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Welcome to the U.S. Army Maneuver Support Center of Excellence (MSCoE) and Fort Leonard Wood, where chemical, engineer, military police and transportation Soldiers, plus Marines, Airmen, Sailors and international students from allied nations receive training.

Fort Leonard Wood, in the beautiful south central Missouri Ozarks, covers more than 62,911 acres, of which, 53,995 is used for training.

The fort is located in Pulaski County, which has a population of 52,274. Bordering the installation to the north are the towns of Waynesville, population 4,830, and St. Robert, population 4,340. The post is two miles south of Interstate 44. St. Louis is a two-hour drive to the east along Interstate 44 and Springfield, Mo., is a little more than an hour’s drive to the west.

A strong bond exists between Fort Leonard Wood and surrounding communities. Post residents participate in chamber of commerces activities, parades, festivals, speaking engagements, civic meetings and social gatherings to tell Missourians how much they consider themselves a part of the regional community, and that they want to be good neighbors.

More than 100,000 people visit Fort Leonard Wood’s museums each year, and officials expect the number of visitors to increase as the facilities collection of historical artifacts continues to grow. One of the museum’s unique projects is the restoration of a World War II company area that featu­­­res a dining facility, barracks, company headquarters and officer quarters from the 1940s.

About Fort Leonard Wood

FLW Presence on the Internet

Fort Leonard Wood has an official website loaded with information, history, events and services, all located on the Internet at

On Facebook, you can find the officially operated Fort Leonard Wood Fan page at:!/fortleonardwoodmissouri.

There are several other Facebook pages sponsored by various units, commands and organizations. The fort also has a following on Twitter.

Graduation dates and locations for units graduating from Basic and other trainings can be found online at:

The post newspaper, The Guidon, publishes articles, photos, and other information on its site at The Guidon office can be reached at (573) 563-5014.

Another great place to find out about upcoming community events both on and off post is through the monthly Woodworks meeting held at
10:30 a.m. on the last Tuesday of each month. The Woodworks calendar and monthly compilation of upcoming events and services is also available on the
Fort Leonard Wood website at

Please keep in mind, however, that not all websites and social networking pages are official representations or communications of the units, commands or organizations whose names and information they bear, and that many are operated by private citizens not related to Fort Leonard Wood or any other government agency.

Getting Here

Whether by car, bus or plane, it’s easy to get to Fort Leonard Wood. If driving, the most direct route is by Interstate 44, which runs from St. Louis to Oklahoma City. About halfway between the cities of Lebanon (population: 14,474) and Rolla (population: 19,559) are the St. Robert, Waynesville and Fort Leonard Wood exits with signs marking the route to the post. Coming from the east, take exit 161 off of Interstate Highway 44. From
the west, take Interstate 44 exit 156, and follow the signs.

Traveling by Air

If traveling by air to Lambert International Airport at St. Louis, car rental and bus transportation are available. Information and assistance for military personnel and their families are available at the United Services Organization (USO) in Lambert International Airport.

The website for the Waynesville-St. Robert Airport, located at Forney Field on Fort Leonard Wood, is located at

Cape Air serves as a link between Missouri’s major airports and Forney Field/Waynesville-St. Robert Regional Airport at Fort Leonard Wood. Ticket reservations can be made by calling (866) CAPE-AIR, or by visiting the website at

Greyhound Bus Lines

Greyhound Bus Lines has a terminal just off-post to serve arriving and departing passengers. Shuttle service operates from the post to the bus terminal, telephone number (573) 336-5913. To check fare and schedule information, please call (800) 231-2222.


All temporary duty student quarters are assigned by InterContinental Hotels Group in Building 470.

Students are assigned in one of five temporary lodging areas.

NCO Academy students are assigned to the complex adjacent to the new General Instruction Facility.

Temporary lodging may also be arranged for those service members and families in a PCS/ETS status. The waiting list for pet cottages are for PCS families; all others are space A. Limited facilities are available.

IHG is open 24 hours for your convenience. To obtain a reservation please call (800)
677-8356. For more information please call (573) 596-0999.

Reporting In

Soldiers arriving during duty hours must report to the Central In-and Out-Processing Office at Community Service Center (Dillard Hall), Building 470, Room 2188, in uniform and with their personnel, financial, health and dental records in their possession.

