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The Department of the Navy selected the development team of Forest City Military Communities, LLC, for a Public Private Venture (PPV) housing partnership in Navy Region Midwest. The PPV initiative will make available high quality, energy efYcient, well-managed, and affordable housing to military families assigned to Naval Station Great Lakes, Naval Support Activity Crane, Indiana, and Naval Support Activity Mid-South Millington, Tennessee.

Congress established the Military Housing Privatization Initiative (MHPI) in 1996 as a tool to help the military improve the quality of life for its service members by improving the condition of their housing. The MHPI was designed and developed to attract private sector Ynancing, expertise and innovation to provide necessary housing faster and more efYciently than traditional military construction processes would allow. The OfYce of the Secretary of Defense has delegated to the military services the MHPI and they are authorized to enter into agreements with private developers selected in a competitive process to own, maintain, and operate family housing via a 50-year lease.

The MHPI addresses two signiYcant problems concerning housing for military service members and their families: (1) the poor condition of Department of Defense (DoD) owned housing; and (2) a shortage of quality affordable private housing. Under the MHPI authorities, DoD works with the private sector to revitalize government owned Navy housing through a variety of Ynancial tools, such as direct loans, loan guarantees, equity investments, conveyance or leasing of land, and/or housing/and other facilities.

Military service members receive a basic housing allowance, whereas they can choose to live in either private sector off-base civilian housing or on base PPV housing.

The Great Lakes Midwest PPV project includes a combination of demolition, renovation and new construction, which will result in 1,100 homes at Great Lakes; 209 new homes at Ft. Sheridan; 230 homes at Glenview; 24 homes at Crane, Ind., and 318 homes at Mid-South Millington, Tenn. The PPV project also includes improvements and upgrades to community amenities. Forest City Military Communities, LLC, as the selected partner for Great Lakes Midwest, will own, operate, manage, maintain, repair and renovate homes at Naval Station Great Lakes, Naval Support Activity Crane, Ind. and Naval Support Activity Mid-South Millington, Tenn. for a period of 50 years. Section 2801 of the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 1996 provides a series of authorities that allow the DoD to work with the private sector, nationwide, to provide family housing for its military service members.

Navy housing office

The Naval Station Great Lakes' Navy Housing OfYce (NHO) has an employee staff of "customer friendly" housing professionals available to serve military families new to the Great Lakes geographical area. The NHO has information on long and short-term apartment rentals, homes for sale, schools, maps, military clauses and information about the surrounding local communities. For additional information regarding PPV and/or off base private sector community housing, please contact the NHO at (847) 688-3440, ext.134, DSN 792-3440, ext.134. OfYce hours of operation are Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Housing communities

Forrestal Village
Forrestal Village, which is an ofYcer and enlisted housing community at Great Lakes, is the largest of the PPV family housing neighborhood areas consisting of newly constructed and existing two-, three- and four-bedroom homes. More than 816 of the existing homes have been renovated. The village is also the location of the Family Welcome Center, the Mini-Mart Gas Station, the Auto Hobby Shop, the Navy Lodge, Child Care Centers, MWR Youth Center, Forrestal Village Elementary School, the Chapel, many playgrounds, MWR storage and baseball Yelds. This village area community is also within walking distance of the Burkey Mall Navy Exchange and Commissary shopping facilities.

Brick Row Flag OfYcer Executive Homes consists of the Commander, Navy Region Midwest (CNRMW) and Commander, Naval Service Training Command (CNSTC) quarters, plus 12 other Senior OfYcer (O6) historic homes along the bluff of Lake Michigan behind the main administrative building of Naval Station and adjacent to Ross Auditorium. Part of the Great Lakes Historic District, these Italian-villa style homes, designed for Commanding OfYcers, are fabulous two- and three-story red brick homes with all the amenities of Yne living.

Squirrel Hollow
The Squirrel Hollow area is the neighborhood location of homes designated for families of military ofYcers and senior enlisted personnel, which is located on the wooded bluff of Pettibone Creek. Squirrel Hollow runs parallel to and south of Ross Field, behind Ross Auditorium. The two multi-unit buildings consist of a total of 15 PPV homes, which is a secluded housing community halfway down from the Mainside plateau level to the Pettibone Creek level, with posted limited vehicle access. It is an area frequented by deer, rabbits and birds indigenous to the area, as well as numerous squirrels. The homes contain such amenities as central air conditioning, Yreplaces, hardwood Zoors and staircases, attached garages and enclosed window patios on the south side for a beautiful view of the wooded ravine. Many believe the design for these homes was inZuenced by Frank Lloyd Wright.

Nimitz Village
Nimitz Village is the smallest of the PPV housing village communities at Great Lakes. North and South Nimitz Village is a community consisting of both junior and senior enlisted residents. A neighborhood community that is divided by an 11-acre grass Yeld, Nimitz Village provides convenient access to schools, shopping and entertainment. The community has both single-family and duplex-style homes connected by walking paths, making it an easy stroll to the centrally located park, pavilion and baseball Yeld. Floor plans of the homes offer Yrst Zoor laundry areas and ample indoor storage. All homes have full kitchens with dishwashers and garbage disposals, wall-to-wall carpet, window coverings, individual patios, washer/dryer connections, central heat and air conditioning and an attached one-car garage.

