ANAD hosts 19 Purple Heart recipients for hunt

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Story by Jennifer Bacchus on 10/12/2017
ANNISTON ARMY DEPOT, Ala. The depot hosted its fifth Wounded Warrior Hunt the weekend of Jan. 13-15.

The 19 Purple Heart recipients who attended the event killed eight deer, including four bucks.

Tim Bell walked away with the biggest buck award for the second year in a row, taking an eight-point buck on the first day of hunting.

Bell credits his guide, Zach Harrell for ensuring they had an active site to hunt and for properly preparing the area. He also took a moment to thank those who worked behind the scenes to enable a successful hunt.

"It means a lot to us for them to spend the time they do for us to come and be here for a day and a half," said Bell.

Andrew Burns, the depot's coordinator for Outdoor Recreation, said he and each of the other volunteers enjoy having the opportunity to give back to those who were wounded in the line of duty.

"There is no group of people I respect more than the wounded veterans," said Burns. "There is nothing I can do to thank y'all more."

Col. Martine Kidd, the depot's commander, said the hunt provides an invaluable chance for the hunters to fellowship together.

"The wounded warriors get connected again through weekends like this," she said.

To open the hunt, the Purple Heart recipients and their guides were treated to dinner at the home of Chris Williams, a division chief for the depot's Directorate of Production.

On display in the trophy room are over 150 mounts of animals Williams and his family have taken on their trips throughout the U.S. and around the world.

"My wife and I are proud to be able to host the wounded warriors at our home," said Williams. "We cannot do enough for the men and women who have served our country especially our Veterans who were injured in the line of duty.

Chris Williams also serves as president of the Alabama Chapter of Safari Club International, which assisted him in sponsoring the dinner.

Additionally, Steve and Jessica Bonds, the owners of Hickory Boys BBQ, and several of Williams' depot coworkers assisted with the event, providing desserts or serving.

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