Assault Prevention and Response – www.sapr.navy.mil
USO New England – http://us.uso.org/newengland

*These organizations are not official military groups but are authorized by the Commanding Officer to operate on the installation.

Getting Here

NS Newport User Guide Getting Here


Gate Hours*

Gate 1 – Naval Station Newport (NAVSTA) Coaster Harbor Island is open 24/7.

Gate 2 – NAVSTA Coddington Point (at the end of Third Street extension) is open 6:30 to 8:30 a.m. Monday through Friday in support of the morning rush hour and anytime Gate 1 is closed for operational reasons.

Gate 7 – Naval Health Clinic New England (off of Third Street) is open 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Friday and 6 a.m. to noon Saturday.

Gate 17 – NAVSTA Coddington Cove is open 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Friday, closed weekends and holidays.

Gate 23 – Naval Undersea Warfare Center (Pier Access Road) is open 24/7.

Gate 32 – NUWC (Defense Highway) is open 6:15 to 9 a.m. and 3:30 to 5:30 p.m. Monday through Friday.

*Note: Gate hours are subject to change during times of increased force protection measures or for operational reasons.

Access onboard NAVSTA

Access control procedures are governed by DOD DTM 09-012, CNICINST 5530.14 (series), and COMNAVREGMIDLANTINST 5530.14 (series) and local policy. The Defense Biometrics Identification System (DBIDS) is utilized for screening access credentials, badging and pass issuance. Only individuals with valid DOD-issued identification card or other authorized credentials are allowed unescorted access to NAVSTA Newport. Non-affiliated personnel must be supervised by an authorized escort for the duration of their presence on the installation or be vetted by Pass & ID at least five (5)business days prior to their arrival. Contractors who require access to fulfill their work requirements should be sponsored by the DoN Contracting Office and also require vetting by Pass & ID, for clearance and DBIDS credential/pass issuance. Two (2) forms of approved photo identification are required by Pass & ID for identity proofing and vetting.


Can I Use That NAVSTA Facility?

Not all ID cards grant access to all NAVSTA properties

There are many great benefits to working and having access to Naval Station (NAVSTA) Newport, but sometimes there is confusion about who is entitled to use which facilities.

NAVSTA is open to all individuals officially issued DOD identification cards, but not all individuals are entitled to use all facilities. The following is a list of the types of ID cards issued and what privileges are permitted:

Active Duty Common Access Card (CAC) – issued to active-duty members and Reservists (drilling). This card grants access privileges to Naval Health Clinic New England medical, commissary, Navy Exchange (NEX) and all MWR department facilities. These personnel are also entitled to use the Ney Hall galley (only active-duty military and DOD civilians on orders are entitled to eat at the galley).

DD Form 2 ACT (Green Card) – issued to inactive Ready Reserves. Grants access to the commissary; NEX and all MWR facilities.

DD Form 1173-1 (Red Card) – issued to Reserve dependents. Grants access to the commissary, NEX and all MWR facilities.

DD Form 1173 (Tan Card) – issued to active duty and active-duty Reserve dependents. Grants access to medical, commissary, NEX and all MWR facilities.

DD Form 2RET (Blue/Tan) – issued to all retired military members. Grants access to medical, commissary, NEX and all MWR facilities.

DOD Civilian Employee ID Card – issued to DOD civilian employees. Grants access to all MWR facilities. DOD civilians are not entitled to use the commissary, NEX or Ney Hall Galley (unless on official orders to the base).

DOD Contractor ID Card – similar in appearance to the DOD civilian ID Card but with a green strip. Contractors are entitled to use all Category B and C facilities only (Auto Skills Center, Bowling Center, Harbor Island Conference Center, Leisure Bay Office, Officers’ Club, Outdoor Recreation and Rental, and Tennis Courts). Contractors are not authorized to use the fitness facilities or the NAVSTA Marina and Sailing Center.

DOD Civilian Retired ID Card – similar in appearance to the DOD civilian ID card but does not include a security chip. This card entitles the holder access to the base and the MWR Category B and C facilities only (Auto Skills Center, Bowling Center, Harbor Island Conference Center, Leisure Bay/ITT Office, Officers’ Club, Outdoor Recreation and Rental, Marina and Tennis Courts). DOD retirees are not authorized to use the facilities in the John H. Chafee Fitness Center.

DOD civilian retirees will be issued an SF50 documenting their retirement which is necessary for them to be issued this ID card.

Having trouble with your ID Card at the Gates? The technology used in the scanners has changed over the years. If your ID card is 10 years old or more, you may have to get one reissued at the ID office (Building 690) to be able to sync with today’s security technology.


