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Fort Hood, Texas. The bond of family and blood are the strongest tie you can have to another person. A warrant officer serving over ten years with his older brother, a combat-tested sergeant at his side, the bond is strengthened by camaraderie.
For Chief Warrant Officer 2 Gustavo Vazquez, an aviation officer, and Sgt. Carlos Vazquez, a helicopter repairer, assigned to the 1st Battalion, 126th Aviation Regiment, this deployment will be an experience they will never forget.
"It feels great being on the same deployment to support each other and watch each other's back," said Gustavo. He also explained how proud their family is that they have each other during this deployment. "The Army is our lives, we love the Army and this is what we do."
Carlos was born in Medellin, Colombia and came to the U.S. when he was 12 years old in 1992, while Gustavo was born in Providence, Rhode Island. Despite the age difference, the Vasquez brothers eventually joined the same military path. Carlos dove in first joining the Marine Corp and later transferring to the Army starting the trail blaze for his brother.
"My brother served in the Marines right out of high school," said Gustavo. "I remember his graduation at Paris Island like it was yesterday. Later in life when he was in the guard I was presented with the chance to join and haven't looked back since."
Carlos said he had a small break in service but was motivated to re-enlist after learning his brother joined to carry on the family military history.
"It was a new challenge and something positive to take on," said Carlos.
Gustavo joined the Army and has served for ten years and is currently preparing to deploy for the first time with the Aviation Regiment. With two deployments under Carlos' belt, they have learned a lot from each other through hands-on experience.
"We flew together to Austin, Texas to drop off an aircraft in preparation for heading overseas," said Gustavo. "Being a new crew chief my brother was very active in helping me with how to properly do my job from the back seat."
Carlos recently completed helicopter repairer school. This is a 16 week course where candidates learn all aspects of the maintenance of aircrafts that support hundreds of missions.
"This will be an equally new experience for the two of us [with this] being my first deployment overall, and his first deployment in an aviation unit," said Carlos.
With the Vasquez team together, they are excited and humbled to serve.
"I know that we are blessed to be on the same deployment," they both agreed. "The Army is a part of us."
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