A Kid's Level

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A Kid's Level
By MaryTherese Griffin, Warrior Care and Transition

Human Resources Staff Sgt. Alma Ramnanan is quite accomplished as a mother, a Soldier and a strong competitor. After injuring a knee in 2015, Ramnanan arrived at the Fort Benning, Ga. Warrior Transition Battalion. While at the WTB, she picked up archery which has served as a stress reliever and helps with her anxiety and PTSD. Despite her many medical challenges and her role as a full time parent, Ramnanan has developed into quite the archer, winning gold at the Endeavor Games this past June in the Novice Archery Competition. While winning gold is no small feat, there's another part of Staff Sgt. Ramnanan's story that has nothing to do with sports and everything to do with families.

Like many Soldiers, Staff Sgt. Ramnanan and her husband found themselves being mobilized and preparing for deployments multiple times. It can be hard for a parent to explain their job to a young child, but a military parent also has to explain that they have to be gone for long periods of time, which is a whole different animal.

A life changing event occurred while at Fort Stewart, Ga. when her husband found out he would be deploying for what seemed like the millionth time. Ramnanan, who has deployed three times herself, once again had to explain to her 5 year old, again, that "Mommy or daddy would be gone for a while, but they will be coming back." Her daughter played a very important role in figuring out how to do just that. Ramnanan decided to write a book to help ease her daughter's troubled mind.

"I didn't see a book adequate enough to explain my job in the military," Ramnanan revealed. "I thought, maybe I should write one.' I want to help military children with deployments and transitions."

Staff Sgt. Ramnanan's book, "The Sergeant Family", published in September, presents a realistic picture of the many sacrifices made by service members and their families, especially military kids. It highlights the strength and resilience of military children during separations and deployments and can help other military parents have the deployment conversation with their children.

Ramnanan medically retired from the Army in September and the published author now has set her sights on competing at Warrior Games and Invictus Games. However, writing isn't out of her system just yet. She can't wait for her next chapter in life sharing experiences and helping more military families in the process.

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