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Operations Duty Officer................................................... 360-257-2681

The department and its divisions support the operations of tenant activities and transient aircraft. These include providing air traffic control, range scheduling, ground electronics and communications maintenance, air cargo and passenger service, arresting gear maintenance and Search and Rescue operations using the MH-60S Knighthawk helicopter.

Air Traffic Control Division

Air Traffic Control Division provides all air traffic control services within the NAS Whidbey Approach Control Area. Staffed jointly by military and DOD civilians, the Air Traffic Control Facility (ATCF) is subdivided into Flight Planning, Control Tower and Radar branches, and also incorporates Range Schedules and Air Space Scheduling Divisions.

The ATCF operates the surveillance and precision radar systems and control tower, and controls all phases of military and civilian flight operations at Ault Field and Outlying Landing Field (OLF) Coupeville. Routes into and around 15 airports are controlled within the confines of ATCF airspace.

It is among the busiest and most complex facilities in the U.S. Navy Air Traffic Control System, challenging controllers with a varied and fast-paced environment that averages nearly 215,000 total operations annually.

Ground Electronics Division

The main function of the Ground Electronics Division is to support the Air Traffic Control operations by providing communications, navigational aids, radar (both precision approach and air surveillance), automatic carrier landing system, and all associated weather equipment used by Naval Pacific Meteorology and Oceanography Detachment.

Facilities Division

The Facilities Division is responsible for maintenance on E-28 and E-5 arresting gear at NAS Whidbey Island and OLF Coupeville. The Facilities Division also services the Fresnel Lens Optical Landing Systems, Improved Fresnel Lens Optical Landing systems at both fields and provides firefighting services at OLF Coupeville.

Naval Weapons System Training
Facility Boardman, Oregon

The Naval Weapons System Training Facility Boardman, Oregon provides maintenance, fire suppression and range support operations for a 47,000-acre bombing range.

Air Passenger Terminal/Transient Line

The Air Passenger Terminal/Transient Line is the central staging area for the forward deployment of squadrons to the fleet and on training detachments. It processes passengers, prepares cargo, supports a variety of transient aircraft and provides support to airfield operations with fleet carrier landing practices and training missions.

An updated Space Available travel listing for personnel authorized to fly on DOD aircraft, with destinations throughout the world, is available at the Air Passenger Terminal. Additional information is available at For Space “A” (Available) flight information go to:

Search and Rescue

NAS Whidbey Island Search and Rescue maintains and operates the most modern and capable helicopter in the inventory. Puget Sound’s topo-
graphy and weather offer unique challenges to helicopter operations. The MH-60S Knighthawk is capable of operating at high altitude and can transit with a high cruise speed. It is equipped with an all glass cockpit including the latest communications and navigation equipment. It can lift aircrew or injured hikers from a hover using its 200-foot hoist cable. The air station’s Knighthawks also provide support to ships, submarines and other units operating in the Puget Sound Area. The high altitude mountain SAR environment and Puget Sound shipboard support make Team Whidbey one of a kind.

Career Counseling Center

Front Desk............................... 360-257-2642

NAS Whidbey Career Counseling Center, located on the second deck of Building 385, offers career counseling, pre-separation and transition assistance. Newcomers receive information from their respective Command Career Counselors, but may contact the front desk for referral information or additional assistance.

Emergency Management (EM)

Emergency Management

.. Officer................................... 360-257-2287

Emergency Operations Center

.. (EOC).................................... 360-257-3337

Emergency Management serves as liaison and point of contact between NAS Whidbey Island departments, tenant commands, Commander, Navy Region Northwest; FEMA Region X and other federal, state, county and city agencies in the event of natural, technological and human-caused disasters. The Emergency Operations Center’s Incident Management Team provides the management expertise needed to respond to and recover from disasters and return the installation to fully operational status. The EOC is located on the first floor of Building 385 in Room 120.

Human Resources Management

Building 1099 Tautog Ave., Silverdale, WA.

The office provides a wide variety of Employee and Labor Relations support including advice to managers and employees. The office provides support on topics that include staffing and recruitment, awards, leave, Union contract administration and negotiations. Additionally, the office supports Human Resources (HR) activities including workforce planning, Drug Free Workplace Program, and Federal Employment Compensation Programs.

The HR office has an extensive website resource on G2 that provides comprehensive information on the whole array of issues including: Benefits, Onboarding, Furlough/RIF planning, Civilian Employee Assistance Program and Frequently Asked Questions. The site link is

Jobs at NAS Whidbey Island are listed with other federal employment opportunities on See Telephone Listings in back of guide for HR Offices in Silverdale.

