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Family Housing

Welcome to Fort Bragg and Pope Field! Picerne Military Housing hopes you will enjoy the convenience and amenities of living in on-post family housing.

Privatized Housing

RCI stands for the Residential Communities Initiative. It is a Department of the Army program that is improving the quality of life for service members and their families. Through RCI, private companies are responsible for on-post family housing management, maintenance, construction and renovation.

Through RCI, Picerne Military Housing (pronounced: Puh-sern) began managing family housing at Fort Bragg in August 2003 and Pope Field in September 2007. During the last nine years, Picerne has greatly improved the quality of life for local military families through outstanding customer service, responsive and preventative maintenance, the construction and renovation of homes, and the addition of community amenities like Neighborhood Centers, pools, dog parks, and playgrounds. By relocating to Fort Bragg or Pope Field, you have a unique opportunity to enjoy the advantages of living in privatized military housing.

Picerne Military Housing

Picerne Military Housing not only builds and maintains homes on Fort Bragg — Picerne builds neighborhoods that families are proud to call home. Picerne Military Housing ensures that each home meets the needs of a modern American family, and that the home and neighborhood are of the high-quality standard that our service members and their families deserve.

Picerne’s experience in developing and managing residential communities has been instrumental in improving the quality of life for military families at Fort Bragg, Pope Field, and six other Army installations.

Neighborhood Offices

Today, 11 neighborhood offices serve military families living at Fort Bragg and Pope Field. Each office provides full-service property management and 24-hour responsive maintenance services.

Knowledgeable, dedicated neighborhood teams are available to assist with matters such as home assignment, lease signing and termination, and maintenance services, such as appliance and electrical repairs, plumbing and carpentry services, heater and air conditioner repairs, quarterly pest control and commercial lawn maintenance.

Benefits of On-Post Living

• 10 Neighborhoods

• 2, 3 & 4-Bedroom Homes

• 24-Hour Responsive Maintenance Services

• On-Site Property Management

• Water and Sewer Services Included

• Trash, Recycling and Bulk Trash Services Included

• Live Army Green Utility Program

• Commercial Lawn Maintenance Included

• Quarterly Pest Control Services Included

• All Homes Feature Washer and Dryer
Connections and Dishwashers

• Nine Neighborhood Centers

• Nine Resort-Style Pools

• Fitness Rooms, Gymnasiums and Recreational Facilities

• Meeting and Gathering Spaces Available by Reservation

• Playgrounds

• Bark Parks

• Pet-friendly: Two Pets Welcome (Some Breed Restrictions)

• Leases Designed for Military Families

• Live where you work. Love where you live.

• Rent Equals BAH

• No Security or Pet Deposits Required

• No Credit Checks Required

• Close to Commissary/PX

• Convenient to On-Post Healthcare, Childcare and other Services

• Department of Defense Schools

• Free, Family-Friendly Picerne Events

• Gated Access Control Points

• Military Police and Security Forces Patrols

Neighborhood Centers

In nine neighborhoods, residents will find a custom-designed Neighborhood Center that features a neighborhood management office, resort-style swimming pool, fitness center, club room, multi-purpose room, media room, computer lab and gymnasium. Picerne’s Neighborhood Centers are proving to be the heart of the neighborhood and may be reserved by residents for functions such as birthday parties, baby showers, holiday gatherings or Family Readiness Group meetings.

On-Post Family Housing

Families may apply for on-post housing at the Picerne Military Housing Leasing Center located at 426 Souter Place near the North Post Commissary and Post Exchange, or via our website at Service members are eligible to apply for on-post housing once they have received orders to Fort Bragg or Pope Field. Detailed information including floor plans, photos, and estimated waiting times can also be found on the website.

Supporting documents to determine eligibility for family housing:

• Current PCS Orders to Fort Bragg or Pope AAF (Dual military families must submit orders for both service members).

• Current DEERS Enrollment (DD Form 1172) with all dependent information included. Handwritten forms will not be accepted. Forms can be obtained from a DEERS/ID card facility.

• Walk-in visitors must present valid photo identification.

Additional supporting documents requested, if applicable:

• Active Power of Attorney (POA) and photo identification, if acting on behalf of a service member.

• A statement of pregnancy will be requested as confirmation for an additional dependent. The statement of pregnancy must be submitted on medical letterhead and include the expectant mother’s name, expected due date, and physician’s signature. This documentation will be used to confirm additional bedroom eligibility.

Documents required to determine eligibility date for wait list placement:

• Orders to a dependent-restricted tour (restricted tour returnees only).

• Form DA31, if applying for housing within 30 days of reporting to Fort Bragg or Pope AAF. MEPS, Basic and AIT orders for new service members whose first duty station is Fort Bragg or Pope Field.