If delayed and requiring an extension of leave, Soldiers should contact their losing unit, or call Fort Leonard Wood Enlisted Strength Management at (573) 596-7713 or Fort Leonard Wood Officer Strength Management (573) 596-0741.

Single Soldiers receive lodging from their sponsoring unit, and those with family members are referred to the Lodging Office located within Dillard Hall, Building 470, for temporary lodging.

Soldiers with pets should contact the Lodging Office at (800) 677-8356 or (573) 596-0999 for reservation information or information on local kennels.

Soldiers arriving after duty hours or on
weekends should report to the Emergency Operations Center, Building 3200, in Hoge Hall (573) 563-4045.

Marine Corps personnel should report to the Marine Corps Detachment personnel section in Building 687 on Minnesota Avenue during normal duty hours. After normal duty hours they should report to Building 1770, (573) 596-0752. All personnel should be
in proper military uniform and have their original orders and health and dental records with them. Single or unaccompanied Marines will receive billeting assignments in the barracks and accompanied Marines will proceed to
the Family Housing Branch, Community Service Center, Building 470, Room 1207, for housing assignments. For more information, call (573) 596-0752.

Navy personnel should report to the Navy Detachment at 1750 Cooley Ave. If reporting on weekends or holidays, contact duty personnel at (573) 596-0488.

For more information about Naval assignments at Fort Leonard Wood, write to: Center for Seabees and Facilities Engineering Detachment (CSFE DET), 1750 Cooley Ave., Fort Leonard Wood, MO, 65473.

More information on arrival for personnel can be found at the Fort Leonard Wood website at

Air Force personnel should report to schoolhouse on the day of training: EA, B-5400; EM, B-3203; PE, B-12400; and VO, B-12423.

Single or unaccompanied Airmen receive billeting assignments in single Airmen housing.

Accompanied Airmen will proceed to the Family Housing Branch in the Community Service Center, Building 470, Room 1207, for housing assignments.

After duty hours, students should proceed to the IHG, Building 470, for billeting. For more information, call (573) 596-0999.

Post Housing

Family housing at Fort Leonard Wood has been privatized to provide family friendly neighborhoods for service members assigned to Fort Leonard Wood. The partnership began in 2005, with more than 500 renovated homes, three community centers and several new playgrounds.

Neighborhoods designated primarily for enlisted families are Woodlands, Eagle Point and Stonegate. Piney Hills is currently a neighborhood designated for officers and senior enlisted personnel.

New homes include single family and duplex units with three or four bedrooms. Amenities include two full baths, two-car garages, bulk storage space and a mud room with a utility sink.

The Community Center located at
235 Ellis St. has a Splash Park, WiFi internet, exercise equipment, a Stay and Play Room for
kids, Multi-Purpose Conference Rooms and much more.

The Piney Estates Neighborhood Center also includes a Splash Park, and the Woodlands Neighborhood Center includes many of the same amenities. Waiting times for housing assignments vary. For more information regarding on-post housing, please contact our leasing office at (573) 329-3105, or visit our website at or the link, “Post Housing.”

Household Goods/Pets

Contact the Personal Property Section in the Community Service Center, Building 470, Room 1219, to arrange shipment of household goods and hold baggage. The telephone number is (573) 596-0077. Any damaged or lost goods must be reported to the Staff Judge Advocate Claims Office, Building 315, within 70 days of the delivery date to ensure reimbursement. Call (573) 596-0627 for more information.

All personal firearms must be registered within three working days of arrival or acquisition. For more information about firearms and weapon registration, call (573) 596-6141.

Pets must be registered within 10 working days of arrival or acquisition at the post
Veterinary Treatment Facility in Building 2399. Family housing policy is two walking pets per household. Per ACSIM policy, pit bulls, Rottweilers, Doberman Pinschers, Chows, wolf hybrids and aggressive dogs are not permitted in family housing.

The staff requests copies of current vaccination records, if possible. Post policy requires that dogs and cats over three months of age have a current rabies vaccination. In addition, dogs living on-post must undergo annual heartworm checks. Both dogs and cats need annual fecal exams.

The staff also provides basic care for military member’s pets, and the veterinary clinic houses adoptable pets. The facility is a post-stray animal impounding facility.