Information Resource Management Department


The IRM Department administers and coordinates Information Technology (IT) programs and services at NAS Whidbey Island providing an integrated enterprise environment to include host systems, local and Puget sound Information Grid (PIG) internetworking and Naval Messaging, and Enterprise LAN Mobile Radio (ELMR) administration; development and oversight of the Information Assurance (IA), Cyber Security (CS) and OPSEC programs; video teleconferencing and bridging; telephone administration, validation, training and oversight; and NMCI contract liaison and oversight consisting of orders and invoicing, legacy application management, and move, add, change (MAC) process management for Commander Navy Installations Command. IRM employees are professionally certified. Offices are located in Building 108.

NAS Whidbey Island Administration


The Administrative Department processes incoming and outgoing official correspondence, military and civilian awards; publication of command directives and forms; preparation and publishing of the NAS Whidbey Island Plan of the Week; provides assistance to military personnel with processing of leave, basic allowances for housing and subsistence (BAH/BAS) requests, and personnel accounting support, processes agent and assist letters and management of the base security program for proper handling of classified material, processing of military personnel security clearances and security building access.

When reporting to NAS Whidbey Island, if you are assigned directly to the air station, your first stop will be the base Quarterdeck located in Building 385 where you will be directed to the Administrative Department on the second floor. Here you’ll begin the check-in process and your sponsor will be contacted to meet you and assist with your check-in.

Safety & Health Office


NAS Whidbey Island is waiting final OSHA approval for Voluntary Protection Program STAR level participant. The command strives to provide a safe environment for all active-duty, civil service and contractor personnel and a safe environment for all visitors and patrons.

The site safety manager for both NAS
Whidbey Island and Naval Station Everett and safety staff are located in Building 243.

The staff is responsible for conducting work site assessments, mishap investigation, confined space entry issues, respiratory protection certification, safety training, NAVOSH process reviews, and coordinate the Recreation and Off Duty (RODS) and Traffic Safety Programs.

NAVOSH reviews and assesses programs including: industrial and office ergonomics/safety, indoor air quality, man-made vitreous fibers, weight handling equipment issues, radiation/
laser, sight and hearing conservation, hazard communication, blood-borne pathogens, traffic, recreational, off-duty and electrical safety.

NAVOSH training includes new employee orientation and supervisory training. Whidbey Island, as part of Navy Region Northwest, uses a web-based training source, Enterprise Safety Application Management System now available through Naval Installation Command at This site also provides safety training for supervisors, hazard communication and ergonomics, plus monthly safety meeting topics, mishap reporting, unsafe/unhealthful working condition reporting, personal protection equipment information and tracks all deficiencies identified in the region. NAVOSH is responsible for conducting traffic safety courses. Anyone operating a government vehicle shall attend the AAA Drivers Improvement Course. Military and DOD civilians will need to take this course if:

While driving a government motor vehicle they were involved in a crash whether on or off government property.

While driving a government or private motor vehicle, they’ve been convicted of a serious moving traffic violation (examples: reckless driving, driving while impaired, speeding, following too closely and failure to yield).

Offenders, military or civilian, shall successfully complete a driver improvement course or lose installation driving privileges per OPNAVINST 5100.12J.

Motorcycle Safety — Training for motorcycle certification including the Basic Rider Course (BRC), Experienced Rider Course (ERC) and Military Sports-bike Course are conducted on a regular basis. All active-duty motorcycle riders are required to attend the BRC or ERC before gaining base access and an ERC every three years after their initial class. To get a quota for motorcycle safety courses go to The Safety Office operates as a member of the NAS Whidbey Island team, customer-focused, to afford military and civilians a safe and healthful place to work and play.

Public Affairs


The Public Affairs staff supports the air station in the areas of internal relations, community relations and media relations. Their goal is to provide maximum disclosure of accurate information with minimum delay.

The heart of the Internal Relations program is the command’s Facebook page and Navy Homeport Northwest, a blog published by Navy Region Northwest. NAS Whidbey Island’s Facebook page and Navy Homeport Northwest are updated continuously and made available to base personnel, their families and the general public. Both sites feature stories about Whidbey’s military personnel and their families, recreation events, sports, community news and applicable official information.

