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Accompanied and Unaccompanied members must check in with the Local Housing Officer no later than the next business day after arrival on island. Upon check in at the housing office, you will be provided your housing in-brief and counseled on available housing options.

Unaccompanied members to Oahu:

Please visit the Base Relocation Handbook for information on Unaccompanied Personnel Housing at https://cgportal2.uscg.mil/units/dol/dol-3/BH/SitePages/Home.aspx.

All other members: KKH Red Hill Housing, located on Oahu, was privatized Oct. 1, 2004. Island Palm Communities, LLC maintains and operates this previously CG-owned housing site. IPC can be reached at (808) 275-3800.
CG-owned housing is available on the neighbor islands of Kauai and Hawaii. Senior officer
CG-owned housing is available at Wailupe on Oahu.

Please contact the Base Honolulu Housing office at (808) 842-2073/2022 or visit our website for more information at www.uscg.mil/
bsuhonolulu/docs/handbooks/relohb.pdf. It is strongly recommended you arrange for advance reservations at a TLA-qualified hotel, if:

You are interested in renting within the local community.

You are applying for privatized housing.

For all newly assigned personnel to Hawaii:

Please complete the following documents located on our website:

CG-5267 Application for Assignment to Military Housing.

Upon receipt of CG-5267 you will receive a DD Form 1747 status of Housing Availability.

Fax this form along with a copy of your orders to (808) 842-2074 or email the .pdf to Andrew.M.Noell@uscg.mil.

TLA Reimbursement Procedures for Oahu

Procedures for collecting TLA payments are detailed in this section. Be sure to get a limited power of attorney for your spouse if you expect to deploy soon after arrival.

TLA Reimbursement Procedures for Neighbor Islands

Neighbor island members must submit the same TLA documentation. To receive payment, you must mail documents to the Base Honolulu Transportation Office. Payment for TLA will usually be made by direct deposit.

Non-Reimbursable TLA Expenses

The following expenses incurred during your TLA period are not reimbursable:

Cost of boarding pets

Transportation between TLA accommodations and place of duty

Automobile rentals

“Package deals” or Internet packages

Child care/babysitting charges

Entertainment expenses

Bar/alcoholic beverages

Telephone calls (official/personal)

Tips to maids or bellboys

Valet services

Public or hotel parking

Coast Guard Housing Organization

Area Housing Authority (AHA)

The AHA is responsible for the overall Coast Guard housing program throughout the 14th District Area of Responsibility (AOR). Commanding Officer, Base Honolulu is the designated AHA for all CG housing, owned and leased.

Area Housing Officer (AHO)

The AHO is responsible to the AHA for administration of the Coast Guard’s Housing Program throughout the District 14 area of responsibility.

Oahu Local Housing Officer (LHO)

The LHO is responsible to the AHO for the execution of guidelines and policies governing housing on Oahu, where the majority of Coast Guard personnel assigned to the State of Hawaii reside. The LHO is the primary point of contact for assignments, complaints, suggestions, information and other housing matters.

Local Housing Representative (LHR)

Each unit has a designated, collateral-duty Local Housing Representative who can assist unit members in dealing with housing issues. Ask your sponsor for the name of your LHR.

CG Housing Assignment Policy

PSC-PSD-fs (Housing West) has established that government housing is mandatory. Therefore assignment to government-owned housing is not voluntary. The government housing goal is to attain housing at the 98 percent occupancy rate per CG Housing Manual. The Base Honolulu Commanding Officer (AHA), by general policy, makes housing assignments for senior officers being considered for assignment to Wailupe Quarters. Accompanied officers and enlisted personnel and their dependents must seek a release from assignment to government-owned housing prior to receiving their BAH entitlement and reside on the economy. Members assigned to Oahu commands will by general policy be favorably considered for release due to the privatization of Red Hill KKH housing and the non-availability of government-owned housing. All accompanied and unaccompanied personnel will visit the Base Honolulu Housing Branch by the next business day after arriving on island to receive a thorough housing brief. The housing office is located within the ESU/NESU building on Sand Island, on the second floor. Please call (808) 842-2073/2022 for further assistance.

