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Ft Wainwright US Army in Alaska Units


COMM: 907

1st Battalion, 5th Infantry Regiment 353-2509
1st Battalion, 24th Infantry Regiment 353-2409
1st Stryker Brigade Combat Team, 25th Infantry Division 353-2003
1st Battalion, 52nd Aviation Regiment 353-0136
2nd Battalion, 8th Field Artillery Regiment 353-1509
3rd Battalion, 21st Infantry Regiment 353-2400
5th Squadron, 1st Cavalry Regiment 353-4414
1-25 ARB 353-1277
25th Brigade Support Battalion
25th Brigade Troops Battalion
D Company, 51st Infantry Regiment (Anti-tank) 353-3499
C Company, 123rd Aviation Intermediate Maintenance 353-2184/2466
D Company, 123rd Aviation Intermediate Maintenance 353-7066
59th Signal Company 353-5948
USARAK Reserve 353-2900
Records and Promotions MPD 353-3404
184th Military Intelligence Company 353-9674
USA Network Enterprise Center 353-0507
Dental Activity-Alaska 907-361-5513
Medical Department Activity-Alaska 907-361-5108
Replacement Detachment In-processing 353-4311
Northern Warfare Training Center 353-1178
Veterinary Command (Alaska Division) 353-5453
Welcome Center 353-4311
(Fort Wainwright Soldiers report to the Welcome Center, Building 3401)

COMM: 907

Garrison Headquarters 873-7380
49th Missile Defense Battalion Ground-based Midcourse Defense 873-4903
Operations Support Group Alaska Ground-based Midcourse Defense 873-3226
NETCOM/59th Signal Battalion 873-3216
Cold Regions Test Center (Army Test and Evaluation Command) 873-4651
Range Control — USARAK 873-4714
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Resident Office 873-2801
Allen Army Airfield 873-7401

DSN: 317 COMM: 907

From Official Telephones (384 Exchange) 113
In and Out Processing, Building 600 384-0425
U.S. Army Alaska Command Center 384-6666
JBER-Richardson Information 384-1110
JBER-Elmendorf Information 552-1110
USARAK Army Personnel Locator 384-1110
Temporary Lodging (operator available 24/7) 384-5660
North Star Inn Lodging Reservations 800-GOARMY-1 or 384-5660

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