Additional documents may be requested to support special circumstances.

Bedroom Eligibility

There are approximately 6,300 homes under Picerne Military Housing’s ownership and management on post. These homes are comprised of two-, three- and four-bedroom multi- and single-family homes in 10 neighborhoods. Housing assignments and wait list eligibility are determined by current rank and the number of dependents that physically accompany the service member to Fort Bragg or Pope Field.

Unless construction and development plans require it, military families are only eligible to live in homes for which they meet the rank and bedroom requirements.*

Grade(s) # Dependents Bedrooms

E1-E8, CW1-O3(P) 1 2

E1-E8, CW1-O3(P) 2 2

E1-E8, CW1-O3(P) 3 3

E1-E8, CW1-O3(P) 4+ 4

E8(P)-E9 Contact the

Leasing Center


(910) 495-0878

O4-O5 0 3

O4-O5 1 3

O4-O5 2 3

O4-O5 3 3

O4-O5 4+ 4

O6 1 3

O6 2 3

O6 3+ 4

O7-O10 Contact the N/A



Office at

(910) 764-4801

The number of dependents included in the above chart excludes the service member. As an example, a service member with a spouse and three children would be four dependents.

Exceptional Family Members

Meeting the needs of modern military families requires understanding that some families have exceptional needs. Picerne’s Family Services team works hand-in-hand with organizations, such as the Exceptional Family Member Program, Family Child Care Providers and Warrior Transition Battalion to ensure the housing needs of all families are fulfilled. If your family has special considerations and you would like more information about these services, please contact the Picerne Military Housing Leasing Center at (910) 495-0878.

Housing Assignment

Once atop a wait list, Picerne Military Housing will call to offer the applicant a home. If no reply is received within 72 hours, the home may be offered to the next applicant on the list.

If Picerne is unable to contact an applicant due to incorrect contact information, the home will be offered to the next applicant; therefore, it is imperative that applications reflect changes in rank, contact phone numbers, family status and ETS or PCS orders. Updates can be made by visiting the Picerne Military Housing Leasing Center located at 426 Souter Place or by calling (910) 495-0878.

After accepting an offer, Picerne will establish a tentative move-in date. If the applicant is moving directly from his or her previous duty station, the applicant will be given a memorandum authorizing a government-paid move. In order to schedule a move, the applicant must then take one copy to the Transportation Office within two days of receiving their family housing assignment. If Transportation is unable to schedule a move on this date, the appropriate Picerne Neighborhood Office should be immediately contacted in order to reschedule the move-in date. (If a home is located in the Corregidor Courts/Bougainville Neighborhood, for instance, the Corregidor Courts/Bougainville Neighborhood Office is the appropriate point of contact.)

On move-in day, the applicant will meet at the Neighborhood Office to review and sign all necessary paperwork. The resident will receive keys to the home, and a “walk through” inspection of the home will be performed with a Picerne representative. The inspection will enable the resident to document the condition of the home in order to avoid any fees or repair charges upon moving out.

Prior to moving in, Picerne ensures that each home is professionally cleaned and painted and maintenance, upgrades or renovations are completed. Families vacating family housing are no longer responsible for hiring a professional cleaning crew due to Picerne’s “surface clean” policy.

Home Construction

Picerne Military Housing has been working to improve the quality of housing on Fort Bragg through an aggressive development plan that includes extensive renovations of older homes, demolition of some homes, new rank designations for select home types and construction of new four-bedroom homes.

Since August 2003, Picerne has renovated more than 3,100 homes and constructed more than 2,000 homes for Fort Bragg and Pope Field families. Recently constructed and recently renovated homes offer improved floor plans and modern cabinetry and appliances. All new homes have at least four bedrooms, two and a half bathrooms, and feature private master bathrooms and garages to accommodate vehicles and additional storage needs. New and renovated homes are energy-efficient and computer-ready, and include many exciting features such as increased square footage, specialty flooring and double-sink vanities. New and renovated homes have been designed to be wonderfully suited for family life.

Waiting Lists

In order to prepare a designated area for new construction, renovation, demolition or new rank designation, some families receive offers from Picerne to move to new or renovated homes elsewhere on post. Accepting an offer to move allows a family to improve their quality of life while enabling Picerne to accomplish its development goals. From 2003 to 2008, only these families were eligible to relocate to recently constructed homes at Fort Bragg. However, as more and more homes have been constructed or renovated, the need for these intra-post relocations has lessened. As a result, wait lists
for recently constructed or recently renovated two-, three- and four-bedroom homes have opened to qualifying families moving from off post or arriving with permanent change of station (PCS) orders. Waiting lists for recently constructed or renovated homes are currently open for grades E1-E9, WO1-CW3/O1-O3 and CW3(P)-CW5/O3(P)-O5.