Housing Types:

Privatized housing (IPC) on Oahu

Government-leased lousing (very limited)

Government-owned housing on all islands

Civilian housing

Privatized Housing

Island Palm Communities (IPC) became our Coast Guard partner effective Oct. 1, 2004. The Coast Guard privatized its 318 quarters at Kia’i Kai Hale (KKH) located in the Red Hill area of Oahu. You will usually hear this housing site referred to as either “KKH” “AMR” or “Red Hill.” This housing area is situated six miles from downtown Honolulu and three miles from Pearl Ridge Shopping Center and is divided by Moanalua Freeway (Highway 78) into Phase I and Phase II. Phase I has been completed for the most part while there is still reconstruction going on in Phase II. Officer housing located within AMR Rim community, formerly know as Phase II, consists of three- and four-bedroom, single-family units and duplexes and two-bedroom townhouse units. Enlisted personnel housing encompasses two-, three- and four-bedroom multi-family townhouse units. IPC will offer housing within close proximity of member’s assigned commands. Members who are stationed on Oahu (except Air Station Barbers Point and COMMSTA Honolulu) will be considered part of the South Division Area and may be offered quarters at AMR, Fort Shafter or Tripler Army Medical Center.

Members assigned to Air Station Barbers Point and COMMSTA Honolulu are considered part of the North Division Area and may be offered quarters at Schofield Barracks, Helemano Military Reservations, Wheeler Army Air Field or
Mendonca Park. Anyone accepting quarters in either the South or North Divisions will be required to sign a lease. Additionally, they will need to pay the cost of their first month’s rent by money order or cashier’s check at the time of their housing assignment until their BAH allotment commences. It is recommended that the members bring with them at least the amount equivalent to one month’s Hawaii BAH rate. For further information, see the IPC website: www.island
palmcommunities.com or call (808) 275-3800. Residents who accept and reside in this privatized housing will be required to sign a lease and start an allotment equal to the amount of their BAH to IPC to serve as their rental payment. IPC has other housing available within their inventory located in Schofield Barracks, Wheeler Army Air Field, Aliamanu Military Reservation (AMR) to include AMR Rim Community, Tripler and Fort Shafter.

Members who accept privatized housing from IPC are eligible for loaner furniture from AHFH. Additionally, IPC residents PCSing in or out may seek Basic Hospitality Kits from the Hickam AFB Loan Closet located on Hickam AFB at
(808) 449-0301.

A note for pet owners: IPC strictly forbids pit bulls and/or any pit bull mixed-breed dogs to reside within privatized housing.

IPC Application and Waiting List

The IPC application process starts when you sign in to your PDS and report to either the South or North Division offices to apply for housing. Advance applications will be accepted as a planning tool. Keep in mind that the date you leave your last duty station is the date used for the start of your wait list date and time to compete with others. Please contact Base Honolulu Housing for further information regarding IPC privatized housing at (808) 842-2073/2022.

IPC Housing Features:

Typical features of KKH/AMR Rim Community housing (Phase II):

Tile or linoleum flooring

Carpet in bedrooms

Dishwasher in kitchen

Ceiling fans in most rooms


Garbage cans

Central AC

Washer and dryer (based upon rank. Please contact IPC for additional information.)

Housing in other IPC communities has different amenities or may lack some included with KKH/AMR Rim Community (Phase II) housing. Most yard maintenance tools (mowers, weed whackers, etc.) can be borrowed from the IPC housing office.

Other Privatized Housing Options are Forest City Military Communities Hawaii (Navy). Only selected areas are available for Coast Guard members. Please check with their office at (808)
474-1820 for availability and requirements and Hickam Communities housing at (808) 423-2300.

