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In Processing

All Soldiers, regardless of unit assignment, will report to the Copeland Soldiers Service Center, Building 18010. You will furnish the information desk with copies of your orders, leave form, military personnel file, medical and dental records. During in-processing, Soldiers — private through major — will follow schedules for mandatory events. Actual in-processing lasts about four working days.

Fort Hood In Processing

After reporting in, Soldiers who are colonels, lieutenant colonels, CW5s, sergeants major and promotable master sergeants will be directed to the Office Personnel Management Division (OPMD) located in III Corps Headquarters, Building 1001, Room 126 for further assignment processing.

All other officers, NCOs and enlisted Soldiers will be processed through the Copeland Soldiers Service Center.

After signing in, you will be directed or transported to the Fort Hood Replacement Detachment, Building 16011, off Battalion Avenue or transient quarters for sleeping accommodations and directions for the next day. You will need several copies of your orders to update your military records, insurance, emergency data card and change of address card. Your ID card will be checked and a new one issued, if necessary. Medical and dental specialists will screen your records for special considerations and immunization needs. Your unit will provide the name and location of the appropriate medical clinic for you to visit.

Children: Free hourly child care for all ranks is available at the Fort Hood Child Development Center while you in-process. For details and locations, call 254-287-8029 or DSN 737-8029.

Local banking representatives will be available in Buildings 18010 and 16008 for any Soldier who wishes to open an account. A list of area financial institutions will also be made available.

Army Community Service staff members provide welcome packets, one-on-one counseling, access to the ACS Loan Closet, as well as the Office of Citizenship and Immigration information for Family members. Hours of operation are 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday. ACS is in the Rivers Building 121.

The housing staff, on the second floor of Copeland, Building 18010, will provide a complete list of available off-post housing. Those eligible may be placed on a list for on-post housing at this time.

Once you get settled in your unit, or have obtained housing, you must notify the Transportation Office. Household goods and hold baggage will be delivered by appointment, and you will need a copy of your inventory sheet completed by the carrier at your last location.

Emergency care is always available at Carl R. Darnall Army Medical Center.

Family dental care is not provided by the Army at Fort Hood. Family member dental emergencies may be treated at the dental clinic servicing the sponsor. Soldiers are encouraged to enroll their family members in TRICARE Dental Program.

Getting Here

Soldiers assigned to Fort Hood should report directly to Copeland Soldiers Service Center, Building 18010, on the corner of T.J. Mills Road and Battalion Avenue. Copeland is open 24 hours daily.


If you arrive at the Killeen-Fort Hood Regional Airport, ground transportation is available to the post. If you need help at the airport, contact the liaison NCO in the baggage claim area.


If arriving by bus at the Killeen Bus Terminal, taxi service is available for a small fare.

Direct phones are in the terminal. Rail service is not available to Killeen. The closest passenger station is in Temple, about 25 miles east. Taxi and bus service is available for transportation to Fort Hood for a fare.


If you are driving a vehicle without a DOD vehicle registration sticker, you will need to enter Fort Hood through the Beck Main Gate. Temporary passes are available at the Marvin Leath Visitor’s Center, just before the gate. A state registration document for the vehicle, a valid state driver’s license and proof of insurance are required to drive on the installation. The Marvin Leath Visitor’s Center is always open.


Copeland is in Building 18010. The telephone number is 254-287-3832 (DSN 737-7486). This office is open 24/7. After coming through the Beck Main Gate, continue north on T.J. Mills Boulevard through four traffic lights. The Copeland Soldiers Service Center will be immediately on your left.


Soldiers wear ACU or other authorized uniform while in-processing. After duty hours, you may report in civilian clothing.

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