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Sgt. Aeryk Brandon Church, a surface/system embarkation chief at U.S. Marine Corps Forces Command, jumps over a series of logs during the obstacle course relay

Life on Base

HOUSING Camp Allen Field Day (Photo by Cpl. Logan Snyder) Housing Service Center Although Camp Allen does not offer official relocation assistance, the Housing Service

Exploring the Local Area

NORFOLK, VIRGINIA The Coast Guard Cutter Eagle sails into Norfolk as part of Norfolk Harborfest 2015. The Eagle is a 295-foot barque sailing vessel and


Bold Alligator 2017 Exercises Amphibious Forces

NORFOLK, Va. - Commander, U.S. Fleet Forces (USFF) Command and Commander, U.S. Marine Corps Forces Command (MARFORCOM) will commence Bold Alligator 2017 (BA17) in Cam

CQB Instructors Maintain High Standards Through Progression Training

Story by Cpl Logan Snyder on 07/07/2017 "This is important because all instructors must maintain the standards so they can effectively teach and demonstrate those

Hampton Roads Marines Compete in Regional HITT Preliminary Competition

Story by Cpl Logan Snyder on 06/29/2017 The preliminaries are held for active-duty Marines to have a shot at being the best in their area

Training for the Unexpected

Story by Cpl Logan Snyder on 05/31/2017 Advanced clearing is taught to better prepare the Marines for the unexpected and how to handle enemy combatant

Do gym rats need more than cheese to stay fit?

Story by Cpl Logan Snyder on 05/23/2017 I was always under the impression that I could eat anything I wanted as long as I burned

Leaders Train to Further Careers

Story by Cpl Logan Snyder on 05/23/2017 When noncommissioned officers transition to the staff noncommissioned officer ranks, their duties increase. This seminar is designed to
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