Leased Housing

Note: The AHA manages very few government-leased quarters throughout the AOR. This is because BAH or existing government-owned housing provides most members/families with adequate quarters. When a member is eligible for government-leased quarters, the Coast Guard pays for all lease costs including basic utilities (electricity, gas and water). Most CG-leased housing units are three-bedroom apartments or townhouses in the civilian community within an hour commute of your duty station. Each
CG-leased housing unit has been inspected by the Coast Guard for adequate size, facilities, safety and surrounding community.

Leases can be obtained for members and their family only when no government-owned or IPC privatized housing is available and they meet all the eligibility criteria.

Criteria for assignment eligibility to

Coast Guard leased quarters are based on:

Pay grade

Bedroom entitlement

Local Basic Allowance for Housing Rate

Local market rental rates

Headquarters/Base Honolulu’s leased policy is subject to annual change. Call the Housing Office at (808) 842-2073/2022 to check current eligibility and availability.

All active-duty personnel are required to check into the Base Honolulu Housing Office by the next business day upon signing into the gaining command. Please contact the Housing Office for further assistance at (808) 842-2073/2022.

CG-Owned Housing

The Coast Guard owns seven housing units in two areas of Wailupe and Diamond Head on the island of Oahu and 12 housing units on the neighbor islands of Kauai and Hawaii (aka The Big Island).

The LHO makes assignments to CG-leased and -owned housing when available. The Housing Office cannot predict housing availability or guarantee assignment. Members should also be aware that pets are not allowed in Coast Guard-leased housing.

Wailupe Quarters: Six houses are located in the Aina Haina section on the Wailupe Peninsula, between Diamond Head crater and Koko Head crater. These housing units are usually designated only for Coast Guard captain (O6) and key essential personnel for assignments. They are all duplexes with the exception of Quarters A and Quarters D/E, which are single-family units.

Diamond Head Quarters: One of Hawaii’s oldest landmarks is located at the base of
Diamond Head crater and serves as the residence of the 14th Coast Guard District Commander, as a Representational Facility.

The following Coast Guard-owned housing communities are located on the neighbor islands for these units:


Five detached, three-bedroom units.


Six detached, three-bedroom units.

Leased housing may also be available as
unaccompanied and family housing to qualified members when no government-owned quarters
are available. Those interested in applying for government-owned housing should send the
below listed documents directly to the local unit’s commanding officer or officer-in-charge to be
forwarded to the unit LHR.

Assignment to Government Quarters:

Government quarters are defined as owned or leased. Separate waiting lists shall be maintained and administered as prescribed in accordance with the CG Housing Manual.

Assignment priority is based on:

Control date

Bedroom entitlement

The control date is defined as the actual reporting date, or date of the housing application, whichever is later.

The bedroom entitlement is defined as the number of bedrooms you are eligible for, which depends on the age and gender of your dependent children. Refer to the Minimum Bedroom Requirement Table in this section.

The waiting lists for Coast Guard-owned housing are maintained at the Housing Office. Housing assignment information (such as address) cannot be provided until the actual housing assignment is made. Privatized housing applicants are placed on the waiting list once signed into the gaining command with an eligibility date based upon the date signed out of their losing command. Placement on appropriate housing waitlists will be based upon applicant’s rank and number of command-sponsored dependents (one bedroom per child).

Applying for Housing on Kauai, or Hawaii

Each neighbor island command assists in managing its own members’ assignment to government quarters with oversight by the area housing officer. All PCSing-in personnel must seek a release from assignment prior to receiving their BAH entitlement and residing with the civilian community. Please contact the Base Honolulu Housing Office for further assistance at (808) 842-2022/2071.

Wailupe and Neighbor Island Residents have access to self-help tools to use for yard maintenance.

Wailupe Residents also have access to Hospitality Aloha Kits for use while their household goods are being shipped to or from Hawaii. Please check the Aloha Kit list on our Base Honolulu Housing website.

