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MCLB Albany Welcome Letter

As the installation commander for Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany, home to Marine Corps Logistics Command’s and Marine Depot Maintenance Command’s headquarters, as well as more than 40-plus other tenant organizations, I would like to say welcome, and it is a genuine pleasure and humbling responsibility to have been chosen to command this base. MCLB Albany’s reputation across the Corps speaks volumes to the teamwork and dedication this workforce epitomizes daily, which enables the Marine Corps’ warfighters, across the full-spectrum of training and operations around the world, to be successful in their many and diverse missions.

We remain one team, one fight, which spans from the responsibility of taking care of the operating forces in overseas contingencies to ensuring the safety and well-being of our families here on the home front, specifically aboard this base and within the region. Our workforce truly understands the meaning of their service for those causes and everything in between. We take the saying, “logistics is for the professionals,” very seriously here and realize that everyone on the team makes an impact and contribution to those efforts daily.

The Albany community and the Southwest Georgia region as a whole offer many opportunities for Marines and Sailors, as well as our Civilian-Marines and entire workforce, to grow as service members and contributors in the community and for our nation. As base commander, I will continually work to establish, build and foster existing relationships and partnerships and I am always attentive to opportunities to cultivate new ones.

The leadership philosophy I have adopted can be best represented by the phrase “we will win until the end,” meaning no matter the trials, no matter the struggles, no matter the obstacles that surface in the middle of a mission or our journey, we will endure, ensuring success to the best of our abilities for our customers, our community and the entire MCLB Albany team.

I look forward to working with each of you in the many wonderful opportunities that lie ahead during my tenure and the future of MCLB Albany as well as the city of Albany and the Southwest Georgia region. Our service will coincide with Marine Corps’ values as our Marines, Sailors, Civilian-Marines and all installation personnel work to serve their comrades-in-arms overseas and a community which has accepted us with open arms.

James C. Carroll III

Colonel, U.S. Marine Corps


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