Navy Homeport Northwest is available at the following web address: http://homeportnorth
island. The air station’s Facebook page is available at Other information about NAS Whidbey Island is available on its website at

The command’s active community relations program offers tours of the air station that draw more than 1,000 visitors each year. To see NAS Whidbey Island and its aircraft and hear today’s military men and women talk about what it takes to accomplish their mission, call 360-257-4211.

The Public Affairs staff also provides a speaker’s bureau of military and civilian personnel to address community groups on a wide variety of military-related topics. Call 360-257-2286 for information on obtaining or volunteering to become a speaker.

Whenever the media calls or NAS Whidbey Island has a story to share with the public, the Public Affairs Office coordinates the contact. News releases, photos, video and on-camera interviews are all used to ensure the real Navy story gets to the public properly.

For information on gate hours and current base conditions, especially during the winter months, call the base information line, 360-257-1080.

Public Works


Wolf Creek Federal Services Inc.

Trouble Desk........................... 360-257-3358

Transportation.......................... 360-257-3133

Work Control........................... 360-257-3350

Self-Help Customer Service....... 360-257-8962

Recycling.................................. 360-257-5481

Public Works Department (PWD) is responsible for the planning, design, construction, maintenance and repair of all roads, grounds, utilities and facilities on the air station as well as management of environmental programs and recycling. PWD executes its mission through one of its four main divisions: Facilities Management (Requirements and Planning), Facilities Engineering and Acquisition Division, Production (utilities, Self-Help and recycle) and Environmental Programs Management.

The PWD team administers construction contracts, as well as the North Sound Base Operating Support Contract (BOSC) and the contract for grounds maintenance and janitorial services, providing a liaison between station customers and the contractors who perform the work.

Public Works Department provides:

Planning and space management for facilities

Transportation services

Architectural and engineering services

Environmental programs management

Energy conservation programs

Weight handling equipment program

Maintenance via the BOSC

Grounds maintenance and janitorial
services via New Leaf Inc.

Utilities services

Solid waste disposal and recycling services

Self-help program

Wolf Creek Federal Services Inc., the Base
Operating Support Contractor, provides:

Emergency/service work reception desk

Maintenance, repair, and alteration of
facilities and infrastructure

Maintenance structures, paved areas and pest control

Utilities systems operation and maintenance

Transportation operations and maintenance

Storage and warehousing

Supply operations

Operation and maintenance of Air Start Systems

Environmental services

Refuse and recycling collection services

Weight handling equipment (cranes)
support and services

Environmental Division

This division in Building 103 provides the full range of environmental program management and compliance support services to fleet and tenant activities.

The Program Management Section oversees the overall compliance requirements of the installation by working with regulatory agencies and process owners to develop appropriate implementation strategies. Engineers and specialists plan and coordinate projects to prevent pollution, reduce waste, achieve compliance and clean up contamination. The ecologist manages natural and cultural resources, as well as agricultural leases and the installation fishing and hunting programs. This division also reviews all station projects to secure permits, approvals and other regulatory requirements.

Compliance Operations Section specialists help organizations comply with air, water, hazardous material and waste, asbestos, fuels, oil and other regulations. This division coordinates spill response and hazardous waste services. It provides training, guidance and a variety of support services, as well as monitoring regulatory and permit compliance by work centers.

Self-Help Division

The Self-Help Division, located in Building 2761, provides lumber, paint and other materials and tools needed to renovate or rehab workspaces or otherwise enhance facilities to make a customer’s job more comfortable and efficient.

If a command has a do-it-yourself project in mind, but lacks the expertise to design it, or qualified personnel to execute it, Self-Help can provide assistance. Personnel can check out hand and power tools. They also provide supervised use of the wood shop in Building 2761.

Recycle Division

Navy Whidbey Recycle, located in Building 2555, provides recycling and composting services to base commands and departments through a program of routine and call-in collections. In addition, the facility has a comprehensive drop-off program for recyclable materials that is open to military, DOD civilians, retirees and family members six days a week excluding federal holidays and weather events. If your material is something not accepted at this facility, call to see if Recycling can help find an acceptable means to dispose of the item.

Supply Department

The Supply Department provides general and aviation material support to fleet and reserve squadrons, tenant activities and other departments; fuel facilities and bulk fuel storage; postal services; operates the 5-Star Galley and the 5-Star Combined Bachelor Quarters; Naval Supply Systems Command Fleet Logistics Center Puget Sound provides Customer Service and Physical Distribution functions providing services for moving and storing personal property.

Visit (click on “Departments” and then “Supply”) for the latest information and points of contact.

