Language Students Participate in Annual Captain's Cup

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Story by PO2 Taylor Jackson on 11/14/2017
Students assigned to Information Warfare Training Command (IWTC) Monterey competed in the year's final Captain's Cup event on 13 Nov 2017.

The competition is named the "HYPO" event in honor of Station HYPO, the United States Navy's Pacific theater signals monitoring unit in Hawaii during World War II. The HYPO event is a new initiative designed and executed by the IWTC Monterey staff, and is geared to combine basic seamanship skills, fitness and esprit de corps through competition among the sailors.

"We are committed to training warrior-linguists," said Commander Andy Newsome, IWTC Monterey's commanding officer. "What we refer to as 'sailorization' is an integral part of our mission, and we continually seek opportunities to blend military skills with our sailors' language training in a way that motivates them and prepares them for service in the fleet."

The HYPO event served as the capstone event for the command's growing divisional competition program, which serves to encourage and recognize superior group performance in all facets, from basic personnel and military standards, to academic performance in the assigned language program and physical fitness.

"Unit cohesion is essential to our mission performance," said Newsome. "In addition to encouraging each sailor to do their best, we want to emphasize collective excellence the notion that we succeed or fail as a team. This program serves to do that in a fun way, while also exposing our newest Sailors to what they may see in the Fleet. I'm especially proud of the staff members who designed these events for the benefit of our students."

More than 300 initial entry training sailors participated in the HYPO event. Each division competed in team events which included a strength and endurance challenge, shipboard damage control events such as pipe patching, casualty evacuation under fire conditions and a fire hose challenge.

"It was great seeing the atmosphere as people were cheering on their divisions," said Seaman Richard Lopez. "The application of shipboard skills was a great refresher and a reminder of what I could expect in the future."

IWTC Monterey provides a continuum of foreign language training to Navy personnel, which prepares them to conduct information warfare across the full spectrum of military operations.

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