Hospital Cove
Hospital Cove senior ofYcer (O6) homes are located directly behind the Naval Health Clinic. Quarters 201H, 202H and 203H, which are three red brick historic homes located southeast of the Senior OfYcer Brick Row Historic District on the Mainside area of the base, also share breathtaking views of Lake Michigan. Each beautiful home boasts both hardwood Zoors and carpeting, ceramic tiles in the kitchen and bathrooms, and newer kitchen appliances.

Fort Sheridan
A total of 209 newly constructed three and four-bedroom single-family and duplex style homes have been built at Fort Sheridan to house ofYcer and enlisted military families. A mere 15- minute drive southeast from Naval Station Great Lakes, this waterfront community is but a short walk to parks, shopping and dining in the downtown area. Each newly constructed home comes equipped with a garbage disposal, new kitchen appliances, washer and dryer connections, screen doors, central heat and air conditioning, plush wall-to-wall carpeting, window coverings, ceiling fans, an individual patio and an attached two-car garage.

A total of 112 PPV homes are currently managed on the former site, which was the Glenview Naval Air Station. The Glenview PPV housing community is located approximately 20 miles southwest of Naval Station Great Lakes. This exclusive neighborhood allows quick access to virtually every part of Chicago. Glenview currently offers stunning two-bedroom townhomes with attached garages. Each home features amenities such as wall-to-wall carpeting, window coverings, ceiling fans, a patio, washer and dryer connections, central heat and air conditioning, a garbage disposal and kitchen appliances. A total of 118 new three and four-bedroom homes are planned for construction within the Glenview housing area community.

Bachelor housing division

The Bachelor Housing Division manages and administers bachelor housing for students and staff and provides permanent and transient quarters for all services in the Department of Defense, foreign military student personnel and DoD civilians on government travel.

Permanent bona Yde bachelors are currently being billeted in Admiral Boorda Hall in a Suite with Private Bath. Geographical bachelor ofYcers are being housed in Building 432 with private room and bath. Admiral Boorda Hall is named in honor of Admiral Jeremy Boorda, who served as the 25th Chief of Naval Operations. Single staff members of all services assigned to commands aboard Naval Station and the surrounding area enjoy a high quality of life in these modern barracks composed of two-bedroom suites or modules which include a kitchenette with refrigerator and microwave and plenty of closet space. All permanent rooms are furnished with the basics. Residents are required to provide their own TV, clock radios and coffee makers. Ironing boards and irons are provided in each room. Adequate laundry facilities are available. Due to the lack of storage space, residents cannot remove and replace furniture with personally owned items except for a small bookcase, etc. Permission to move any additional furnishings of any kind must be obtained from the complex manager.

Officer housing

Transient ofYcers, and DoD civilians, are housed in Building 62, which was recently reopened after an extensive upgrade of the facility, which renders it a Yve-star facility.

Enlisted housing

Staff members who are bona Yde bachelors are housed in Admiral Boorda Hall. E-4 and below are housed in a double occupancy room, private bedroom with a shared bath. E-5 and above are housed in a suite with private bath. Enlisted geographical bachelors from E-5 to E-7 are housed in Building 439 where they share a room and a bath. OfYcer and enlisted geographical bachelors (E-8 and up) are housed in Building 432 in a private room and bath. All "A" school students are housed in the designated buildings whose population is designated and controlled by TSC. Bachelor Housing is solely responsibly for building management and maintenance.

Transient enlisted are housed in Buildings 833 and 834 and the 400 complex in rooms appropriate to their grade. Housekeeping and amenities include TV, VCR, cable, DSL capability, telephone and notions are provided in all transient housing.


Transient (TAD) visitors to Naval Station Great Lakes may obtain reservation information by calling the central billeting ofYce at DSN 792-2241, commercial (847) 688-2241, Monday through Friday 7:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. The Central Billeting Front Desk is open 24/7. The telephone number is DSN 792-2170, Commercial (847) 688-2170. All Navy personnel may also make reservations through SATO Travel OfYce at (800) 576-9327. Hotel reservations should be made as far in advance as possible. Check-in time is 3 p.m. and check-out time is noon. After midnight, all reservations for that day are cancelled if no call is made to the front desk to advise of late arrival.

Reservations are not available for permanent party reporting on board. There may be billeting space available upon arrival. Geographical bachelors may have to be placed on a waiting list if space in designated GB spaces is not available. "A" school students are under the control of TSC and report directly to Building 3 upon arrival for building assignment.

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The central billeting desk is located at Naval Station Mainside, Building 30, Admiral Boorda Hall. Enter at the main gate onto Farragut Avenue, turn left at the end of the stone bridge (Pettibone Creek) onto Rodgers Street and proceed one block to Bronson Avenue. Turn right on Bronson and proceed one block. Admiral Boorda Hall is located at the intersection of Bronson and Sampson on your left. You may turn left into the parking area; the Front Desk is located off the central courtyard through the glass doors. All guests will be required to have a copy of their orders and their ID card.

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