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Story by SGT Robert Harris on 04/18/2017
FORT STEWART, Ga. - Troopers of 6th Squadron, 8th Cavalry Regiment, 2nd Infantry Brigade Combat Team, 3rd Infantry Division conducted situational training exercises (STX) to test the squadron's overall readiness Apr. 3-13 at Fort Stewart, Georgia.

This exercise was part of Mustang Focus, which is a training exercise that the squadron conducts annually.

Throughout the training, Soldiers performed several reconnaissance missions and completed a quick reaction force (QRF) lane to refine basic combat fundamentals and field tactics, said Maj. Kip Remsburg, operations officer with 6-8 Cav. In addition to tactical applications, Mustang Focus also implemented sustainment functions into the overall exercise.

"The importance of Mustang Focus was to allow the Soldiers time to train on their craft and give them an opportunity to go back to the basics and work on squad and platoon level operations," said Command Sergeant Major Michael Oliver, senior enlisted advisor of 6-8 Cav.

Soldiers train to become more adept at reconnaissance and to be able to respond to any situation at a moment's notice.

Sgt. John Heard, a squad leader with charlie troop 6-8 Cav. said, "To me, the most important lane was the QRF lane. We are all Soldiers first no matter what our job title is and QRF happens to be a mission many units get called to do."

Heard also added that Mustang Focus helped him recognize his strengths and weaknesses as a leader and helped hone individual Soldier skills.

As the squadron continues to transform alongside 2nd IBCT from a light infantry to a armored brigade, it's important that the Soldiers of 6-8 Cav. grasp core tasks.

Oliver said, "The same Soldier fundamentals exist, whether a Soldier is mounted or dismounted. It will be the same concept as we convert to an armored unit and I feel that conducting training exercises like Mustang Focus helps."

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