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Marine & Family Programs


This division of MCCS consists of more than 600 professionals: certified counselors, administrators, and technicians whose goal is to make every Marine, Sailor, and their family members highly successful in life. The Information and Referral office in Building 13150 can refer you to the programs described below. For more information, call (760) 725-3400/6090 or visit

Marine & Family Programs consists of four Branches: Behavioral Health, Family Care, Family Readiness, and Personal & Professional Development.


The CSACC (Building 16105) has certified substance abuse counselors who provide substance abuse counseling to active-duty service members, family members, and retirees. The center also provides drug and alcohol prevention, early intervention education, and outpatient treatment. For more information, call (760) 725-5538/5539.

Behavioral Health – Counseling Services (CS)

CS provides an array of programs designed to assist military members and their families to cope with personal and family challenges. Through counseling, advocacy, and educational programs, the compassionate staff strives to empower and encourage the community. In addition to general counseling and the Family Advocacy Program, CS provides anger management, stress management, communication and conflict resolution classes, and a Combat Operational Stress Workshop. Prevention and Education staff is also available to assist Command leadership with training by providing subject matter briefs: sexual assault, domestic violence, and suicide awareness and prevention. To schedule classes and/or command briefings, call (760) 725-6636. If you would like general information about our services or would like to speak directly with a clinician, please call (760) 725-9051. CS offers face to face screenings with no appointment necessary. Walk-in screenings are provided Monday through Friday, 1 to 3 p.m. at the Mainside office, Building 1122, E Street or at the Northern area office, Building 520512, Basilone Road, in the SOI area.

Behavioral Health – New Parent Support Program

The New Parent Support Program is an intensive prevention and outreach program that offers in-home visits, parenting education classes, and information and referrals for the Marine Corps community to active-duty families who are either expecting a child, or have children under the age of 6. The following programs are available:

Home Visiting Service

Baby Boot Camp

Parenting Classes

For more information, call (760) 725-3884.

School Liaison Office

The mission of the SL Program is to identify and coordinate community resources to reduce the impact of the mobile lifestyle on military school-age children and families; to implement predictable support services that can assist children/youth with relocation, life transitions, and achieving academic success; and to provide a wide range of resources that facilitate school transitions for parents, students, schools, commanders, and communities. For more information please call the School Liaison office at (760) 763-7385 or (760) 763-7386.

Elementary Schools

Base Schools

There are five public elementary schools aboard Camp Pendleton. Three of the schools belong to the Oceanside Unified School District: North Terrace, Santa Margarita and Stuart Mesa and offer grades K-7. Two of the schools belong to the Fallbrook Union Elementary School District: Mary Fay Pendleton and San Onofre and they offer grades K-8.


North Terrace - serves families who reside in: Forster Hills, South Mesa I West, South Mesa II, Wire Mtn 1, & Wire Mtn 3 housing. Their office number is (760) 901-7500.

Santa Margarita – serves families who reside in South Mesa 1 East, Wire Mtn 2, Del Mar, Pacific View, & Santa Margarita housing. Their office number is (760) 901-7900.

Stuart Mesa – serves families who reside in Stuart Mesa housing. Their office number is (760) 901-7700.


Mary Fay Pendleton – serves families who reside in De Luz, O’Neill, Serra Mesa, and San Luis Rey housing. Their office number is (760) 731-4050.

San Onofre – serves families who reside in San Onofre I, II and III, San Mateo Point housing. Their office number is (760) 731-4360.

Personal & Professional Development – Education EC

The EC is the starting point for a successful and rewarding career in the Marine Corps. Personnel prepare themselves for productive careers and additional leadership responsibilities through the diverse education and training programs offered at Camp Pendleton. Family members, DoD civilians, base contractors, retirees, and reservists are also eligible for assistance. Active-duty members should initially contact their unit Education Officer for basic program information. All others should visit one of three EC locations. The EC is in Building 1331. For more information, call (760) 725 6660/6414. South Mesa Education Office is in Building 200090, (760) 725-2032 and School of Infantry Education Office is in Building 520512, (760) 725-0606.

The EC can provide information on high school completion and basic skills programs. General Education Development testing is available through the center and can enable you to earn a high school equivalency certificate. Call the education-testing specialist for details and eligibility. The EC offers a wide variety of testing opportunities through Defense Activity Non-Traditional Education Support (DANTES). DANTES tests can help you earn college credit toward a degree. Admissions tests are also available as well as certification tests. Most DANTES tests are free to active and reserve personnel. Other Camp Pendleton personnel may take tests to determine eligibility and receive study guide information. Personnel must make an appointment for either DANTES testing or proctoring services. The testing specialist may administer tests throughout Camp Pendleton if the unit can provide an adequate classroom and interested students.

Military classification tests are offered through the EC and include, but are not limited to: Armed Forces Classification Test, Air Force Career Development Certification Exams, Air War College/Air Command & Staff College, Defense Language Proficiency Test, Defense Language Aptitude Battery, and General Classification Test. The military classification-testing specialist assigned to the EC can provide information on all classification tests.