Minimum Bedroom Requirements
for Owned and Leased Housing
(for Adequacy)

Number of Minimum

Dependents Number

(Excluding Spouse) of Bedrooms

NONE....................................................... 1

ONE......................................................... 2

TWO, except as follows............................ 2

One 10 years or older........................... 3

One 6 years or older and the

other opposite sex.............................. 3

THREE, except as follows......................... 3

Two 10 years or older.......................... 4

One 10 years or older and the other two

opposite sex with one 6 years or older 4

FOUR, except as follows........................... 3

One 10 years or older........................... 4

One 6 years or older and all of the other

three opposite sex of the one............. 4

Two 6 years or older of opposite sex

and two same sex............................... 4

Two 10 years or older and other 2 opposite

sex with one 6 years or older............. 4

Three 10 years or older........................ 4

FIVE....................................................... *4

* Note: Four-bedroom apartments/houses are the largest authorized by COMDT.

Civilian Housing

Member elects to reside within the civilian community.

There are no vacancies in government-owned housing and member is not eligible for government-leased housing.

Member is government-lease eligible but lease funds are unavailable.

Guidelines on Obtaining Housing
in the Community

If you have been advised by the Local Housing Officer that government quarters will not be available within 30 days of your arrival on island and have received a release from mandatory assignment to government-owned housing, you will need to initiate a search for on-the-economy permanent accommodations.

Contact the Base Honolulu Housing Branch at (808) 842-2073/2022 to receive further counseling before searching for civilian housing or visit the website at https://cgportal2.uscg.mil/units/dol/dol-3/BH/SitePages/Home.aspx.

The following are additional resources to search for civilian rental listings accessible on the Internet:



Housing Service Office (HSO)

In addition to the classified ads in newspapers and on websites, members searching for rentals on the economy may also use the Housing Service Office (HSO), formerly known as the Community Home finding Relocation Referral Services (CHRRS). The HSO is provided by the Army and offers access to a large database of rental listings. They will help you obtain a satisfactory rental with the right contract terms. The HSO can be reached at (808) 438-0149/6198/3820.

All members are strongly encouraged to use the services of the Base Honolulu Housing Branch and HSO to expeditiously find civilian housing. It will:

Advise you of the overall rental situation on the island.

Review the rental lease with you to make sure it contains the necessary clauses for your protection.

Before using the HSO’s services, members must check in to the gaining command and complete their housing brief with Base Honolulu Housing, to include receiving their TLA entitlement counseling from the Transportation Office. The Base
Honolulu Transportation Office will provide the proper TLA package in which you will record the rental units you viewed.

Rental Housing Costs

Honolulu-area rental costs are well above the national average. Most one-bedroom units are in low- or high-rise apartments, but a few townhouses are available. Two- and three-bedroom units are found in high-rise apartments or townhouses. Three-bedroom units are mostly single-family houses. Most four- and five-bedroom units are single family homes and may be difficult to locate.

Because nearly all rentals require first month’s rent plus a security deposit (equal to one month’s rent), expenditures could total from $2,000 to $3,500. Members can request advance BAH to help pay for these upfront costs. A request to your unit Servicing Personnel Office (SPO) for an advance payment of up to three months of BAH is available. CG Mutual Assistance loans are also granted (for security deposits only). Contact Base Honolulu at (808) 842-2025 for further assistance.

Minimum Net Floor Area for Apartments,

Condos and Townhouses (for Adequacy)

Number of Bedrooms Net Square Feet

1............................................................ 550

2............................................................ 750

3......................................................... 1,000

4......................................................... 1,200

Buying Real Estate

A small percentage of active-duty Coast Guard members purchase their own home on Oahu. The 2011 median price for a three-bedroom, detached house was $600,000. Two- and three-bedroom townhouses are available starting at $318,000.

Your Housing Search

An adequate search for housing consists of the following (while in a TLA status):

During the first 10-day TLA period, at least five units must be looked at. Each housing unit must be available for rental (not already rented).

In each successive 10-day period, the member or family must look at at least 10 suitable and available housing units.

Each of the units is within the limits of the member’s BAH.

