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Quality housing abounds in the Fort Hood area. Ensure your house-hunting trip starts at the Fort Hood Housing Referral Office with a myriad of resources available at your fingertips.

Residing in on-post housing is voluntary, not mandatory, except for personnel assigned to key and essential positions. All Soldiers with a family housing requirement are entitled to apply for on-post housing. Eligible Soldiers wishing to apply for housing should come to the Housing Office located on the second floor of the Copeland Soldiers Service Center.

Fort Hood Housing Office

Located in Copeland Soldiers Service Center

Building 18010, Room B209

Corner of Battalion Avenue and T.J. Mills Boulevard

Phone | 254-287-4212 or DSN 737-4212


Fort Hood Family Housing:

7:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday

Arriving personnel authorized to draw BAH are required to report to the Housing Office. The Housing Office provides assistance in obtaining suitable off-post (private rental) housing by maintaining a current listing of available rentals, by providing guidance for selecting off-post housing and entering into rental contracts. Most leases are for 180 to 365 days. Some 30- to 90-day leases may be obtained.

Applying For Housing

Soldiers desiring to apply for on-post housing must do so within 30 days from the date they sign in to Fort Hood to receive an eligibility date back to the date of departure from last permanent duty station (provided they had dependents at the time). If application is made after the initial 30 days, the eligibility date will be the date of the application. Fort Hood no longer has permanent party bachelor quarters for officers and Senior NCOs. To apply for on-post housing, Soldiers are required to provide their orders assigning them to Fort Hood, DA FORM 31 (Request and Authority for Leave) form and proof of dependency paperwork such as birth certificates, marriage licenses, divorce decrees and custody papers.

Family Housing

Fort Hood Soldiers accompanied by Family members on PCS orders, and authorized to receive Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH), are eligible to apply for on-post housing. The Fort Hood Family Housing Office is located at the Copeland Soldiers Service Center, Building 18010, 2nd Floor, Wing B. The center is on the corner of T.J. Mills Boulevard and Old Ironsides Avenue.

It is recommended Soldiers communicate with the housing office prior to their arrival on post to find out what they need to do to be prepared to apply for housing. Soldiers arriving with Families can arrange temporary lodging by calling (800) GO-ARMY-1 or DSN 897-2790.

Housing at Fort Hood was one of the first in the Army to undergo privatization. Fort Hood housing is provided by a partnership between the Army and Actus Lend Lease, LLC. This partnership has created master planned communities on the installation. Since the project began in 2001, there have been extensive improvements made to housing such as the addition of two Community Centers, construction of more than 1,000 new homes, conversions of flats to town home-style apartments and the addition of numerous amenities such as playgrounds and other common use areas. Fort Hood is also home to the largest certified, sustainable community in the Army.

Once assigned a home, Soldiers and their Families will find that their needs will be met at convenient locations in their neighborhood. On-site property management offices are open in each community. Teams stand ready to provide high quality solutions for military Families. Community management offices are open 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Comanche I and II Villages

51739-2 Karankawa St.

Comanche III Village

53301 Drum Song Trail

Kouma and Montague Villages

48810 Washington St.

McNair and Chaffee Villages

6337-1 37th St.

Pershing and Venable Villages

5570-1 Lockridge Loop

Wainwright, Walker and Patton Park

Villages, 5709 Friedman St.

Actus Lend Lease provides free lawn care services to Families of deployed service members. To register, Families should register at their local administrative office. Housing areas are serviced by elected mayors and units who are responsible for their assigned housing area.

Liberty Village

Liberty Village is off the main cantonment area near the Clear Creek entrance. Liberty Village is a privately owned housing area for Soldiers. This housing area is managed much the same way as other Fort Hood housing areas to include a unit responsible for the area, housing mayor and communitypolice.

Guest Housing Available

Fort Hood is one of the first 10 installations under the Army’s Privatization of Army Lodging program. The management transfer is a reinforcement of the Army’s commitment to improve its transient lodging to enhance the quality of life of Soldiers and their families. The major renovations were completed at Keith Ware Hall, as the Building was transformed into a Holiday Inn. The Holiday Inn offers enhanced guest services including complimentary breakfasts, pet-friendly rooms and the Priority Club frequent-stay program.

