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On behalf of the entire Fort Wainwright Garrison Command Group, welcome to Fort Wainwright, Alaska. Fort Wainwright is the home of the United States Army Garrison and units of the United States Army Alaska. USARAK units include the 1st Stryker Brigade Combat Team, 25th Infantry Division, or 1/25th S...

Preparedness and Emergency Management

Are you and your family ready for an emergency? ...

U.S. Army in Alaska Units

Fort Wainwright DSN (317)
COMM (907)

1st Battalion, 5th Infantry Regiment 353-2509

1st Battalion, 24th Infantry Regiment 353-2409

1st Stryker Brigade Combat Team, 25th Infantry Division 353-1111

1st Battalion, 52nd Aviation Regiment 353-6900 ...

U.S. Army in Alaska Today

U.S. Army Alaska is at the forefront of protecting
America’s interests in the volatile Asian Pacific region
while also providing ready and relevant forces to
overseas contingency operations. We are one of the U.S. military’s most cetrally located power projection

History of the U.S. Army in Alaska

When Alaska became the 49th state in 1959, the Army was there. Only the indigenous peoples of Alaska have been here longer. Today, the Army thrives here: training in unforgiving arctic conditions, actively participating in community affairs and providing assistance in natural disasters. ...

Getting Here

If you’re behind the wheel, steer north by northwest toward the top of the world. The highways through Canada and Alaska offer breathtaking scenery and the freedom to explore at your own pace. Most travelers choose the Alberta to Alaska Highway route or the British Columbia-Yukon route. Expect...


For the housing offices at Fort Greely and Fort Wainwright, visit the Army’s website at and select an installation.

Depending on the number of PCS rotations and size of families
departing, the wait for a home can range from two months to a year at Fort Wai...

Law Enforcement and Security Services

Military Police

Directorate of Emergency Services — Fort Wainwright ...

Your New Home

Family Programs’ Facilities ...


A workplace providing full and fair employment opportunities for the federal government’s civilian workforce became law with the Civil Rights Act of 1964. ...

Medical Care

Army in Alaska Medical Care

Bassett Army Community Hospital at Fort Wainwright is the primary medical treatment facility for Soldiers, family members and retirees and their families. A number of ...

Family and Morale, Welfare and Recreation

Forts Greely and Wainwright provide well-rounded recreation programs including arts and crafts, auto crafts, sports and athletics, and outdoor
recreation. Although there are some variances in programs and facilities,
they all have much in common. Soldiers and their families have first

Community and Recreation

Mushing Challenge Races

The Alaska Dog Mushers Association hosts Sunday races at the Jeff Studdert Race Grounds on Farmers Loop Road, featuring skijoring,
four-dog, six-dog, eight- to 10-dog and open classes throughout the winter. Championship races are held in February and March. These race...


Fairbanks Bridge

Known the world over as the Golden Heart City, Fairbanks is just 198 miles from the Arctic Circle, 400 miles from the North Slope oil fields and 260 miles from the pipeline terminal...

Surrounding Areas

Army in Alaska Surrounding Areas Ester

Ester, population 2,621 in 2013, is 8.5 miles west of Fairbanks on the Parks Highway. This old mining community has become a haven for artists, intell...