The EC offers the DANTES external degree and independent study programs designed for those students who are unable to attend regularly scheduled classes. Students have the opportunity to enroll in a wide variety of classes offered by accredited colleges nationwide. The EC can assist in selecting courses and completing the necessary application.

Tuition Assistance is available to eligible active-duty personnel for approved programs. Check with the EC for information on the current tuition assistance policy. It is highly recommended that all personnel reporting to Camp Pendleton visit the EC and begin planning their future education and training requirements.

On-Base Colleges and Universities

Several fully accredited colleges and universities operate on Camp Pendleton. On-base schools are flexible and will schedule classes, if possible, to meet your needs. Classes are offered throughout Camp Pendleton at convenient times and places. Units interested in providing off-duty education services to their personnel in their base area may contact the Education Services Officer or college director for information assistance. On-base college programs are Servicemen’s Opportunity College for Marines (SOCMAR) approved, which allows students to complete degrees through Camp Pendleton colleges even if transferred to other bases. Contact the colleges or the EC for SOCMAR information and eligibility. Following are the colleges providing quality services to Camp Pendleton personnel:

Palomar Community College...... (760) 725-6626

Central Texas College................. (760) 725-6386

Park University.......................... (760) 725-6858

Central Michigan University....... (760) 725-0485

National University...... (760) 268-1533/385-0347

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical

.. University............................... (760) 385-0152

Personal & Professional Development – Libraries

The libraries aboard Camp Pendleton offer a variety of resources to enhance professional and personal learning. Books may be checked out for up to 28 days. Computers and free Internet service is available at all branches. There are three libraries aboard Camp Pendleton.

Patrick J. Carney Library

Building 1146............................. (760) 725-5669

(Mainside behind 1st Mar Div Headquarters)

Hours: Open 7 days a week

San Onofre Library

Building 51093........................... (760) 725-7325

(Next to the Commissary in 51 Area)

Hours: Open Monday through Saturday;
closed Sunday.

South Mesa Library

Building 200090.......................... (760) 725-2032

Hours: Open Monday through Saturday;
closed Sunday.

Personal & Professional Development – Resources

Personal & Professional Development – Resources offers a variety of services to both active-duty and retired Marines and Sailors as well as spouses and other dependents. Services are offered at the Mainside center in Building 13150 and in the San Onofre center in Building 51919. Some of the services offered include: Transition Readiness Programs, Veterans Affairs counseling, Career Centers, Family Member Employment Assistance Program, Volunteer Program, Career Coaching, Personal Financial Management Program, and Relocation Assistance.

Transition Readiness Programs

Transition Readiness Seminar is a mandatory pre-separation, five-day program for all service members leaving the Marines and Navy. Please call (760) 725-6324/4199 for more information.

Veterans Affairs (VA) Benefits Counseling

VA counselors are available to counsel service members about VA benefits and entitlements. Counselors are located in Building 13150 and can be reached at (760) 385-0416.

Marine & Family Career Center

13 Area Career Resource Center

Mainside Building 13150............. (760) 725-4199

Hours: Monday through Friday, 7 a.m. to 5 p.m., all services available.

San Onofre Area Career Resources Center

Building 519191.......................... (760) 725-4310

(School of Infantry)

Hours: Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., all services available.

Career Coaching

Career assessments and individual career counseling services are available to military spouses and active-duty personnel planning for retirement or separation with more than six months to the end of active service. Other services include: Resume Assistance, Individual Career Planning, and Job Search Assistance.

Personal Financial Management Program (PFMP)

PFMP offers proactive financial assistance through one-on-one training group classes and unit training in Building 13150. For more information, call (760) 725-6098.

Relocation Assistance

Our relocation specialists tap a variety of resources to assist service members and families with location or transition. Call (760) 725-3802/5704 or visit Building 13150.

Family Care

Family Care programs at Camp Pendleton focus on the needs of families by providing quality programs that support active duty personnel and family members.


The FOCUS Project provides family resiliency training for active-duty military service members and their families facing the challenges of a family member’s deployment. Visit the FOCUS office at Building 13150 or call (760) 859-6079 for more information.


An exceptional family member is one with a physical, emotional, developmental, or learning disability requiring specialty medical care or special education services. The program is a planning tool used to monitor assignments for service members with an exceptional family member to preclude sending a service member and/or families on orders to a duty station where adequate treatment and care is not available for the family members. Call for an appointment to meet with EFMP coordinator.

EFMP Mainside Office

Building 13150........................... (760) 725-5363

EFMP School of Infantry/San Onofre Office

Building 520512.......................... (760) 763-0868


The Youth Centers are affiliated with the Boys & Girls Club of America and offer a variety of planned group and individual activities for children between the ages of 10 to 18 (in school). Programs offered include teen leadership opportunities, field trips, camps during school breaks, dances and the popular annual haunted house.

