To Our Patients

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Aloha and welcome to the Pacific. The Pacific Regional Medical Command is the Army’s regional higher headquarters for Army Medicine in Hawaii, Japan and Korea. PRMC provides regional level mission command of four subordinate military medical treatment facilities (Brian Allgood Army Community Hospital in Korea; Tripler Army Medical Center in Hawaii; U.S. Army Health Clinic-Camp Zama in Japan; and U.S. Army Health Clinic-Schofield Barracks in Hawaii). PRMC’s headquarters is co-located on the Tripler Army Medical Center campus on the island of Oahu, Hawaii.

Tripler is the largest military medical treatment facility in the entire Pacific Basin and nearly 400,000 people are eligible to receive care here. This includes active-duty service members of all branches of service, their eligible families, military-eligible retirees and their families, veterans, and many residents of Pacific islands.

Also in Hawaii are Naval Health Clinic-Hawaii’s Makalapa Clinic on the Pearl Harbor side of Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam and the Kaneohe Clinic on Marine Corps Base Hawaii-Kaneohe Bay; the 15th Air Wing’s Hickam Clinic on the Hickam side of Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam; the Coast Guard’s Sand Island Clinic in Honolulu; and Tripler’s Warrior Ohana Medical Home located in Kapolei.

If you live in Hawaii, you may come to Tripler for your primary healthcare needs, or you may only have to head up the hill for more specialized care. If you live elsewhere in the Pacific, you may come here when you need additional healthcare services that aren’t available at your primary clinic.

Our primary concern is our patients. We also have a readiness mission in which we deploy Soldiers and even some of our civilians around the Pacific and worldwide.

Our mission is to promote, sustain and provide quality healthcare to all of the beneficiaries who seek care from our organization. The second part of that mission is to provide a trained, ready and capable medical force to conduct full spectrum operations anywhere in the world.

Finally, we want to provide leading-edge technology, and advances in practices in the delivery of healthcare to our beneficiaries to keep them resilient and healthy. This is a hard task, but we have a dedicated staff who make that possible.

My vision is to be the premier medical team, not only in the Army Medical Department but also the Department of Defense because we take care of service members from all branches; to also improve resiliency, and promote healthy practices and lifestyles for all our beneficiaries and staff. We need our Soldiers and other service members ready for the mission our nation asks of them, and we also need the families who stay back here to take care of themselves, stay resilient and healthy so their service member can focus on his or her mission.

This guide provides you with key information about how to access care, seek referrals, where we are located and the processes expected of you in obtaining care. If at any time you’re unfamiliar or confused about how you and your family can access healthcare, let us know. We want to help. Thank you for your service and sacrifice. Let us know how we can help you improve and sustain your health. We want to be the most trusted medical team in the world; help me make this happen. One Team!


Patrick D. Sargent

Brigadier General, Commanding

Pacific Regional Medical Command