Each unit meets the member’s minimum bedroom requirements.

Each unit meets the member or family’s unique requirements. For example, units that allow pets if the family has a pet; appropriate facility outfitting if a family member is physically challenged and a member of the CG’s Special Needs Program.

Each unit is within reasonable commuting time.

Lack of personal POV and non-arrival of HHG are not valid reasons for failure to look for suitable housing or for signing a lease.

An “Adequate” Rental Unit

Coast Guard definition of an adequate rental unit is:

A complete dwelling unit with private entrance, bath and kitchen for the sole use of the occupants and so arranged that both kitchen and bedrooms can be entered without passing through bedrooms.

Unit must be well constructed and in a good state of repair with kitchen equipment provided or available on a rental basis.

Unit must be located in a residential area which meets acceptable standards for health sanitation and which is not subject to offensive fumes, industrial noises and other environmental factors hazardous to the health of the occupants.

Within a one-hour commute of work.

A member may choose to rent a unit that does not conform to the aforementioned definition.

Because HSO lists only housing units that meet the above adequacy criteria and whose landlords have signed a statement of nondiscrimination, it benefits you to look at units listed on the HSO’s DOD Referral website at www.ahrn.com.

Caution on Rental Refusals

If you are in a TLA status and are searching for an on-the-economy rental, you must be careful what reasons you provide for not accepting a rental on the Record of Housing Search. You can be denied TLA payment if you refuse rentals for invalid reasons. Call the Base Honolulu Transportation Office at (808) 842-2024/2020 if you have any questions.

Valid Reasons for Rental Rejection

The following conditions can justify a refusal to accept a rental unit (while in a TLA status).

The combined rental fee and cost of utilities (except telephone) are beyond the member’s means. The Coast Guard considers the unit to be too expensive.

The distance to school seems excessive, or there is a lack of public transportation.

The rental unit is located in a “high-crime” neighborhood.

The member must provide detailed substantiation of either or all of these factors to justify not renting.

Invalid Reasons for Rental Rejection

The following are some examples of invalid reasons to reject a rental unit (while in a TLA status):

Lack of enclosed garages

Lack of exterior storage

Lack of fenced yards

Commute times up to one hour

Commuting Distances

Most community residences are considered to be within reasonable commuting time of any duty station on Oahu (one-hour commute by a privately owned vehicle, one way, during rush hours and no further than 30 miles from the installation).

Renter’s Military Clause

A member should not enter into a lease unless the landlord has included a military clause that releases the member from the lease in event of PCS orders. In Hawaii, 28-days written notice must be provided to the landlord. All landlords listed with HSO include the primary military clause in the lease. This clause requires the landlord to release the member from the lease when the member has been issued PCS orders to another geographic location.

Many landlords will incorporate a second military clause in a lease. This additional clause releases the member from the lease if the member is subsequently assigned to government-owned housing. Signing this clause is voluntary on the part of the landlord. Even so, 28-days notice must still be provided to the landlord. Rental unit listings provided by the HSO indicate which landlords offer the second military clause (all HSO listings have the first military clause). The majority of landlords offer the second military clause, but even those who do not may be willing to negotiate inclusion of the second military clause. We strongly recommend that you consult with the Base Honolulu Housing Office prior to signing any lease with a landlord. Such consultation will ensure you fully understand your obligations under the lease terms and conditions. Also, housing referral specialists are able to assist you in negotiating with the landlord.

Purchase of a Home

A member who is purchasing a home should seek a release from mandatory assignment to government-owned housing. Please contact Base Honolulu Housing at (808) 842-2022/2073 for further assistance. If approved, they will be allowed to remain in an arrival TLA status not to exceed 30 days, commencing on the date the member arrived in Hawaii.

This authorization is contingent on the member:

Actively seeking temporary quarters prior
to closing.

Notifying the AHO, as soon after reporting as possible, of the intention to purchase a home and receiving release from mandatory assignment to CG-owned housing providing Record of Housing Search Forms that indicate an aggressive, diligent search.