Material Division — NAVSUP Fleet
Logistics Center Puget Sound

This division is responsible for storage, warehousing and supply operations; ensuring the proper management of all items stocked in the building 369 warehouse. Additionally they provide the flight line issues of Liquid Oxygen (LOX)/Liquid Nitrogen (N2), DRMO collection and forklift training.

Warehouse Officer.................... 360-257-6487

Warehouse Manager................. 360-257-6488

Warehouse Supervisor.............. 360-257-6611

Warehouse LCPO..................... 360-257-6489

Floor Receiving........................ 360-257-6480

SDR/TDR/Forklift Training........ 360-257-6482

Shipping................................... 360-257-2386

LOX Facility............................. 360-257-2705

Flight Gear Issue....................... 360-257-6745

Defense Reutilization & Marketing (DRMO) Appointments 360-257-6745

Customer Service...................... 360-257-1392

Fuels Technician...................... 360-257-1395

Supply Tech............................. 360-257-1391

Quality Analysis Division (COMVAQWINGPAC Aviation Support Department (ASD))


This division’s charter is to establish and continually refine the process of inventory accuracy and accountability for all materiel in stock at NAS Whidbey Island. The Quality Assurance (QA) team can be seen throughout the air station on a daily basis, conducting physical inventories of stock, performing location surveys and quality control checks, obtaining research documentation and performing intensive reconciliation efforts in all Supply functional areas. The successful management of this program has a direct impact on material availability, accurate and timely procurement actions and overall Supply readiness. The QA Division is located in Building 2547.

Fuel Division

A comprehensive training program is the cornerstone of this successful division, from routine fueling operations to oil spill and disaster response. Keeping fuel handlers safe is also paramount. Annual respirator training, monthly zone and fire protection inspections and monthly safety meetings are held. Safety upgrades to the fuel pier and quality surveillance reduce the potential for accidents. Working with the Environmental Division, the Supply Department’s Fuel Division aids in upgrading Spill Prevention, Control and Counter Measure Plan and Oil and Hazardous Substance Contingency Plans. Their efforts contributed significantly to the base winning the 1996 DOD Installation Clean-up Award and Secretary of the Navy’s Pollution Prevention Installation Special Recognition, as well as the American Petroleum Institute Award for excellence in 1993, 1996 and again in 2004. Approximately 24 million gallons of JP-5, JP-8, Diesel and MOGAS are received and issued at NAS Whidbey Island every year, and about 16,000 aircraft refuelings and defuelings are conducted annually to 13 VAQ squadrons including Search and Rescue and transient aircrafts by Aviation Boatswain’s Mate Fuels Division. Doss Aviation is responsible for operating the bulk fuel system and refueling operations.

Fuel Manager........................... 360-257-3101

DOSS Aviation Manager/
Assistant Manager.................. 360-257-2707

Fuel Deliveries......................... 360-257-2706

Fuel Sampling and Testing........ 360-257-2707

Hot Pit LCPO........................... 360-257-5223

Hot Pit LPO.............................. 360-257-5223

Personal Property Office (PPO)

The Personal Property Office provides several valuable services to members moving their household goods. You can get information on incoming and outgoing shipments by calling 360-257-3104. To set up an outgoing HHGs or PPM shipment go to to
register for a user ID and Password to complete a Defense Personal Property System (DPS) application. Bring in your orders to the PPO the next business day after submission
of your DPS application. The office is located in the Nor’Wester Building 2556 on Ault
Field. Hours are 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Postal Services

Navy Official Mail Office (NOMO)

The United States Postal Service (USPS) Branch Post Office, 98278 and Navy Official Mail Office (NOMO) are both centrally located in Building 100, ground floor, on Ault Field across from McDonald’s and the Navy Exchange mini-mart.

The USPS Branch Post Office, 98278 provides postal finances (stamps, money orders, mailings, etc.) for personal or business use, along with personal accountable mail pickup for all customers on-board the Naval Air
Station. Customer Service hours are 10 a.m. to
1 p.m. Monday through Friday, closed Saturday, Sunday and federal holidays.

NOMO provides postal support services to all Naval Air Station Departments and
Tenant Activities on-board the Naval Air
Station. Mail Call Hours: 10:30 a.m. to 3 p.m.
Monday (or first day of the work week), 10 a.m. to
3 p.m. Tuesday through Friday, closed Saturday,
Sunday and federal holidays.

U.S. Postal Service Office.......... 360-257-2424

Military Mail............................. 360-257-2060