Unless construction and development plans require it, military families are only eligible to live in homes for which they meet the rank and bedroom requirements. Prior to moving on post and signing a lease, military families should carefully review available home types and wait times. Once a home selection is made, families may not move into another home unless construction and development plans require it or there is a change in familial status or rank.

Linden Oaks

In addition to improving existing neighborhoods, Picerne developed Linden Oaks, an on-post housing community located eight miles from central Fort Bragg. This development offers military families a new, more suburban option for housing without giving up the benefits of living on post. Approximately 1,200 Fort Bragg families currently live in Linden Oaks and additional new homes are planned or are currently under construction. The neighborhood of Linden Oaks boasts two Neighborhood Centers: The Lodge at Linden Oaks and The Clubhouse at Linden Oaks.

Linden Oaks is an evolving community that features an access control point with identification checks and three Department of Defense Schools, Gordon and Shughart Elementary Schools, and Shughart Middle School. Child, Youth and School Services (CYSS) recently opened Morales School Age Services and Alexander Child Development Center in Linden Oaks. Chay Youth Activities Center is anticipated to open at the beginning of 2013. A Bark Park, Fire and Emergency Services station, and walking paths throughout the neighborhood make Linden Oaks its own community.

Service Requests

Family housing residents may place service requests at their nearest Picerne Neighborhood Office by phone, email, website (www.bragg or personal visit. Service requests are then placed into one of three categories: emergency, urgent, or routine. Residents should clearly state the nature of the problem when submitting a service request to ensure a proper response. All emergency work orders should be submitted in-person or by phone. Calls for emergency work orders occurring after duty hours, on weekends, or during holidays will be re-routed from the Neighborhood Office to an answering service that will contact our on-call Picerne Maintenance Team.

Live Army Green Program

The Office of the Secretary of Defense, with Congressional support, has directed a Resident Utility Program which requires on-post family housing residents to become more responsible for their utility usage.

The Army supports this policy by placing the responsibility for excessive use of on-post utilities (electricity and gas) on those who choose to be less conservative with their utility usage.

The essence of the Live Army Green program is simple: your Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH) will cover your electricity costs up to a certain point established each month for your home type. The amount your utility usage falls above or below that point each month will determine whether you receive money back as a rebate or must supplement your energy costs. Money collected to supplement utility costs does not increase Picerne’s profits. Instead, collected funds pay for the cost of utilities above the average usage.

As a participant in this program, on-post residents do not become responsible for paying all of their utility costs out of pocket. In fact, many Fort Bragg and Pope Field families currently enrolled in the program are receiving BAH rebates as a direct result of their smart energy consumption and conservation efforts.

Military Housing Leasing Center

Contact the Picerne Leasing Center to apply for housing or for more information about moving into on-post family housing. Service members may also apply once they have received orders to Fort Bragg or Pope Field on the website Detailed information including floor plans, photos and estimated wait times can also be found on the website.

Picerne Military Housing
Leasing Center

426 Souter Place

Fort Bragg, NC 28307

Phone: (910) 495-0878



Office Hours:

Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Saturday, 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Picerne Neighborhood Offices

Upon moving into a neighborhood, please contact your Picerne Neighborhood Office for your housing needs and work order requests. All Neighborhood Offices are open Monday through Saturday, excluding major holidays.

Office Hours:

Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Saturday, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.


101 Varsity Drive

Phone: (910) 436-6054

Fax: (910) 436-1364


Biazza Ridge

101 Graham Place

Phone: (910) 487-0244

Fax: (910) 487-3152


Casablanca/Anzio Acres

625 S. Lucas Drive

Phone: (910) 495-0120

Fax: (910) 495-0806


Corregidor Courts/Bougainville

301 N. Dougherty Drive

Phone: (910) 497-6255

Fax: (910) 497-6991


Hammond Hills

70 Bastogne Drive

Phone: (910) 436-4066

Fax: (910) 436-2611


The Lodge at Linden Oaks

1 Hilltopper St.

Cameron, NC 82326

Phone: (910) 764-5000

Fax: (910) 764-4902


The Clubhouse at Linden Oaks

2 Duplin St.

Cameron, NC 28326

Phone: (910) 764-4932

Fax: (910) 925-0120



2 Douve Place

Phone: (910) 436-4743

Fax: (910) 436-2590


Normandy/Bastogne Gables

27 Hunt Street

Phone: (910) 436-3125

Fax: (910) 436-5767


Pope Neighborhood

51 Skytrain Drive

Phone: (910) 764-5010

Fax: (910) 436-1732


Ste Mere Eglise

7905 Sicily Drive

Phone: (910) 497-0510

Fax: (910) 497-0540