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Accompanied and Unaccompanied members must check in with the Local Housing Officer no later than the next business day after arrival on island. Upon check in at the housing office, you will be provided your housing in-brief and counseled on available housing options.

Unaccompanied members to Oahu:

Please visit the Base Relocation Handbook for information on Unaccompanied Personnel Housing at www.uscg.org.

All other members: KKH Red Hill Housing, located on Oahu, was privatized as of Oct. 1, 2004. Island Palm Communities, LLC maintains and operates this previously CG-owned housing site. IPC can be reached at (808) 275-3800.
CG-owned housing is available on the neighbor islands of Kauai and Hawaii. Senior officer
CG-owned housing is available at Wailupe on Oahu.

Please contact the Base Honolulu Housing office at (808) 842-2073/2022 or visit our website for more information at www.uscg.mil/bsuhonolulu/docs/handbooks/relohb.pdf. It is strongly recommended you arrange for advance reservations at a TLA-qualified hotel, if:

You are interested in renting within the local community.

You are applying for privatized housing.

For all newly assigned personnel to Hawaii:

Please complete the following documents located on our website:

CG-5267 Application for Assignment to Military Housing.

MLCPHSG 003 Request for Housing Assignment Determination.

Fax these forms along with a copy of your orders to: (808) 842-2074 or email (pdf) to Andrew.M.Noell@uscg.mil.