The clinic staff offers immunization
clinics and sick call by appointment during duty hours. For more information call
(573) 596-0094.

Vehicle Registration

The Waynesville Motor Vehicle and Drivers License Office is located at 218 Historic 66 in downtown Waynesville. Office hours are Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. The office is also open the last Saturday of each month, from 8 a.m. to noon.

For additional information regarding the Waynesville office, call (573) 774-8400 or check online at and select Pulaski County in the drop-down window.

Area Schools

The Waynesville R-VI School District serves all Fort Leonard Wood students Pre-school programs, including Parents as Teachers (newborns to age 3), Parent and Child Education (ages 3 and 4) and the Early Childhood Special Education Program (ages 3 and 4) are available for qualifying children.

The Waynesville District operates three elementary schools on post and two off post. Williams Elementary, a fourth facility operated by the school district, functions as an Early Childhood Center, housing the PACE and ECSE programs.

There is a middle school (grades seven and eight) off post. High school students attend Waynesville High School (also off post).

Transportation to and from school—including those students temporarily residing in guest housing—is provided through a modern fleet of diesel buses.

Enrollment information is available throughout the year at the FLW School Liaison Office, (573) 596-0357.

Schools normally begin during the second full week of August and end the third week of May.

Students may be enrolled at any time, at the school they will attend. Parents should bring shot records and a current physical examination signed by a physician at the time of registration. A birth certificate will be required to
register kindergarten and first grade students. By
Missouri law, a kindergarten student must be five years old prior to Aug. 1, and a first grader must be 6 years of age prior to Aug. 1 in order
to be registered for school. There are limited provisions for students transferring from state accredited schools. Transferring students should bring academic records or unofficial copies
from their previous school. The Waynesville School District will send for official records.

Recent changes have been made to the Missouri state immunization requirements for school age children. Students are required to have the following: All K-12 students to obtain Hepatitis B immunizations (a series of three shots) which must be completed or in progress when school begins. Students entering Kindergarten must have received two doses of the varicella (chicken pox) vaccine or to show documentation of proof of the disease. First through fifth grade students are required to have completed one dose of varicella (chicken pox) immunization or to show documentation of proof of the disease. All incoming eighth graders must have completed the Tdap vaccine before enrolling, if they have completed the childhood DTaP/DTP vaccination series and have not had a Td booster within the last two years. Please contact the Fort Leonard Wood Immunization Clinic at (573) 596-1768 or the Pulaski County Health Department in Crocker, MO at (573) 736-2217 for more information or to arrange for your child to receive his or her vaccinations.

The Waynesville School District is a highly rated, award winning comprehensive school system. It is rated as Fully Accredited, with Distinction in Performance. The District has very proactive (and productive) grant and scholarship programs. Students graduating from Waynesville High School are successful applicants for prestigious universities, colleges and the service academies.

There are 12 school districts that serve the communities surrounding Fort Leonard Wood. Children of families that choose
to reside outside the Waynesville School District must attend the school district that serves their area. This should be considered when buying or renting a home in the nearby communities.

For more information on schools on or near Fort Leonard Wood, contact the School Liaison Officer at (573) 596-0357, or visit the Fort Leonard Wood School Liaison web page at

School Information

FLW School Liaison Officer, Building 470, (573) 596-0131, ext. 6-0357

FLW Immunization Clinic (GLWACH),
(573) 596-0131, ext. 6-1768

East Elementary School, 1501 County
Road F, Waynesville, (573) 842-2150

Freedom Elementary, 286 Eastlawn Ave., St. Robert, (573) 842-2100

Partridge Elementary, 7078 Young Ave., FLW, (573) 842-2600

Thayer Elementary, 4273 Thayer St., FLW, (573) 842-2200

Waynesville High School, 200 GW Lane, Waynesville, (573) 842-2400

Waynesville Middle School, 1001 Historic West 66, Waynesville, (573) 842-2550

Waynesville R-VI School District Web Page,

Waynesville R-VI School Superintendent, (573) 842-2097

Williams Elementary/Early Childhood Center, 7075 Pulaski Ave., (573) 842-2650

Wood Elementary, 7076 Pulaski Ave.,
(573) 842-2625