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Welcome to Fort Indiantown Gap, Pennsylvania, Warrior Training Grounds. The Fort Indiantown Gap team hopes that you find this guide useful in learning about what “the Gap” provides to our nation’s war fighters. Fort Indiantown Gap is a world-class, commander-centric, combat-focused installation. Our primary focus is supporting the commander as

General Information

  Fort Indiantown Gap (FTIG) is located in historic Pennsylvania Dutch country in central Pennsylvania. The installation is situated on the borders of Lebanon County, a largely rural county, and Dauphin County, the seat of the state capital of Harrisburg 22 miles away. Several towns are within 5 miles of


Fort Indiantown Gap has been a key installation for the Army and the Pennsylvania Guard for more than 80 years. The name “Indiantown Gap” was fashioned from the Native American presence and geography. “Indiantown” is derived from the many Native American villages that existed in the vicinity of the installation

Facilities & Services

  Building 9-120 The Fort Indiantown Gap shopping center offers a mini-AAFES PX, a barbershop, military clothing and sales, and a Subway. The AAFES mini-PX operates several self-serve fuel pumps and offers a large selection of convenience items, including: personal care items, housewares, snacks, drinks, electronics, reading material, DVD rental,

Post Recreation and Sports

  The Fort Indiantown Gap Morale, Welfare and Recreation (MWR) program is designed to improve the quality of life for members of the military, their family members, military retirees and eligible civilian employees. From outdoor recreation programs to bargains on travel for entertainment to fitness gyms and pools, there’s an

Training Opportunities

  Fort Indiantown Gap is the nation’s premier National Guard Training facility. With our numerous training ranges and facilities, we offer unparalleled full-spectrum combat training opportunities for Combat Arms, Combat Support and Combat Service Support units. We remain the only National Guard installation in the country to successfully integrate live,


  BILLETING OFFICE Building 11-7 Fort Indiantown Gap offers a variety of lodging options to meet your training needs and intent for any unit size. Our lodging team strives for clean, attractive and well-maintained buildings. Many of our facilities have been renovated within the past five years. The lodging areas

Logistical Support

  AMMUNITION SUPPLY POINT (ASP) Building 25-39 The state-of-the-art ASP was completed in 2010 at a cost of $9 million. The ASP is staffed and equipped to handle Class V missions and is capable of storing all classes of ammunition and explosives. An Ammunition Holding Area is available. The Quality

Tenant Training

  166th Regiment Regional Training Institute Building 8-80 The 166th RTI is one of the largest and most technologically advanced regional training institutes in the Total Army School System (TASS). The regiment has an annual throughput of 3,500 students and is located on a large, newly constructed campus complete with

Garrison & Tenant Organizations

  Training Center Headquarters The FTIG Garrison Headquarters is responsible for all operations on the installation. The office administers and manages the training, engineering, administrative and logistical operations for assigned, attached, transient or tenant units, as well as joint forces activities. Recruiting and Retention Battalion Headquartered at FTIG, the Pennsylvania

Surrounding Areas

CARLISLE BARRACKS 717-245-3131 Carlisle Barracks, located in Cumberland County, is the nation’s second-oldest active military base. It was the home of George Washington’s first arsenal and school and was formerly the home of one of the nation’s boarding schools for Native Americans. Tenants include the U.S. Army War College,

Local Interest

  Pennsylvania National Guard Military Museum Building T-8-57 Housed in a two-story barracks that was built in 1941, the Pennsylvania National Guard Military Museum showcases items and weapons from the Civil War to the Gulf War, as well as items that depict the history of the Pennsylvania National Guard and

The Solider's Creed

I am an American Soldier. I am a warrior and a member of a team. I serve the people of the United States and live the Army values. I will always place the mission first. I will never accept defeat. I will never quit. I will never leave a fallen


Guardsman Prepares to Hit Mark at National Championship

Story by A1C Kyle Brooks on 05/19/2017 Ready on the right, ready on the left, all ready on the firing line. An initial assessment of the wind, temperature and shooting distance is made, then the firing begins. With impeccable focus, the trigger is squeezed over and over sending each round

213th Personnel Company trains on obstacle course at Fort Indiantown Gap

Soldiers of the 213th Personnel Company, 728th Combat Sustainment Support Battalion, 213th Regional Support Group, Pennsylvania Army National Guard, completed an obstacle course May 7 at Fort Indiantown Gap. The Soldiers used the obstacle course to train physically and build teamwork and camaraderie.

Soldier Spotlight: Spc. Kristine Kennedy

FORT INDIANTOWN GAP, Pa- Spc. Kristine Kennedy, a native of Lebanon, serves as a human resources specialist for the 213th Personnel Company, 728th Combat Sustainment Support Battalion, 213th Regional Support Group, Pennsylvania Army National Guard. Kennedy helps ensure Soldier readiness by processing Army promotions, transfers and deployment documents. "I love
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