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Marine Corps National Capital Region

The Marine Corps National Capital Region Command was established in 2002 to facilitate consolidation of base support functions, to provide Anti-Terrorism and Force Protection coordination for the Marine Corps in the National Capital Region, and to coordinate emergency response with DOD, federal, state and local authorities in the region. As of Oct. 1, 2011, the MCNCRC is commanded by the commanding general of the Marine Corps Installations Command. He has delegated day-to-day responsibility for Mission Assurance and contingency planning to the commander, Marine Corps Base Quantico, who serves as deputy commander of the MCNCRC.

The commanding general MCNCRC coordinates a regional Mission Assurance program for the protection of Marine Corps personnel, assets and infrastructure located in the NCR. The MCNCRC Mission Assurance program, resident within the G-3 Division, includes AT/FP, Critical Infrastructure Protection, CBRNE Protection, Threat Analysis, Physical Security and
Emergency Management functions.

As the Marine Corps service component to the Joint Force Headquarters National Capital Region in support of land Homeland Defense and Defense Support of Civil Authorities, the MCNCRC staff, led by the G-7 Division, supports joint planning efforts for regional contingency plans, establishes liaison with Marine Corps commanders in the NCR Joint Operating Area, and coordinates joint planning process activities with Headquarters Marine Corps, Marine Forces Command and MARFORNORTH. Additionally, the MCNCRC staff participates in numerous JFHQ-NCR training exercises throughout the year to maintain readiness for supporting contingency response operations. When directed by the appropriate Execution Orders and assigned by HQMC, CG MCNCRC becomes the commander of Marine Forces National Capital Region in support of the Joint Task Force National Capital Region. In this capacity, COMMARFORNCR will receive forces apportioned for Homeland Defense and DSCA operations in the NCR.

The commanding general MCNCRC coordinates Marine Corps support to numerous National Special Security Events, to include Presidential Inauguration activities, the annual State of the Union address, international summits and presidential state funerals. Additionally, in the event of a terrorist attack or significant natural disaster in the NCR, MCNCCRC Marines would provide direct support to first responders, assist in coordinating regional emergency responses and provide critical infrastructure protection, as well as provide installations as staging points in support of disaster operations.

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