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The Joint Base Charleston community encompasses more than 20,000 active-duty, Reserve and civilian personnel, spanning across its air base and weapons station. Joint basing has been the stepping stone to make Charleston a joint logistics, transportation and engineering hub and the worldwide leader i...


Charleston Air Force Base got its start in the 1900s as a local airfield. As interest spiked in aviation due to Charles Lindbergh’s crossing of the Atlantic Ocean in 1927, the city of Charleston began operating a small airfield 10 miles from the city limits. The city created the Charleston Air...

Your Host and Joint Base Mission Partners

628th Air Base Wing ...

Arrival on Base


Charleston International Airport services the tri-county area and is in close proximity to Joint Base Charleston. In fact, the base and airport share runways.

There are no military shuttles or mass transits that run from the airport to the base. ...

Family Resources

JB Charleston — Air Base Mikolajcik Child Development Center

1654 E. Jackson Drive, Building 227

JB Charleston, SC 29404........... 843-963-4366 ...

Recreation and Attractions

Framing & Engraving

100 Scarpon Lane, Building 647

JB Charleston, SC 29404........... 843-963-4936 ...


South Carolina law requires children ages 5 to 17 to enroll in school. All children who will be 5 years old on or before Sept. 1 must enroll in kindergarten unless the parent or legal guardian signs an official waiver, which is available at local schools. Any child who is 6 years old on or before Se...

Local Area

Charleston is a historic Southern city with a variety of amenities and attractions. No matter what your interests, there is something for everyone to enjoy and explore. One of the oldest cities in America, Charleston is often called the “Holy City” due to the more than 400 places of wors...