Stay Out of Traffic Court!

Each month onboard Naval Station Newport a traffic court is convened at the Region Legal Service Office. Did you know that since you are on federal property and under the jurisdiction of the Department of the Navy you could have your driving privileges revoked for operating a vehicle onboard the naval station if you violate traffic rules?

Naval Station Traffic Court convenes monthly with mandatory appearances by individuals, military and civilian – active duty, retired and family members – scheduled to appear before the judge for violations ranging from using hand-held cell phones while driving (Guilty – 6 points); failure to stop at stop signs and no proof of insurance (Guilty – 4 points) and speeding (Guilty – 4 points) to name a few of the more common infractions.

What would your commute look like if you had to leave your vehicle parked at Building 80 or at the Pass & ID lot? Think about it. If you amass a total of 12 points within a 12-month period you will have your driving privileges suspended for a period of not less than six months.

If you drive on the installation without a valid license, registration or insurance you will receive an indefinite suspension.

Naval Station Newport Police Department will continue to patrol, both in marked and unmarked cars, in an effort to keep this installation safe. If you operate a vehicle onboard this installation you are subject to the rules and regulations governing safe vehicle operation.

The following traffic offenses are enforced under 32 C.F.R. Part § 210.3(d), via the United States District Court Violation Notice (DD Form 1805) and subject to monetary fine or appearance before the U.S. District Court magistrate for the District of Rhode Island: Conditions requiring reduced speed, handicapped parking offenses, obedience to devices, obedience to stop signs and places where parking or stopping prohibited.

For more information on penalties go to: NAVSTANPTINST 5100.1 (series) or check with the NAVSTA Safety Office or Police Department. Drive safe and don’t be one of the few that puts the rest of us in danger. Stay out of court.

Attention Boaters/Lobster Fishermen:

RESTRICTED AREAS WITHIN NARRAGANSETT BAY – Restricted areas and danger zones surrounding Naval Station Newport properties are defined in 33 CFR § 334.80, § 334.81, § 334.82. The Naval Undersea Warfare Center has an operational test range off of the eastern coast of Gould Island that prohibit anchoring, dragging lines or dropping lobster pots.

Naval Station Newport also has restrictions on activities within the areas off of the piers and surrounding Coasters Harbor Island – note current NOAA Charts and refer to: NAVSTANPTINST 5090.28A restricted areas in navigable waters abutting NAVSTA Newport.

Motor vehicle rules and regulations (excessive speed/cellphone use/formation protocol)
DOD 5525.4 Enforcement of State Traffic Laws on DOD Installations — MAIN points follow:
  • All persons on a military installation shall comply with locally established vehicular and pedestrian traffic rules and regulations.
  • All persons on a military installation shall comply with the vehicular and pedestrian traffic laws of the state in which the installation is located.
NAVSTANPTINST 5100.1H Traffic Safety Regulations and Enforcement, dated April 11, 2017

All drivers must possess, while operating a motor vehicle, produce and surrender upon request of law enforcement/security personnel, the following documents:

  • Valid motor vehicle registration.
  • Valid driver’s license.
  • Military and/or U.S. government identification.
  • Evidence of valid liability insurance.
  • Valid motor vehicle inspection certificate, if applicable.
  • Any other applicable documents (commercial vehicle forms, hazardous material (Hazmat), delivery information, etc.).
  • 20 mph within NAVSTA Newport, unless posted otherwise.
  • 15 mph in Training Country (Coddington Point).
  • 20 mph in Naval Undersea Warfare Center, Division Newport complex.
  • 10 mph when passing a marching formation.
  • 15 mph in all housing areas.
  • 15 mph in all parking lots.
  • 10 mph proceeding in or out of installation gates.
  • Using a cellphone or similar electronic devices while operating a motor vehicle on base is prohibited. This includes BlueTooth devices, smartphones, iPads, texting, etc.
  • Factory-installed OEM hands-free options for vehicles are exempt (all phone controls through steering wheel/dash controls).
  • Parking is only permitted in clearly delineated parking spaces and areas.
  • Parking unregistered, junked or abandoned vehicles, or uncoupled boats and trailers on base is prohibited unless specifically authorized by the NAVSTA Newport CO or within MWR sales lots/storage lots.
Proper protocol during the playing of ‘Colors’ onboard military installations

Individuals driving onboard the Naval Station should stop their vehicles upon hearing the first notes of morning or evening colors. Individuals who are not in vehicles, but outdoors and hear the notes being played, should stop and face the music or the nearest flagpole and render the appropriate honors. This time-honored courtesy to our national ensign is one of the privileges of serving and working on a federal installation and should be followed by all individuals who do so.

