October: This Month in History at Fort McCoy

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Story by Aimee Malone on 10/27/2017
Fort McCoy, Wis., was established in 1909. Here is a look back at some installation history from October 2017 and back.

75 years ago Oct. 10, 1942
Area Boy Scouts visited Camp McCoy to help collect scrap metal from the artillery range. The Boy Scouts and Soldiers collected more than 10 tons of lead, brass, copper, iron, and steel. The salvaged metal was recycled for the war effort. Afterward, the Boy Scouts watched a formal military review of the 301st Ordnance Regiment.

30 years ago October 1987
Headquarters Company, U.S. Army Garrison, Fort McCoy, implemented a new training program designed for Soldiers who failed the Army Physical Fitness Test, or APFT. The program, which ran three days per week, varied workout sessions to keep Soldiers from becoming bored and giving up. The program was required for Soldiers who failed the APFT but was open to any other military members or civilians who wanted to join.

25 years ago Oct. 8, 1992
Twelve M1 Improved Product tanks were delivered to Fort McCoy on Oct. 8 for use by the 84th Training Division. An additional seven tanks were scheduled to be delivered by rail shipment during the last two weeks of October. The M1 series of tank was approximately 12 years old at the time and replaced the then-25-year-old M60 series.

10 years ago Oct. 7, 2007
Fort McCoy's Army Ten-Miler Team placed first in the Reserve Women's Division during the Oct. 7 race in Washington, D.C. The four team members practiced together six days a week for 15 weeks leading up to the race and averaged 7:30 per mile during the race.

(Article compiled by Public Affairs staff from The Real McCoy and Triad archives.)

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