Commander Submarine Group 2

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The U.S. Navy's submarine force has the world’s most capable submarines, manned by the world's best trained and motivated submariners. During a political or military confrontation, any potential adversary must assume that United States Navy submarines are present and consider the consequences.

Commander Submarine Group 2 exercises command of North Atlantic attack submarine forces administratively assigned, as well as operational control of Atlantic submarine units and other forces when assigned.

The attack submarines are primarily designed to seek and destroy enemy submarines and surface ships. Their other missions range from intelligence collection and special forces delivery, to anti-ship and strike warfare.

The Commander of Submarine Group 2 is responsible for Submarine Squadron 4 and Submarine Development Squadron 12 in Groton, as well as Submarine Squadron 6 in Norfolk. Headed by a flag officer, the Commander of Submarine Group 2 also exercises responsibility for the training and certification of new construction, and overhaul of ships and crews at Electric Boat and Portsmouth Naval Shipyard.