Per U.S. Navy Regulations, Chapter 12, “the ceremonial hoisting and lowering of the national ensign at 8 a.m. and sunset at a naval command ashore or aboard a ship of the Navy not underway shall be known as morning and evening colors, respectively … ‘Attention’ shall be sounded, followed by the playing of the National Anthem by the band (or onboard NAVSTA we use a loud speaker system mounted on buildings throughout the installation). At morning colors, the ensign shall be started up at the beginning of the music and hoisted smartly to the peak or truck. At evening colors, the ensign shall be started from the peak or truck at the beginning of the music and the lowering so regulated as to be completed at the last note. At the completion of the music, “Carry On” shall be sounded. During colors, vehicles within sight or hearing of the ceremony shall be stopped. Persons riding in such vehicles shall remain seated at attention.”

NAVSTANPTINST 5100.1H “Traffic Safety, Regulations & Enforcement”
  • Bicycles shall not be ridden double unless they are designed and/or equipped to carry more than one person (i.e., a bicycle built for two or one equipped with an approved child or infant seat).
  • Bicycle riders must obey all applicable traffic laws, rules and regulations and always yield to pedestrians.
  • Bicycles are not permitted on jogging trails or sidewalks.
  • Portable headphones, earphones, cellular hands-free devices, iPods or other listening devices that impair recognition of emergency signals, alarms, announcements and the approach of emergency vehicles are prohibited.
  • Bicycle riders shall wear brightly colored reflective clothing between sunset and sunrise.
  • A bicycle helmet approved by the Consumer Product Safety Commission or Snell Memorial Foundation must be worn at all times.
  • Bicycles ridden between sunset and sunrise must utilize steady burning or blinking lighting devices consisting of a white light on the front visible from a distance of at least 500 feet and a red light on the rear that is visible from a distance of at least 600 feet.
  • Children under 12 years of age may operate bicycles in housing areas only.
  • Joggers shall use jogging trails and sidewalks where provided.
  • Joggers can wear headphones while running alongside the roads but not near intersections.
  • Jogging on roadways is prohibited during peak traffic periods and at night.
  • If a sidewalk or path is not provided, joggers shall stay to the left side of the roadway, in a single file, facing oncoming traffic.
  • The only authorized jogging areas after sunset are the NAVSTA Newport Jogging Trail, Coasters Harbor Island Physical Readiness Test (PRT) Running Area, Nimitz Field/McCool Track Running Area.
  • Light-colored clothing and shirts shall be worn at all times.
  • At night, or during periods of reduced visibility, personnel are encouraged to wear brightly colored, fluorescent or other reflective garments when running, jogging, walking or traveling near roadways.
  • Joggers shall be cautious of vehicles entering the roadway from cross-streets or driveways and yield the right of way to personnel walking.
  • Joggers shall not run on the bridge roadway between Coasters Harbor Island and the Coddington Point area (Toner Bridge). All joggers should use the old Wennachasett Pedestrian Bridge (behind the Newport Chalet).
Motorcycle registration information and Basic Riders Class general information
NAVSTANPTINST 5100.1H “Traffic Safety, Regulations & Enforcement”
  • Must possess a valid registration from one of the 50 states, District of Columbia or U.S. territories and maintain the appropriate level of insurance coverage.
  • Motorcycles are governed by the same access control requirements as all other motor vehicles.

• Must possess a valid motorcycle license.

  • Information concerning applicability, enrollment and training requirements are available by contacting the NAVSTA Newport Safety Office at 401-841-2478.
  • Head Protection. A helmet meeting DOT, Snell Memorial Foundation certification or host nation certification shall be worn and properly fastened under the chin. Fake or novelty helmets are prohibited – note: Navy Regulations require active-duty personnel always wear helmets while operating motorcycles – even in states where the operator is allowed the option of going without.
  • Eye Protection. Protective eye devices designed for motorcycle operators (impact- or shatter-resistant safety glasses, goggles, wraparound glasses sealing the eye or face shield properly attached to the helmet) shall be properly worn. A windshield or standard sunglasses or standard eye wear alone are not proper eye protection
  • Foot Protection. Sturdy, over-the-ankle footwear that affords protection for the feet and ankles shall be worn.
  • Protective Clothing. Riders and passengers shall wear a long-sleeve shirt or jacket, long trousers and full-fingered gloves or mittens designed for use on a motorcycle. Motorcycle jackets constructed of abrasion resistant materials such as leather, kevlar and/or cordura, and containing impact absorbing padding are highly recommended. To enhance the ability of other vehicle operators to see and avoid motorcyclists, outer garments constructed of brightly colored and reflective materials are highly recommended during daylight hours. Reflective outer garments or vest shall be worn during nighttime hours.


