General Information

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Getting Here

Fort Indiantown Gap (FTIG) is located in historic Pennsylvania Dutch country in central Pennsylvania. The installation is situated on the borders of Lebanon County, a largely rural county, and Dauphin County, the seat of the state capital of Harrisburg 22 miles away. Several towns are within5 miles of FTIG, along with national chain shopping centers and restaurants. The city of Lebanon, 14 miles away, serves as the county seat. Strategically located along the northeast corridor, FTIG is approximately 150 miles from Washington, D.C., and New York City and 100 miles from Baltimore and Philadelphia.

The nearest major international airport is Harrisburg International Airport. Fort Indiantown Gap is located directly off Interstate 81 Exit 85B and 2 miles from the Interstate 81-Interstate 78 split. Plugging in Fisher and Clement Avenue, Fort Indiantown Gap, Annville, PA 17038 into a mapping search engine will bring you to the main crossroads on the installation: GPS coordinates W 76.569422, N 40.4322709.

Terrain Information

FTIG’s training corridor is located between two Appalachian Mountains, Blue Mountain and Second Mountain, which are at 600 to 700 feet above sea level. The cantonment area is at the foot of Blue Mountain and is 400 to500 feet above sea level. Training and bivouac sites are covered with hardwood forests and grassland. There are two man-made lakes on FTIG, Shuey Lake and Marquette Lake, created from a dam on Indiantown Run. FTIG lies at 40N, 76W, and has terrain similar to areas found in central and northeastern portions of North America, Europe and Asia.

Climate Information

FTIG is considered a humid continental climate. The average yearly temperature is 56 degrees Fahrenheit. This type of climate is found in central and northeastern portions of North America, Europe and Asia, and is typified by large seasonal temperature differences, with warm to hot and often humid summers, and cold winters.

Emergency Services

Fort Indiantown Gap Police
Building 7-5
“Serving Community,
Commonwealth and Country”

The Fort Indiantown Gap Police operate on a 24/7 schedule. The police force is responsible for the following functions: post operator, 911 operator, central dispatch center, alarm monitor/response agency, billeting office after hours, Red Cross notifications and general information center. Police officers employed by the Fort Indiantown Gap Police are state employees with full arrest powers. In addition, the force is augmented by military police Soldiers and security staff.

Call the Control Center 717-861-2727

Fort Indiantown Gap
Fire Department
Building 5-117

The Fort Indiantown Gap Fire Department is responsible for all fire emergencies on the installation and responds to local municipalities for mutual aid assistance calls. The department is staffed with PAARNG Soldiers and federal and state officers 365 days a year.

Call 717-861-2111

Other Installation Services

Public Affairs
Building 8-41

The Public Affairs Office is responsible for community relations, media relations and internal information for both the Pennsylvania Department of Military and Veterans Affairs and the Pennsylvania National Guard. Please contact them for any media inquiries.

Call 717-861-8829

DA Photos
Building 11-66

Photos are taken three to four days each month by scheduled appointment. To schedule a DA photo at Fort Indiantown Gap, visit and fill out a work order. Photo appointments are scheduled between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m.

Call 717-861-2021

Human Resource and
Employment Information
Building S-0-47 (Edward Martin Hall)

This office is dedicated to serving the Pennsylvania Army and Air National Guard full-time technician and Active Guard/Reserve (AGR) force. For additional employment information and current job opportunities, visit

Call 717-861-8709

Office of Policy and Legislative Affairs
Building 7-36

The Office of Policy and Legislative Affairs is the link between the Adjutant General (TAG), the United States Congress and the Pennsylvania General Assembly regarding plans, programs, budget, policies and activities. It also provides TAG with legislative advice, updates and recommendations on congressional issues affecting the Department of Military and Veterans Affairs and the Pennsylvania National Guard.

Call 717-861-8719

Environmental Stewardship

Working in close concert with regulatory agencies, conservation groups and scientific consultants, Fort Indiantown Gap maintains a strong commitment to protect and conserve the environment. The installation has won several awards, including:

• 2011 NGB Environmental Security Award (Installation).

• 2011 NGB Environmental Security Award, Environmental Quality (Installation).

• 2011 Secretary of the Army Environmental Award Cultural Resources Management (Installation), which recognized efforts to promote the management of cultural resources, including historical buildings, archaeological sites, Native American items and sites, curation and the promotion of the cultural resources conservation ethic. The cultural resources manager, Rita Meneses, works closely with trainers, range control and facilities personnel in all projects to ensure that cultural resources management requirements are fully integrated into planning and implementation along with maintaining a partnership and coordination with regulators.

• 2011 National Military Fish and Wildlife Association’s Natural Resource Conservation Communication, Military Involvement Award, won by the ITAM coordinator.

• 2010 NGB Environmental Security Award for Sustainability (Installation).

• 2009 National Military Fish and Wildlife Association Historical Conservation Achievement Award.

• 2009 NGB Environmental Security Award for Environmental Quality (Installation).

• 2009 NGB Environmental Security Award for Environmental Restoration (Individual).

• 2008 NGB Environmental Security Award for Cultural Resources Management (Individual).

• 2007 Department of the Army National Resource Conservation Award (Team).

• 2007 NGB Environmental Security Award for Cultural Resources (Installation).

• 2007 Secretary of Defense AnnualEnvironmental Award.

• 2006 NGB National Resource Conservation Award.

• 2005 NGB Golden Eagle Certificate,Environmental Protection Agency Clean Air Excellence Award.

• 2005 Governor’s Award for Environmental Excellence.

• 2005 NGB Silver Eagle Certificate.

The team manages the regal fritillary butterfly and more than 90 other species of concern, an Outdoor Recreation Program and a vigorous public outreach program. Partnerships with the Chesapeake Bay Foundation, the American Chestnut Foundation, Ernst Conservation Seeds and state agencies provide materials, funds and other project essentials. FTIG is working to ensure the long-term health, viability and productivity of its natural resources in order to continuously improve the training, working and living environment for Soldiers, their families and the public.