Internal Medicine Clinic

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Central Appts.......... 433-2778, ext. 1

3rd Floor, H Wing, Oceanside (across from the Emergency Department)

Clinic Hours: Weekdays, 8 a.m.-6 p.m.

Closed weekends and all federal holidays

The Internal Medicine Clinic offers a full spectrum of healthcare services by appointment for adult beneficiaries empanelled with the clinic.

The Clinic’s Care Focus includes:

Case Management

Internal Medicine

Comprehensive, routine care for adult health issues

Women’s Health


Preoperative Consults

Clinical Pharmacy

Internal Medicine Clinic Subspecialty Care:

a. Diabetic Clinic: Provides education about medication management, diet, meal planning and individualized plan of care for new, established and high-risk population.

b. Lipid Clinic: Provides rational, appropriate and cost-effective therapy for abnormal lipids, educates patients about hyperlipidemia and risk factor modification, and maximized compliance with dietary, exercise and medication-use recommendations. Performs risk assessment and determines treatment goals according to NCEP guidelines and recent clinical trials.

c. Geriatric Clinic: Primary care for older adults in poor health and at high risk for hospitalization. Consultative geriatric assessment for elderly patients with multiple medical and/or cognitive problems.

d. Behavioral Health: To help with our team-based management approach to addressing the full gamut of the biopsychosocial needs of our patients, including screening for and beginning treatment for PTSD and depression, as well as more comprehensive treatment of chronic disease.