School Liaison Officer & Services

Office: Building 1376
Phone: 401-841-7126
Email: pamela.martin@navy.mil

Do you have school-aged children?

Then, the School Liaison Officer (SLO) is looking for you.

The Naval Station Newport installation SLO serves as the installation subject matter expert for youth education, transition, kindergarten through grade 12 and deployment issues. The SLO’s role includes seven core duties which include:

  • Communication (Installation/Community/School).
  • School Transition Services.
  • Special Education System Navigation.
  • Deployment Support.
  • Partnerships in Education.
  • Home School Linkage and Support.
  • Post-Secondary Presentation.

Hours are 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday. Special hours are available by appointment.

If you are a military family with school-age children, moving can be complicated by the unknown factors related to the schools in the area of your new duty station.

In order to prepare for a smooth transition, it is essential that you plan ahead and gather the necessary information about the schools your children will be attending during the next academic year before you arrive at your new home.

Here at Naval Station Newport, Pamela Martin, NS Newport SLO, is available to help you navigate the local educational system as you PCS in, as well as helping you prepare for your next move by putting you in contact with the SLO at your new duty station.

Martin can be reached at 401-841-7126 or by email at pamela.martin@navy.mil. Her office is at the John F. Kennedy Child Development Center in Building 1376 (1376 Bushnell St.), right outside Gate 17.

Registration information for Newport County schools (all area codes are 401 unless noted):

For Newport Public Schools – By appointment only:

Elementary School: Kindergarten to fourth grade, call 847-2100, ext. 400.

Middle School: Fifth to eighth grade, call Thompson Middle School Guidance Department at 847-1493.

High School: Ninth to 12th grade, call Rogers High School Guidance Department at 847-6235, ext. 2634. Go to www.npsri.net/page/3722 to book an appointment and access the registration forms.

For Middletown Public Schools – By appointment only: (kindergarten to 12th grade), call 849-2122, 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Go to http://mpsri.net/page.cfm?=1276&newsid=304 to access the registration forms and procedures.

For Portsmouth Public Schools – Go online at: http://ports.schoolwires.net/domain/629 or call 683-1039.

For Jamestown Public Schools – This is a two-step process. Step 1 may be done in advance online. Go to www.jamestownri.com/school/front/New%20Students.html for instructions.

For Tiverton Public Schools – By appointment only: call 624-8475, option 5 to schedule. Go to www.tivertonschools.org to download the registration forms. Click on the Central Administration tab, then Student Registration in the drop-down menu.

For Little Compton Public Schools – Call 635-2351 or stop by Monday through Friday at 28 Commons, Little Compton, RI 02837. Registration packets are available online at www.lcsd.k12.ri.us/pages/Wilbur_McMahon_School.

Rental Lease Review – Soldier/Sailor Civil Relief Act

The Housing Office in Building 690 is available to review your off-base (non-PPV) rental lease before you sign it. A new Rhode Island law now exempts military members from a month rent penalty in their lease contracts if they receive orders for deployment or PSC before the end of the lease period.

NS Newport Housing can verify if you are adequately covered and if not, can assist you with having your landlord include the military clause in your rental agreement. Do yourself a favor and take the time before you sign. Call 401-841-4545 or 401-841-2232 for more information.

Post Office (U.S. Post Office)

The U.S. Post Office onboard Naval Station Newport is open 10 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Saturday and closed Sunday. Postal boxes are available to military personnel, their family members and civilian personnel who work on the base. These boxes are accessible 24/7. The post office can be reached by calling 401-851-6972.

Vehicle Registration Tax Information

The Soldiers and Sailors Civil Relief Act exempts non-Rhode Island residents, on active duty in Rhode Island, from motor vehicle excise tax. Any non-Rhode Island resident considering getting a Rhode Island license plate, or who has already obtained a Rhode Island license plate, should file an application with their town assessors’ office (if you live on base, file in Newport).

This exempts the military person, not their dependents, from paying vehicle tax. It does not exempt a vehicle owned by a leasing company and leased to a military person. It is only in force for the period you are permanently assigned to Naval Station Newport.

Once departing Rhode Island, and after a reasonable time (30 days), it is assumed you have decided to keep the registration and accept the responsibility of paying the tax. Plates and registration cards must be returned to the Rhode Island DMV, 100 Main St., Pawtucket, R.I. 02860.

You should request a cancellation receipt (TR-3) and mail a copy of that receipt to the RI Town you resided in. For more information go to: www.dmv.ri.gov and remember to ask the registry about this exemption.

