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As you arrive at Fort Drum, no doubt a top priority is finding a place to make your home. The North Country can be a great place to live and offers Soldiers and Families several choices. Fort Drum Mountain Community Homes is your on-post housing option, offering unique amenities and conveniently located homes designed as premier living for today’s military Families.

Privatization of Military Housing

The military has transitioned from government-owned and managed housing to privately managed housing through partnerships with well-known, professional companies to improve the quality of housing and services provided. The Residential Communities Initiative was created to improve the quality of housing and services, eliminate substandard housing, build additional homes to meet demand and sustain existing housing. At Fort Drum, Lend Lease and the Department of the Army created a limited liability corporation called Fort Drum Mountain Community Homes to renovate and maintain pre-existing residences and construct new homes on Fort Drum to meet the growing demands of the 10th Mountain Division (LI). In addition to maintaining residential communities once managed by the government, Fort Drum Mountain Community Homes tends to daily management of the property. In operation since 2005, Fort Drum Mountain Community Homes now handles housing services for all incoming Soldiers, excluding those who require barracks. Single Soldiers sergeant (E-5) and below are provided barracks accommodations through the First Sergeant’s Barracks Program.

Welcome Home Center


Upon in-processing, you will visit the Welcome Home Center, located on the second floor of Clark Hall. This is your one-stop shop for all housing needs. Open 7:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, and 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Wednesday, the center and its professional staff provides one-on-one counseling services that cover all housing options for Soldiers and their Families. Here is a brief overview of what Fort Drum and the surrounding areas offer.

Fort Drum Mountain Community Homes


Leasing Office: Welcome Home Center, Clark Hall.

Fort Drum Mountain Community Homes consists of more than 3,835 homes in four premier residential communities located on Fort Drum for Soldiers of all ranks with dependents. Residents enjoy an exceptional quality of service provided by a highly motivated and professional staff. In addition to the newly constructed and renovated homes, there are four 7,000-square-foot community centers at the heart of each pedestrian-friendly community, offering indoor playgrounds, bark parks, splash parks, skate parks, a BMX track, state-of-the-art fitness centers and on-site property management offices. Fort Drum Mountain Community Homes provides top-quality routine and emergency maintenance and award-winning programming for residents.

Each home is furnished with a refrigerator, range, garbage disposal, dishwasher and hookups for a washer and dryer. Every home has a garage with electric opener, adding convenience to your storage for a vehicle and other outdoor items. Programmable thermostats, air conditioning, ceiling fans and privacy blinds are also included to help keep your Family comfortable. You also have outdoor space to call your own, many times with the choice of a private balcony or fenced-in yard.

Mountain Community Homes welcomes a maximum of two furry Family members (dog or cat) to each home. These pets must be microchipped and registered with the town of LeRay. For information on breed restrictions, please visit

No security deposit or first and last month’s rent is required. Your BAH pays for everything your Family needs for convenient on-post living. You’re covered for weekly trash removal, water, sewer, utilities and renter’s insurance. Also as a resident, you’re privy to free installation of Time Warner Cable services (telephone, cable, Internet). Your Family also has an exclusive invitation to our monthly resident events to get out, meet your neighbors and entertain the children!

Contact the Welcome Home Center or visit for more information.

The Timbers


Leasing Office: Main Street, Fort Drum.

The Timbers is an exciting new option for single and/or unaccompanied Soldiers (E-5 (P) and above). It offers residents the convenience of modern, hassle-free living, the camaraderie of living with other Soldiers who share similar interests and lifestyles — all close by in an exclusive apartment community on post. The 192 suite-style, one- and two-bedroom community is market-rate, meaning rent is not equal to BAH.

The Lodge, an exclusive community center for the Timbers’ residents, has several amenities, such as a lounge with a fireplace, billiards room, theater room, high-definition television, which includes a sound system and video gaming, free Wi-Fi, outdoor patio and pavilion with outdoor fireplace, and nature trails. Call today or visit www.fortdrumtimbers.comfor more information.

Market Rentals

There are several quaint towns and villages within easy commute of Fort Drum, which offer more than 9,500 rental properties within a 20-mile drive from post. As the market varies, so do the options available. The Welcome Home Center staff provides assistance with what is currently available in the marketplace and offers information on other considerations to think about in addition to rent, such as property amenities and utility costs.

Purchase a Home

In addition to renting, you may decide a home purchase best suits your needs. Army Community Services and Neighbors of Watertown offer homebuying education classes. Contact the Army Community Housing office at the Welcome Home Center for more information and questions regarding homebuying at 315-772-6883. The Northern New York Multiple Listing Service offers a comprehensive website at www.nnymls.comto search for and view homes and properties for sale. The Welcome Home Center provides Realtor and housing marketing information. Purchasing a home is a huge investment. It is in your best interest to discuss this option with a knowledgeable consultant to be more fully informed.

Apply for Housing

Applying for your home with Fort Drum Mountain Community Homes is easy! Contact the Welcome Home Center to meet with a leasing consultant or apply online here:

All incoming Families applying to live with Fort Drum Mountain Community Homes must apply within 60 days of signing out of their last duty station in order to receive the best eligibility date and Priority 2 status. After 60 days have elapsed, the eligibility date becomes the date of application and a lower priority is assigned.