Promptly providing the Base Honolulu Transportation Office with a copy of each DROA (Deposit, Receipt, Offer and Acceptance document) executed (offer to a seller).

Providing the final DROA accepted by a seller to the Base Honolulu Transportation Office.

Once a member receives release from mandatory assignment to CG-owned housing from the AHO, he/she is not required to look at a minimum number of homes for sale in any 10-day period. Delay in completing the purchase of a home is not sufficient reason to justify an extension of arrival TLA, however. Call the Base Honolulu Transportation Office for additional clarification at (808) 842-2024/2020.

Note: There are many financial risks associated with purchasing a home; therefore, it is a personal decision. The Coast Guard does not officially endorse home purchases. As with all other major financial decisions, members should seek appropriate advice from real estate, financial and legal experts.

Household Hospitality Kits

The Navy Fleet and Family Service provides Basic Kit items like kitchenware, microwaves, etc., for loan at no charge. For more information, call (808) 471-8685.

The Armed Services YMCA also has hospitality kits including linens, towels, dishes, etc., for loan at a nominal fee. For more information, call (808) 473-3398.


Depending on where you live, you will need to arrange service for telephone, cable, electric, water, etc. Please check our Coast Guard Base Support Unit Honolulu Housing website for additional links and telephone numbers.

Hawaiian Telcom (Telephone)

www.hawaiiantel.com.............. (808) 643-3456

Activation fee $45.50

There is no deposit required.

Oceanic Cable

www.oceanic.com.................... (808) 643-2100

Cost to install is $40 for the first jack; $24 for each additional jack. Call Oceanic for a list of services and prices.

Hawaiian Electric Company (HECO)

www.heco.com........................ (808) 548-7311

Basic electric rates, will require a deposit, but HECO will accept a Military Waiver Form signed by your new command (located on our Coast Guard Base Support Unit Honolulu Housing website).

Hawaii Board of Water Supply

www.hbws.org......................... (808) 748-5000

Arrival Checklist


Call your unit before arrival to confirm its check-in requirements and Base Housing to complete mandatory Housing Forms at (808) 842-2073.

Arrival Day

Check into to your unit personally. Contact your sponsor or unit about the uniform for reporting aboard.

provides berthing:

Check into your berthing area. See your unit Local Housing Representative (LHR) and Base Housing Branch at (808) 842-2022/2073.

does NOT provide berthing:

Obtain temporary UPH berthing at the required facility for your specific unit.

If UPH berthing is not available, check-in at a TLA-qualified hotel.

If ACCOMPANIED and government housing was desired and unit is available upon your arrival:

Obtain keys from your sponsor. You are immediately moved into the housing straight from the airport and will not be entitled to receive any arrival TLA. Members stationed on the neighbor islands (Maui, Kauai or Hawaii) should contact their Local Housing Representative, OIC or Commanding Officer and Base Housing Branch at (808) 842-2022/2073.

If ACCOMPANIED and you choose to either reside on the economy or you requested government housing but NONE is available:

Check in to a TLA-qualified hotel. Please make sure that you have signed into your gaining
command. This will ensure TLA entitlements have started.

Members stationed on the neighbor islands (Maui, Kauai or Hawaii) should contact their Local Housing Representative, OIC or Commanding Officer. The Base Honolulu Housing Office can assist you in your search for civilian housing. Call them at (808) 842-2073/2022.

Next Working Day

If ACCOMPANIED or UNACCOMPANIED and you either choose to reside on the economy or you requested government housing but NONE is available or your unit does not provide permanent UPH/BEQ/BOQ berthing:

Check in at the Base Honolulu Housing Office to establish the status of housing availability (or the administration office at Air Station Barbers Point for Barbers Point and COMMSTA personnel) and receive your Housing In-Brief. The Base Honolulu Housing Office will assist you in your search for civilian housing. Contact them at (808) 842-2073/2022.