Veterinary Clinic

The U.S. Army Newport Veterinary Clinic, in Building 1255 Whipple Street next to Leisure Bay, is open 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday, Tuesday, and Friday, and 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. one Saturday a month. Pets are seen by appointment only. Call 401-841-3994 to schedule an appointment or for information.

Only active-duty military personnel, their dependents, Reservists, National Guard members and retired military personnel are authorized to use the Veterinary Clinic.

The Newport Veterinary Clinic offers wellness exams, minor sick call exams, routine vaccinations, pet supplies, including flea and tick prevention, and Health Certificate preparation and exams.

Coyote and/or geese complaints?

Contact NAVFAC MIDLANT, NS Newport Environmental Office at 401-841-6378.

Having Fun

NS Newport User Guide Having Fun
Military Discounts – Rhode Island Salutes

The Newport County Chamber of Commerce and the Rhode Island Defense Economic Planning Commission, along with the Central Rhode Island, North Central Rhode Island, Narragansett and East Greenwich Chambers of Commerce, have teamed up to introduce Rhode Island Salutes, Military Family Discount Program. This program is designed to recognize the contributions our military makes to our Rhode Island economy and their contributions to our security here at home and abroad. Military personnel and their families are encouraged to shop at the participating stores and businesses and simply present your military ID card to access discounts to many wonderful products and items available from quality Rhode Island merchants. Go to: www.risalutes.com for more information on the program and a list of participating merchants.

Naval War College Museum

Located in Founders Hall on Coasters Harbor Island at Naval Station Newport, this free museum is an excellent place to visit to learn more about the maritime history of New England, and take in the special exhibits and presentations they host. The museum is ranked one of the Top 10 college museums nationally. More information on the museum is available at www.usnwc.edu/museum or by calling 401-841-2101.


Ref: NAVSTANPTINST 5530.6B “Access Control Aboard NS Newport”

  • Sec. 9.h. Swimming, snorkeling or scuba diving is not allowed from or to any shoreline, pier, bulkhead, breakwater or wharf – including Bishop’s Rock.
  • Scuba diving for official duty is authorized, i.e., NUWC, EOD or SEALs conducting official training.
  • Kayaking and canoeing are allowed by individuals with routine base access in the restricted area except for Coddington Cove (area by Piers 1 and 2). Coddington Cove will stay restricted because of official U.S. Coast Guard, NOAA and Navy operations taking place in that area. This policy includes the “river” between the bridges to Coasters Harbor Island, launching from the point near Katy Field, and the marina. As usual, any suspicious activity may be addressed accordingly. This policy will automatically be cancelled by movement to higher Force Protection Condition, a local contingency or at the Commanding Officers discretion.
Drone/Remote Control Vehicle Use

Ref: NAVSTANPTINST 5030.1 “NS Newport RI Drones, Unmanned, Remote Controlled Systems”

  • The operation of any remote-controlled or remote-operated robotics or unmanned system, including but not limited to: cars, boats, planes, helicopters, drones, or watercraft, is prohibited without the express consent of the Commanding Officer of Naval Station Newport. See the instruction for further information (www.cnic.navy.mil/newport).
  • Sec. 9.j. Permission granted for active-duty military, retirees and DOD civilians.
  • Windsurfers must check in with Security Department prior to wind surfing.
  • Windsurfers may only launch from Bishop’s Rock beach area.

NAVSTANPTINST 5090.25C “Bow Hunting Procedures”

  • Only bow hunting is authorized. Deer hunting at NS Newport is restricted to bow hunting only. A compound bow is the only authorized weapon for hunting on NS Newport property. The use of firearms for deer hunting is prohibited and will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.
  • All state and federal wildlife rules and regulations apply.
  • NS Newport Environmental Program Manager oversees the base hunting program at 401-841-6377.

Ref: NAVSTANPTINST 5090.26B “Recreational Fishing Procedures”

  • Only authorized in designated areas. Pier 2 and quay wall area is currently closed an environmental restoration.
  • All state and federal wildlife rules and regulations apply and a NS Newport fishing license is required for all persons fishing on or from NS Newport property. NS Newport Fishing License/Permit is $10 and is issued by MWR through the Outdoor Recreation Office at 401-841-2568.
  • NS Newport Environmental Program Manager oversees the recreational fishing program at 401-841-6377.

Ref: NAVSTANPTINST 5030.1“Drone Usage Onboard NS Newport”

  • Recreational use of drones within the fence line of Naval Station Newport (to include the Naval Undersea Warfare Center and Naval Health Clinic, New England compounds) for non-mission-essential/recreational reasons is expressly forbidden. Permission to use a drone must be requested using instructions outlined in the above instruction.

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