We strongly encourage those who can to apply in advance. By contacting the Welcome Home Center ahead of time you get the process started and avoid the possibility of losing eligible time as a Priority 2, while decreasing the pressure of trying to get all documents turned in during the already stressful time of moving to a new duty station. After applying in advance you have the benefit of becoming active on the waitlist as soon as you sign out of your losing duty station — increasing the chances of being offered a home closer to your arrival.

Please be prepared with the following documents:

1. Leave form.

2. Orders to Fort Drum and all amendments.

3. Marriage certificate.

4. Birth certificates for children.

5. Custody and guardianship paperwork.

6. Pregnancy verification.

7. TDY orders.

8. Special power of attorney.

9. Current LES.

Requests for reasonable accommodation or modification for a disability should be submitted in writing at the Welcome Home Center.

If a spouse wishes to sign for a home while the Soldier is deployed or TDY, the spouse is required to have a special power of attorney. A sample copy can be obtained at

Priority Placement Process

Fort Drum has a tiered priority list for housing Soldiers and their Families, subject to availability.

Key and Essential

Personnel as determined by the commanding general.

Priority 1

Soldiers not currently living with Fort Drum Mountain Community Homes assigned to the Warriors in Transition Unit (WTU) as a “direct result of armed combat” or those who have a “serious physical disability” as determined by WTU command.

Priority 2

Any Soldier newly assigned to Fort Drum within the first 90 days of their eligibility date.

Dual military and single parents who previously cleared their home on post due to military orders to deploy.

Current residents who must have more than two people in a bedroom due to gain in Family member.

Single pregnant Soldiers for 60 days from date of application.

Newly married Soldiers for 60 days effective the date of their marriage.

Soldiers who are arriving within 30 days of deploying have the option to apply before, during or after their deployment and receive their 60 days of Priority 2 status when they go active on our waitlist.

Priority 3

First-time applicants currently living on the economy.

Service members who are newly arrived to Fort Drum, newly married or single pregnant Soldiers AFTER day 61 of their eligibility date.

Current residents with a gain in a higher rank structure.

Priority 4

Previous residents who moved out due to any reason other than PCS and ETS.

Current residents of Army Community Housing Domestic Lease requesting to move on post with no other qualifying event.

Current residents with a gain in Family member.

Permissive TDY/PTDY

To use permissive TDY for house hunting at Fort Drum, you must have your DA Form 31 validated at the Army Community Housing Office at the Welcome Home Center on your arrival date to Fort Drum or the next duty day the office is open. DA Form 1747 (Status of Housing Availability) is no longer required for Soldiers departing CONUS, Alaska and Hawaii. We do encourage incoming Families to apply in advance by contacting the Welcome Home Center. You can apply with an advance application as soon as you receive orders to Fort Drum.

Management and Maintenance of
Fort Drum Mountain Community Homes

Each community has a designated community manager, assistant community manager and resident services coordinators. The community center staff is ultimately responsible for property upkeep, including homes and common areas. They are responsible for enforcing standards and policies to enhance the quality of life in these communities.

Fort Drum Mountain Community Homes features property maintenance with 24-hour emergency service available. The centrally managed maintenance department streamlines repair services provided and reduces resident wait times.

Our convenient website at www.fortdrummch.comallows current residents to submit routine requests for service online, provide feedback, view current events, download necessary forms, and learn about happenings and important information in their community.


Single Soldier Housing (SSH) Branch


Fax: 315-772-4856

Clark Hall, Room A2-54

The SSH Branch operates under the First Sergeant’s Barracks Program 2020 (FSBP). The staff, working in concert with mission units, is committed to providing well-maintained, safe and clean housing for our single Soldiers living on Fort Drum. FSBP 2020 reinforces the partnership between mission units and the garrison staff as it relates to providing quality unaccompanied housing facilities and services.

Visit our website at and click on SSH to view what our 1+1, 2+2 and Type A (private room and private bath) rooms look like. Furnishings include, but are not limited to, loft beds, mattress, five-drawer chest, desk with hutch and light, desk chair, refrigerator and microwave. Day rooms in each building include a flat-screen television, chairs, love seat, couches, card tables, pool tables and foosball tables.


All single Soldiers sergeant (E-5) and below in-process at SSH in Clark Hall to get issued a barracks room in their assigned unit area. A NCO sponsor from their newly assigned unit should accompany newly arriving Soldiers.

Inform SSH staff of assigned unit.

Complete in-processing packet.

Receive short briefing, copy of cleaning standards, key to room and sign a hand receipt.

Inspect room, return completed move-in inspection sheet within five business days.

Geographic bachelors are not authorized barracks space and will live on the economy in market housing.

Eligibility Requirements

Please contact the SSH Office for eligibility details.


Soldiers must schedule clearing appointments 48 to 72 hours in advance.

Soldiers must clear the Housing Division in Clark Hall prior to clearing the installation.

Exceptions to Policy (ETP) for BAH

ETPs may be issued by Public Works, Housing Division, once approved by the garrison commander. Certificate of Non-availability approval to receive BAH is only based upon 95 percent use rate of the entire installation footprint, not the Soldier’s specific company or brigade.