CYTP has a wealth of information to offer parents:

Locates and selects out-of-home infant, toddler, pre-school and school-age child care services on and off the installations.

Care includes: Full day, part day, hourly and emergency care.

Locates children services, including those with special needs.

Maintains list of qualified full-time, drop-in and evening care providers.

The Resource & Referral Office (Room 121) and CYTP Administrative Offices are located in Building 13150 (on C Street, off of 14th Street on Mainside). Hours of operation are Monday through Friday, 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. For more information, call (760) 725-6308.

Abby Reinke Youth Center

Building 201019.......................... (760) 763-0649

Deluz Youth Center

Building 14519T......................... (760) 725-5608

San Onofre Youth Center

Building 51570........................... (949) 498-9166

Stuart Mesa Youth Center

Building 310006.......................... (760) 725-9717

Child Development Centers

Brown CDC

Building 202860.......................... (760) 725-2817

Courteau CDC

Building 15061........................... (760) 725-5113

Deluz CDC

Building 120111.......................... (760) 725-9907

Fisher CDC

Building 160101.......................... (760) 725-0845

San Onofre CDC

Building 51080........................... (760) 725-7311

San Rafael CDC (Coming soon)

Building TBD

Stuart Mesa CDC

Building 310006.......................... (760) 725-9954

School Age Care (SAC)

SAC is available for children enrolled in the elementary schools aboard base. These programs meet the accreditation standards of the National After School Alliance. For more information, please contact:

Resource & Referral................... (760) 725-9723

SAC Administrative Offices....... (760) 763-6905

Mary Fay Pendleton SAC

2nd – 6th grade.......................... (760) 763-6907

North Terrace SAC

K – 6th grade.............................. (760) 717-7102

Santa Margarita SAC

K – 6th grade.............................. (760) 576-6354

Stuart Mesa SAC

2nd – 6th grade.......................... (760) 274-3544

San Luis Rey SAC

K – 6th grade.............................. (760) 763-6907

Drop In and Hourly Care

Drop In and Hourly Care is available at Fisher Children’s Center Monday through Friday, 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. for children ages 6 weeks to 5 years of age. Reservations can be made up to one week in advance. Updated immunization cards are required for care. For more information, call Fisher Children’s Center, Monday through Friday at (760) 725-0845.

Family Child Care Program (FCO)

The Camp Pendleton FCC offers an alternative to center-based care. Providers are trained, certified, and monitored by the FCC. They are qualified to offer child care in their homes aboard the installation. Hours of service and ages of children are established by the FCC Provider. Options for care include full day, part day, hourly, extended day, and 24-hour care.

FCC also provides employment opportunities for spouses living aboard the installation. Individuals can be trained and certified to become FCC Providers. The FCC office is located in Building 13150, Room 111 or call (760) 725-7631 for more information.

Family Readiness (FR)

FR is located in Building 1795. FR provides educational resources and services to foster personal growth and enhance the readiness of Marine Corps families. The mission of FR is to enhance personal and family readiness for the service members aboard Camp Pendleton and prepare our families to successfully meet the challenges of the military lifestyle which ultimately enhances mission readiness. For more information or to register for a class, please call (760) 725-9052. FR Programs include:

Chaplain’s Religious Enrichment Development Operation (CREDO)

CREDO is a premier, preventive, transformational program that builds supportive relationships. In a caring community, participants learn how to relate to themselves, others and God. The many programs offered include the Marriage Enrichment Retreat, the Personal Growth Retreat, Spiritual Growth, Character First, Unit Team Building, Warrior Transition and Care-for-Caregiver. For more information, call (760) 725-4954.

Lifestyles Insights, Networking, Knowledge, and Skills (L.I.N.K.S.)

L.I.N.K.S. provides information to all Marines and family members on the resources available and methods for meeting challenges of the military lifestyle. Sessions are available for Marines, spouses, children/teens and parents/extended family members of Marines.

Readiness & Deployment Support

Camp Pendleton Readiness & Deployment Support Training offers assistance to units by connecting unit Family Readiness Officers (FROs) and commands, assisting with family readiness issues, and delivering pre-, during and post-deployment presentations.

FR Program Training

Offers services to assist commands in developing effective readiness programs while helping unit families become self-sufficient. FR Program Trainers offer training for Command Teams, FROs, Command Team Advisors, and Family Readiness Assistants on their roles and responsibilities in the Unit Family Readiness Program.

Lifeskills Training and Education

LifeSkills Training and Education offers various workshops in area such as: parenting, financial management, stress and anger management and understanding personality differences. For more information on these workshops, call (760) 763-7890.

Prevention Relationship Enhancement
Program (PREP)

PREP is a one-day workshop that helps couples communicate and connect more effectively. Participants learn proven techniques such as: relationship risk factors, communication danger signs, safety and structure in communication, and when forgiveness isn’t easy.