Guest House facilities are available on post for all grades of military. Personnel of all ranks arriving and departing the installation on PCS have first priority for these facilities. Occupancy is normally limited to a maximum of 30 days for PCS personnel to accommodate as many sponsors and Families as possible.

The Poxon Guest House is located in Building 111 on T.J. Mills Boulevard across from the Fort Hood National Bank. It is a modern 75-room, motel-type guesthouse with kennel facilities. Reservations for the Poxon Guest House can be made by calling 254-532-5157 or writing:

Poxon Guest House
Building 111
Fort Hood, TX 76544

Keith Ware Hall is in Building 36006 on Wratten Drive. For reservations, call 254-532-5157. Lodging facilities are open to all military personnel (all ranks/grades), their Family members and guests and retired military. No pets allowed in guest rooms, but outdoor kennels are available. All facilities are nonsmoking. There is a playground in family areas. There are community kitchens in family areas complete with refrigerators, microwaves and coffee makers in each guest room. Also included are color televisions with cable and TV Guide, free laundry facilities, high-speed Internet access in all guest rooms and free local calls.

Housing and Community Services

Fort Hood has more than 6,000 homes in 13 housing areas. Existing homes include single-family and multi-family homes, from two to five bedrooms. Waiting list information is available at the Fort Hood Family Housing Office in the Copeland Soldiers Service Center. New four-bedroom homes, built primarily for junior NCO (E4-E6) Families, were recently constructed. New community centers have been designed to provide recreation facilities, resident programs, central parks and playgrounds. In addition, on-site property management offices are located in these centers as part of providing high quality customer service in an inviting atmosphere for family and neighborhood gatherings. Additional information can be obtained by the Fort Hood Family Housing main office at 254-287-4212 or fax 254-287-4052. You can also write to:

Fort Hood Family Housing Office
P.O. Box D
Fort Hood, TX 76544

Housing information is also available at, or

Off-Post Housing

The Housing Office provides assistance in obtaining suitable off-post accommodations and information on available programs and referral services. Housing in the Killeen-Copperas Cove area is reasonably priced both for rental and purchase.


Counseling — provided for Soldiers selecting off-post housing and rental contracts, as well as assistance in resolving complaints between tenants and landlords.

Current listings of rental properties — listings include housing in the surrounding communities for all grades and Family sizes.

Deposit Waiver Program — assists Soldiers with deposits for utilities and rentals.

The Housing Office provides Soldiers with a self-service resource room equipped with Internet access, phone services and computers to further assist with rental searches, vacancy listings, website access, locating off-post rental agencies and relocation. In addition to these services, information is also available on low-income housing, VA purchases, schools, food stamps and the WIC program. For additional information visit the Housing Office, 7:30 a.m. to 4 p.m.; call 254-287-4212 or fax 254-287-4899. You may also visit the website at or write:

Housing Office
Building 18010, T.J. Mills Boulevard
Fort Hood, TX 76544

Single Soldier Quarters

Fort Hood is committed to providing single Soldiers with a clean, healthy and safe living area that provides privacy and comfort. Barracks are centrally managed on Fort Hood. Many of the barracks have recently undergone remodeling to enlarge living space for each Soldier. Many new barracks complexes have been recently built.

Fort Hood’s goal is to provide rooms that house two Soldiers for specialists and below. Noncommissioned officers are provided their own rooms. When two or more Soldiers are assigned to one room, smoking and nonsmoking preferences are used to determine assignment of rooms. No pets are allowed in barracks.

Fort Hood is rebuilding more than 2,000 barracks rooms in 35 buildings to bring Fort Hood closer to providing private rooms. The rooms will share kitchen facilities but have private living areas for each Soldier.

Transient Lodging Division

Facilities include Visiting Officer/Enlisted Quarters (VOQ/VEQ) and Distinguished Visitor Quarters (DVQ). Reservations for DVQ accommodations may be made through the Executive Services Office (SGS), telephone 254-287-6622/5001. Reservations for VOQ and VEQ accommodations may be made through the Transient Office located in Building 36006, 254-532-5157/287-2700.


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